Thursday, May 10, 2012

Praba Ganesan is Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Social Media Strategist

Dear Mr Praba Ganesan,

Your latest, "10 cute reasons to let Umno go (Happy birthday Umno!)"
goes to show the depth of your Parti Keadilan Rakyat's talent pool, kiddie pool in your case.

1. Your de facto leader must have told you that he was a former MCA member.

Well done and I wish Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir well in his future endeavours.

2. You show your true colours and that of the party you represent. Your party claims to fight for justice as represented by the very name of your party.

Yet, you would put Tun Mahathir under house arrest.

It is just but one example of you and the party you represent being hypocrites.

3. The characteristic disrespectful and treacherous character of your self and that your leaders is plain for all to see.

You have no compunction to tarnish the name of a deceased elder statesman Tun Razak who cannot defend himself but together with the very same person you claim by insinuation betrayed, Tungku Abdul Rahman, gave birth to this nation of ours.

Of course, you may have not been born or wetting your napkins, to know that or maybe because your de facto leader told you he was ex-MCA then, he knew nothing of Memali or Ops Lalang.

4. I apologise if I do not know what the fuck you are talking about by your gibberish and "how it is for Pakatan right now to run Penang, Selangor and Kelantan".

Be that as it may, Kedah must be under Barisan Nasional, I don't know.

5. About Khairy, I wonder why you single him out for "praise".

You could have at least been more gracious, seeing as he personally handed your ex-MCA boss his passport.

6. See, when I say you are disrespectful just like your leaders, how true.

You belittle people, it just so happens they are policemen, not drug addicts. They are just doing their jobs, even though it may be as outriders.

You must now really be hoping Pakatan takes over. If what is alleged is true about "police brutality", you have to watch your back.

7. Of course, consultants not affected are those engaged by the de facto leader of Pakatan Rakyat, Lim Guan Eng.

Go ask LGE how many he really has, not going to be affected.

8. You must be losing your breathe, swimming in that kiddie pool, UMNO meeting the law is indeed rare.

Not like your ex-MCA boss who has already met the law 3 times and counting and not counting appeals, once as a consequence to be guest of the law for six years.

9. About luggage and flying, this also you could ask your de facto leader, LGE.

He knows all about class, no class.

Pakatan Rakyat could also mandate Air Asia to be the official flyer for your Govt, since you are partial to the carrier.

10. Media practioners on your side should have no worries, correct me If I am wrong.

The Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, the Rocket and Harakah can fill the void.

No problem with that.

In closing, just some words of advise.

Just make sure you are actually and officially Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Social Media Strategist.

Hint - Step 1. Google "staronline"

Step 2. In staronline search window, key in Ronnie Klassen

Never mind, I will save you the trouble.

You see, for more than a year and a half years or thereabouts, The Star had reported Mr Ronnie Klassen as the Sabah PKR Communications Director.

His blogsite is here.

And in all that time, your party did not dispute or correct any of those reports, of his PKR designation id est.

For some reason or another your President decided it was time to set the record straight and Wan Azizah may be sued for slander.

Some background on Ronnie Klassen, he is not directly related but we call each other cuz (cousin). We were close in our younger days, lost touch for donkey years until I read about him in the Star, and are still close now.

Whenever he was down in KL for official PKR party matters, we always met up whenever we could.

Don't worry Mr Praba, not secrets exchanged, the only thing he talked most of the time was about how busy he was attending to party matters, traversing all over the country, East and West.

Oh yes, he spoke with great fondness for your deputy president, Azmin Ali.

So please check your official designation before writing any more articles in The Malaysian Insider.



I never did ask Ronnie about the silver colour Merce he was chauffeur driven around when he was in town.


Snuze said...

Bravo! Good one there, Freddie.

I read Praba's article and I was scratching my head at the end of it. I'm not sure if he was imbibing something alcoholic while he was writing it, but the incoherence and lack of flow indicated some form of ADD. Because at the end of the article, I couldn't see the link between UMNO must go and his tirade.

Oh dear, Praba. And you used to be such an excellent debater in uni.

*shakes head*

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snueze,

You too huh?

I wanted to post along your lines, thats how I got started but enede up this way.

Know the guy huh?

Any way, always happy to have you around and comforted knowing that.

Have a great dinner, I am.


Freddie Kevin said...

So sorry SNUZE *embarrassed*