Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Premier Surrenders to Mob Rule

"after one cop who’d been separated from the rest was beaten savagely — punched and kicked and whacked with sticks as he lay helpless on the ground — the very next day, while the tear gas hung in the air, he cut a deal."

"It was a capitulation that held within it the promise of further capitulations."

"I shouldn’t say they have nothing to offer. What they have to offer is violence and lawlessness."

"No. It is learned behaviour. They do it because, experience has taught them, it works."

"It confers power. It frightens others into doing what you want."

"This has nothing to do with need, and everything to do with raw power."

"What do we want — a society in which we exchange with each other, voluntarily, and look after each other when we fall; or a society based on taking from each other, with the most ruthless or determined taking the most? Will we make these decisions at the ballot box, or in the street? By persuasion, or force? Within the law, or without it."


Andrew Coyne: In Quebec, a premier surrenders to mob rule

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