Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - Do it, Do it One More Time. Once is Never Enough

Wax lyrical.

Anwar claims symbolic win after former prosecutor joins legal team,
"Yusof’s presence is very meaningful to me. It shows that someone inside the government is aware of the 'dirtiness' and does not want to be a part of it"
Datuk Yusof did it then, in Sodomy 1.0 1998. Oops, he did it again, in Sodomy 2.0 2008.

Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy Trial Statement In Full,
"There was then a cover up by Gani Patail (now the Attorney-General) and Musa Hassan (the IGP at the time that I was charged in this new episode) with the full knowledge and connivance of Dato’ Yusuf, the current chief prosecutor in this trial. All these personalities were linked in one way or the other with the 1998 show trial and more insidiously with the suppression of evidence in respect of the black eye scandal and attempts to pervert the course of justice."
Why did Datuk Yusof do it, do it one more time. Is once never enough?

Anwar has the answer,
"Anwar pointed out that if Yusof truly thought he was guilty then the former solicitor-general would not have agreed to join his legal team."
In the words of the Brother, Res Ipsa Loquitur,
"Res ipsa loquitur, as they say, but in this regard I’m not talking about negligence but rather proof of criminality..."

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