Friday, June 22, 2012

Cynthia Gabriel - Bitching Around the Bush

And these are the the "good" people doing us a mighty big favour.

Free Malaysia Today's sub-headed it's report "Jasbir Singh, a 'central figure' in the Scorpene deal has agreed to cooperate with French judiciary, said Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel."

Coming willingly is co-operating, no need for subpoenas.

Come on Ms Cynthia, a good fan of yours, serial chronic liar Wong Choon Mei,  even went as far as to say "has promised to co-operate fully".

She said you said. Not I said.

So either she lied or you lied.

This time I am sure Ms Wong told the truth, God how that must have hurt her.

And your No Good Organisation, SUARAM, spinning your pronouncements as "comments" - "SUARAM wishes to clarify our comments".

Well at least there is some collective responsibility or there were others blowing trumpets for the donors entertainment. Rm 200,000.00 is a lot of money.

It certainly must have been a bad case of premature ejaculation.

But I am sure no refunds necessary.

That's what you get when you nose

around somebody you admit you know nothing about then make a right fool of yourself with non-sensical and irrelevant statements -
Gabriel said she was surprised by the restaurateur’s statement.

“It’s news to me that he’s got a restaurant ” the activist told The Malaysian Insider.
What this episode tells me - you know nuts of what is going on.

It calls into question what actually you are doing.

My advice - stop bitching around the bush.

If you know nothing don't say anything. It only confirms you know nothing.


Anonymous said...

Her "nosing" around has done her no good despite the equipment she possesses!

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Anon,

Saw that huh? I agree with you.

Thanks for the comment and see again.


Freddie Kevin said...

Erratum: Thanks for the comment and hope to see you again.


Dave Avran said...

Hahahahahahaha I almost fell off my chair when you paused at "nose"
and then posted a pic of her huge schnozz!!

Nice one, Freddie. Wicked, but nice!