Friday, June 8, 2012

His Excellency Dennis Joachim Ignatius AMN, JSD, DSPN

My beloved father served the Government, retiring at the Ministry of Health as a clerical officer.

Nearing his retirement, dad received the PPN, Pingat Pangkuan Negara, in recognition of his service to the government.

The family were so proud of our father and if not for his lowly position then, he would have received the AMN, Ahli Mangku Negara, which we were told was recommended by his superiors.

Now, this fellow Dennis Joachim Ignatius is some character.

Career diplomat, columnist and what not.

Blogger Stop The Lies has a lowdown on the fellow.

For all his titles suffixed to his name, he has no compunction to denigrate the country of his birth shamelessly.

I really wonder, when he bowed his head to receive those titles from our DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong (and the Penang Governor), what was going on in his head.

His latest vitriol, "The silence of our friends — Dennis Ignatius" puts him in the exospheric status of....hypocrite.

All this while in the diplomatic service, retiring just 4 years ago, he said nothing bad about his country. Yes what, he's a diplomat.

But one shudders to think what he may have said about our country privately, to others in the countries he was sent to, as a representative of our country.

Because now he seems to have nothing good to say.

If His Excellency, see I can still be kind, has any decency in him, I do hope he would return all those honors back to the country.

What value are those honors if they were recommended by the same government he served which he now says is rotten to the core?

Also, if he has not already done, inform the PSC, that he does not want his pension.

He would not want to be seen as a person receiving his stipend from a massively corrupt government, would you, your Excellency?

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Freddie Kevin said...

To Anon who calls his ex-cellency a so and so, I agree with you.

I apologise for not publishing your comment and the delay in my reply.

Please drop by anytime and appreciate your comment.

Thank you