Friday, June 8, 2012


I must say I do not agree with the freezing of loans for students intending to study at UNISEL.

Making a political statement in this manner is wholly inappropriate.

Parents and children caught in this predicament are totally innocent and should no be made tools for political purposes.

Allow the students to get on with their tertiary education without any hindrance and inconvenience.

That was the reason the PTPTN was established in the first place, facilitating and providing the opportunity of a higher education.

That said, the Selangor State Government has come out with a "temporary" solution "until a permanent solution was found".

What the Selangor State Government intends is "Unisel will sell assets to fund student loans, says Selangor MB"

It may be a cursory report or as usual the Malaysia Insider just do not provide credible reports.

First the reports says UNISEL "will be liquidating some assets" then it says the "state government will float the real estate to obtain liquidity"

What is more interesting, however, is this -
"Part of the money will be used to assist Unisel students who are affected by PTPTN freezing study loans to its students."
If PKR de facto leader Anwar has clearly said that he will abolish the PTPTN, why only a "part" of the 30 million ringgit accrued will be utilised?

Why not the whole of the 30 mil?

Or is the real reason is to strip UNISEL of it's assets, the 500 acres of land?

Also, what is 30 million ringgit when the Selangor State Government boasts of having 1.6 billion ringgit cash reserves -
"The last unaudited report by the state showed that Selangor’s reserves have increased to a record of RM1.6 billion as of February 2012."
and which will -
"provide a solid base to respond to any emergency, and plays a strong part in attracting the confidence of investors."
Proof once again the Pakatan Rakyat in general and the PKR in particular, by their de facto leader and snakeskin oil salesman, are nothing more than peddlers of highfalutin and false promises.

Update 5.15 pm

What a bloody laugh.

The Malaysian Insider spin, "PTPTN freeze lifted on fears of political backlash" -
Ibrahim Suffian from independent opinion researcher Merdeka Center also said the loan freeze "may potentially backfire on BN if Selangor can reach a practical and quick solution"

"This will cut across the whole country as Unisel has students from other states and might blow up from something that is only popular to the young to their parents as well.

After all Selangor has huge reserves of RM1 8 billion and can quickly solve this" he told The Malaysian Insider.
What's with the liquidating and floating of UNISEL assets then?

Answer - Asset stripping and dubious intentions stripped naked.

Update 6.00 pm

Malaysian Insider spinoff, "Kit Siang presses Muhyiddin, Khaled for apology over PTPTN fiasco"-
"Lim today welcomed the undoing of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation PTPTN loan freeze for Universiti Selangor Unisel and Selangor International Islamic University College Kuis students."
Uncle Lim, tell your minion, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, also to apologise for his PTPTN irresponsible remarks and false promises.

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لف توف™ said...

Anwar's cash luquidity is immense. Make students of UNISEL and KUIS independent of PTPTN with it. Some students/parents may want to know the "haram/halal" status of the aid (money).