Friday, June 29, 2012

Scorpene Scoop

Asia Sentinel or suara SUARAM reports "Deep and Dirty: Malaysia's Submarine Scandal".

Well, the Asia Sentinel is one of those media, unlike the main stream international news media, has championed the SUARAM "cause" by it's "sensational" disclosures.

Not least it's latest, let me take a deep breath,
The documents were compiled as a result of a raid on April 7, 2010, when scores of investigators from the anti-organized and financial crime unit of the French Directorate of Judicial Police swooped down on DCN’s offices at 19 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia in Paris’s 15th Arondissement, and four other locations, demanding that stunned officials give them access to safes, files and computers. They collected thousands of documents that form the bulk of the files delivered to Asia Sentinel.
What a scoop.


Here's what Britannica says -
The juge d’instruction handles a case only if ordered to do so by the procureur (public prosecutor) or when requested to do so by a private citizen. Once the juge d’instruction’s investigation has begun, the accused must be supplied with counsel, who must be given access to all documents and evidence.
So what is so sensational about that, the Malaysian government would also be privy, and can safely say an "Independent commission on Scorpene unnecessary".

Of course, Asia Sentinel would want to give a perception there is something sinister and they had been given the documents by some deep throating measure.

SUARAM should be wary what kind of twist and spin statements they gave to the two juge d’instruction investigating for these can also be exposed, the Government having being accused, have the right of access.

Unless the government is not the accused.

I wonder what the SUARAM lawyers have to say about the documents disclosures, I understand from a UNCHR report - "To support his case and to prove his good faith, he produced material from the preliminary investigation. He was charged with "possessing material protected by the confidentiality of the preliminary investigation," but the charge was dropped in 1999."

Never mind if the charge was dropped but it would seem there is such a thing as confidentiality of the preliminary investigation.

I wonder if it means is what it means, so maybe the SUARAM lawyers would care to elaborate.

After all, passing round the hat is hard work and Rm 200,000 is a lot of money and I am sure the bulk of it goes to legal fees.

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