Monday, July 30, 2012

SUARAM's Friday the 13th Explosive Scorpene Revelation

I always have an open mind and I am sure there are many like thinking people.

So it was when SUARAM announced that it was going to have a public forum with the following enticement,
Many have been shocked by the potentially explosive scandal in Malaysia over the billion-dollar purchase of French submarines, a deal engineered by then Defense Minister Najib Tun Razak. But, how much you know about it?
I was hooked. I had to attend.

Said to myself, I will have an open mind, not to mention of course eager anticipation on what could be new disclosures, new documents.

Seeing a display screen standing on stage near the table that would sit the speakers, Cynthia Gabriel and polticians Liew Chin Tong and Mujahid Yusof Rawa, as I set myself down, you could say there was some apprehension and fear.

I had this uncomfortable and unwanted feeling, that what I have been drumming up in my Scorpene articles would come crashing down to earth. That I would become a believer.

As Cynthia Gabriel began to unwind, the truth began to reveal itself. I had now become a firm and true believer.

The slide, it was only one slide, it stayed on the display screen as though it was forever and it was devastating.

And by the time politicians, YB Liew and YB Mujahid had finished, I could not bear anymore for the questions from the floor session.

I just wanted to leave.

I had been totally convinced.

See the video for yourself, what was revealed that Friday the 13th.

Did you see? Don't get it?

No worries folks, indeed there was nothing. Nothing. No new documents. No explosive revelations. Nothing.

What was devastating was that there was nothing.

Nothing but contrived electioneering. A political Pakatan Rakyat ceramah.

I was so bored I wanted to up and leave.

What resurfaced and came crashing down to earth, or shall I say sunk, was SUARAM's woeful tales.

I am more convinced and an even more ardent believer that what we have all been saying is right.

SUARAM is best described by Thomas Jefferson as "He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors"

Friday, July 27, 2012


Readers, especially Catholics, please do correct me If am wrong. Also, I welcome and will appreciate anyone who can enlighten me.

What exactly is the Christian Federation of Malaysia?

According to Wikipedia - The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) is an ecumenical umbrella body in Malaysia that comprises the Council of Churches of Malaysia (mainline Protestants and Oriental Orthodox), National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (Evangelicals) and the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia (Roman Catholic). Formed in 1985, the CFM brought together the major expressions of Christianity in Malaysia in a broad-based ecumenical body and a unified voice in dealing with the government as well as other religious and secular bodies in the country.

I have linked CCM and NECF.

As for Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia there is no official website (as far as I am aware) but individual archdiocese websites, as examples - Archdioceses of Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Malacca.

In terms of our vision for a better Malaysia, CFM encourages Malaysian Christians to think about the following priorities:

A nation guided by the ethics of respect for human dignity. This means a nation where its citizens are engaged fairly as equals, and their rights respected in accordance with the provisions as guaranteed under the Federal Constitution. Such a nation treats its citizens with understanding, honesty and mutual respect.

A nation where extremism of all kinds is rejected and quickly curtailed. Racial and religious bigotry, manipulation and lies that have now come to define the social sphere, the print media and political posturing must end immediately.

A nation free of corruption, putting in place strengthened state and public institutions whose members conduct themselves with integrity, transparency and accountability.

A nation that works towards the fair and equitable distribution of wealth and ensuring well-being for all, regardless of citizenship status, ethnicity or creed. Every citizen and every community should be empowered and enabled to pursue economic activity and achieve advancement duly and fairly supported by the government where needed and necessary without favour or discrimination and without being overly or unfairly supported by the state.

A nation where care for the environment is privileged over self-seeking capitalism and where its political leaders weigh all decisions with ecological interest and sustainability as an essential aspect of development.

A nation where language and education are de-linked from political expedience.

A nation where elitism and inequality is not rampant and people are recognised and respected as human beings and not discriminated against due to social position, educational attainment, political beliefs, gender, race or religion.

A nation where religious freedom to profess, practice and propagate one's religion is allowed to flourish without undue curtailment from the law, restrictions or even prohibition.
This posting is not to criticise the above of the "letter" which one easily can and I may in due course.

The above "letter" is carried by the NECF dated 18th July 2012 here.

It is not carried by the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) which is none of my concern but raises a question. In fact, it is not even carried by Bishop Ng Moon Hing's own Anglican website here.

Although it is carried by the Archdiocese of Malacca, which also raises a question, it is not carried (at time of this post) by The Herald, the online news portal of the Malaysian Catholic church.

Therefore my initial questions are:

1. Is this an authentic/official letter from the Christian Federation of Malaysia, CFM and when was it dated?

2. If so, is it endorsed by the all of the Archdioceses of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia.

3. If so, why was the "letter" not published by The Herald?

Update 1.08 PM

A cursory check with the website of dioceses of Kota Kinabalu, Keningau, Kuching, Sibu, and Miri has no mention of this CFM letter.

Update 2.03 PM

While there is no official website for Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia there is a Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and it's mission statement at the Catholic Diocese of Malacca-Johore, here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - Now, Then and Forever


The NST carried today "Anwar's anti-homosexual hypocrisy" -
Defence lawyer Datuk Firoz Hussein's question could not have been clearer: "Should we discriminate against homosexuals?" Firoz asked. "Yes" was Anwar's emphatic reply."

"Islam must not be debased into an ideology to excuse injustices, to deny basic rights of the people, to perpetuate discrimination in society, whether against women or minorities, or to commit atrocities and violence on human lives and property" - Anwar Ibrahim, THE PAKISTAN INSTITUTE OF STRATEGIC STUDIES, Islamabad, Pakistan, 24 March 1997.

and forever,

Anwar Ibrahim a great liar.

"There's a sucker born every minute"

And yet there are still those who revere this liar and Anwar Ibrahim is the anointed Prime Minister of the Pakatan Rakyat.

BERSIH - Disturbing the Peace Legally

Scour the heavy leaning opposition newsportals and you will find phrases, as an example, "the BN must explain to the voters". If not for the impending general elections it would be "the BN must explain to the rakyat".

What are the issues that the opposition will raise? "Corruption" ala SUARAM, and lately rising crime rate.

But the opposition's favourite weapon of choice, in the run up to the next general elections, is "free and fair elections", ala BERSIH.

BERSIH, is in the "limelight" again. I will not delve into the judgement but suffice to say a precedent has been set - a non entity being a legal entity.

This NGO has been providing missiles for the opposition, with their lies and spins to anyone who cares to listen, about the Government's so called lack of free and fair elections.

We have had uninterupted I say, free and fair elections, since independence but what do the rakyat, or voters as the opposition are now saying, really want?

The rakyat will always want peace, prosperity and economic well being.

The message was sent through the ballot boxes of 2008.

The Barisan Nasional Government has taken cognisance. (see Blogger Note)

We all know how the opposition and their media mouthpieces are always on the lookout publicising any report or surveys at home or abroad denigrating the country thereby "discrediting" the government to boost their lie and spin arsenal.

This is one report I find most enlightening and which you won't find the opposition and their friendly "experts" and "analysts" or BERSIH promoting, The Global Peace Index.

The methodology is staggering and findings is an eye opener but the opposition and their rabid supporters will coveniently be blind to this report, not least BERSIH -
The Global Peace Index represents a ground-breaking milestone in the study of peace. It ranks the nations of the world by their peacefulness and identifies some of the drivers of peace.


The GPI is developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace, in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit and with the guidance of an international team of academics and peace experts.The Index is composed of 23 indicators, ranging from a nation’s level of military expenditure to its relations with neighbouring countries and the level of respect for human rights. The index has been tested against a range of potential “drivers” or determinants of peace—including levels of democracy and transparency, education and material wellbeing. The team has used the latest available figures from a wide range of respected sources, including the International Institute of Strategic Studies, The World Bank, various UN entities, Peace Institutes and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The assertion is that low crime rates, minimal incidences of terrorist acts and violent demonstrations, harmonious relations with neighbouring countries, a stable political scene and a small proportion of the population being internally displaced or refugees can be equated with peacefulness.

An additional aim of the GPI is to explore the concept of a “positive peace”. Various studies have proposed that a culture of peace might be based on human rights, gender equality, democratic participation, tolerant solidarity, open communication and international security. However, these links between peace and its causes tend to be presumed, rather than systematically measured.
Apart from BERSIH, there have been no violent demonstrations. BERSIH can remonstrate and demonstrate all it wants.


The Global Peace Index deconstructs all BERSIH's actions.

 Or this?

Free and fair elections are only part of the whole package. There are too many parts to post, so, read it thoroughly yourself.

The whole package,The Global Peace Index 2012 is here.

Malaysia is not perfect but overall with all the determinants, Malaysia is 20th ranked most peaceful country in the world, ahead of many notable mention countries of the opposition, I have to add especially Anwar Ibrahim.

Blogger note:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib is doing a great job. Working tirelessly, leading and governing the country by uniting and thanking the rakyat, to maintain the country's hallmark peace and prosperity.

The economy is in good hands.

Brother Anwar Ibrahim cannot walk but talks only about himself and reconciling political parties, not the rakyat.

Datuk Seri Najib is walking the talk and reconciling the rakyat, a rakyat that had been torn apart by the opposition ever since the "tsunami" of 2008.

I see the fruits of Datuk Seri Najib's labour, in the happy faces of the people. People of all races and religion mingling and coming together at the bazaars (where I work) and even breaking fast together, in this holy month of Ramadan.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim Says Homosexuals Will Be Discriminated

The Malaysian Insider says, "Anwar agrees to discrimination against gays to protect sanctity of marriage" -
To defence lawyer Datuk Firoz Hussein s question of "Should we discriminate against homosexuals?" Anwar answered Yes.
Rewind when "Anwar sparks FB debate on LGBT rights" -
Seksualiti Merdeka, a group dedicated to fighting for Malaysian LGBT rights, posted a chat thread between Anwar and Yahoo! readers today, during which Anwar was asked if LGBTs would not be discriminated against if Pakatan were to take Putrajaya, considering Islamist party PAS would be part of the federal government.

"We recognise the importance of family and the institution of marriage. But we should not unduly harass or discriminate others. The answer is through education and PAS accepts this view," was Anwar's answer.
Anwar Ibrahim at his typical and vintage best.

No worries gay gals and guys, Anwar Ibrahim will clarify matters in due course.

And screw you Hillary Clinton.

Update 11.47 pm

Credit to Malaysia Insider, once in a blue moon for this article, "Say no to discrimination — Leroy Luar"

What I most enjoy when this type of Anwar Ibrahim bashing article appears are the comments. Especially from those who will STILL defend the Brother.

I am just surprised the author took so long to realise what we all have being saying all the time - Anwar Ibrahim is a bald faced liar.

Anwar will always dig a hole for himself to cover the previous hole he made and found himself in.

And that, Mr Leroy Luar, explains his not so astonishing declaration, in court no less.

Free Malaysia Today Apologises to Lynas - Too Little, Too Late

News portal Free Malaysia Today made a brief statement of apology, "An apology to Lynas Corp Ltd"

At the very least there is an apology but as I have said before the damage is done.

Looking at it, it is an outcome of a court proceeding and legal action.

There are numerous mostly opposition leaning newsportals perpetuating lies, when push come to shove, will have to face the indignity of swallowing it's own spit and make an apology.

That a negative and irreparable damage had been done, and will still be perpetuated by the opposition with innovative spins, are of no concern to these irresponsible so called "creditable" news portals, "without fear" but certainly favour the opposition.

Digging up old stories and repackaging it as breaking news as another "scandal", is a common modus operandi by these heavy leaning opposition news portals.

When the same Free Malaysia Today came out with this story about Musa Aman, "Skeletons in Sabah’s closet", one can only conclude more or less, where it will be going or where it is coming from.


Idiots in green mixed with idiots in yellow, what will they ultimately get?

Idiots with blues.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In this report by The Mole "Suaram's Cynthia denies Opposition link"

This Cynthia Gabriel is a real kettle of fish, not averse to lies, I can aver.

According to Wikipedia Organisational Structure you will find these notable names - Dr. Kua Kia Soong, Cynthia Gabriel, Tian Chua and Sivarasa Rasiah.

Deny as much as it likes, SUARAM cannot shake off it's political links as can be gleaned from the wikipedia link above.

You may also ask Cynthia about SUARAM's Friday the 13th.

But this is not about Cynthia Gabriel or the May 13 fellow, Kua Kia Soong.

It's about the other two politicians, Tian Chua and Sivarasa Rasiah of the PKR, party members of that fellow and de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim

In my Scorpene Tale post, when I posited -
I hasten to venture were PI Bala and RPK taken in by that lie and emboldened to make the SDs, which clearly impugns to discredit Datuk Seri Najib in the most injurious manner, truly believing Anwar Ibrahim would be Prime Minister by 16 September?


16 September came and went, no change of government and by now Anwar is officially opposition leader of parliament and the grand 916 proclamation is officially a lie.
the timeline is June, July and September of 2008.

Well, Wikileaks has this dated 9 November 2008 -
Polcouns met separately with PKR Information Chief Tian Chua and PKR Vice President Sivarasa Rasiah on November 3 and 5, respectively. Both PKR officials acknowledged that Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has shifted to a lower key approach since the passage of Anwar's public September 16 deadline to bring down PM Abdullah's government through the crossover of 30 or more government MPs.

Despite his less aggressive public posture, Anwar's goal remains bringing down the UMNO-led government through parliamentary crossovers prior to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak becoming the next UMNO party president and Prime Minister, Tian Chua and Sivarasa stated. The time horizon has shifted from December to March 2009, in line with the shift in the UMNO party elections, at which time Najib is set to become UMNO president uncontested. PKR officials reiterated that Anwar and PKR remain focused on preempting Najib's takeover if possible, because they believe Najib would invoke authoritarian measures to scuttle the Opposition before the next national elections. In the months ahead, PKR would look for opportunities to weaken support for Najib and the government, for example by criticizing GOM measures in the face of a possible dramatic downturn in the economy following the global financial crisis, or by using new information linking Najib to scandals, like the Altantuya case and the Eurocopter purchase.
What can I say? We chess players say, check.

Addendum : The useful idiots who lionised the amoral and cowardly founder of PKR have ended up looking utter twits

Talking about Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Anwar Ibrahim share bragging rights in this post.

Anwar must be scraping the barrel. Julian Assange is a no, no as far as present American political scenario is concerned.

Must be a case birds of a feather with the Anwar's much celebrated, by opposition sycophants at least and Anwaristas the most, interview with Wikileak founder Assange.

The interview had this -
In May 2012 – after this interview was filmed – Anwar was accused of inciting demonstrators to breach an anti-protest law, because of his appearance at a pro-democracy rally in April.
See the lie? Never mind.

In June 2012 - after Anwar was accused of inciting demonstrators, Daily Mail's "STEPHEN GLOVER: The useful idiots who lionised the amoral and cowardly founder of WikiLeaks have ended up looking utter twits"

Wise men think alike but in this case fools seldom differ.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SUARAM's Friday the 13th

I can relate to Datuk Rocky's latest "Scorpene's Friday the Thirteenth".

For one, most of my buddies or people I first meet would say "Freddie Krueger".

Datuk Rocky links a series of articles by the masterful Voice killing SUARAM lies and spinoff lies.

Movies and TV serials most often have spinoffs when the original is successful.

The reverse is true with the SUARAM lies.

The lies now spinning around are spinoffs from the opposition and their ilk because the original was unsuccessful.

But as I said before the show must go on.

For me yesterday, Friday the 13th, SUARAM had a Scorpene forum and it spells nothing but bad omens for the pseudo NGO.

The "Friday the 13th" was a movie franchise of 12 films.

Don't be surprised when Freddie Krueger really appears to slash SUARAM and make it the 13th.

Mine would be "SUARAM's Friday the 13th."

Blogger Note:

There is a saying, guilty by association.

The reverse is also true for SUARAM and that fellow, GUILTY by disassociation.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lim Guan Eng - Anwar Remains DAP's Candidate for Prime Minister

"You guys really came after me in 1993. Remember, remember? Couldn't catch me, right? Boy was I good"

I am starting to believe Lim Guan Eng, the great leader and Chief Minister of Penang.

Allegations of affairs of the heart aside, the great leader still has faith in the brother, Anwar Ibrahim.

The great leader should know, he had enquired into affairs concerning the DAP anointed PM, Anwar Ibrahim.

Believe the great leader, don't believe this article, "KORUPSI, KOLUSI & NEPOTISME – THE ANWAR WAY".

If in doubt, read this very thought provoking Aliran article, "Where have all the capitalists gone?" -
By early 1997, Malaysia’s leading corporations included a number of firms controlled by Bumiputeras, almost all of whom were well-connected to one of the then three most powerful politicians in Malaysia – Mahathir, then deputy prime minister and finance minister Anwar Ibrahim, and then government economic advisor Daim Zainuddin. The Malays in control of major firms included Halim Saad, Tajudin Ramli, Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, Samsudin Abu Hassan, Hassan Abas, Ahmad Sebi Abu Bakar and Amin Shah Omar Shah, who were closely associated with Daim; Ishak Ismail, Mohamad Sarit Yusoh, Kamaruddin Jaafar, Kamaruddin Mohd Nor and Rashid Hussain, who were linked with Anwar; while those who were close to the prime minister included his sons, Mirzan and Mokhzani Mahathir, as well as the late Yahya Ahmad, Basir Ismail and Mohd Noor Yusof.
The Socialistmalaysia article above also mention personalities connected to Anwar Ibrahim, but they are unsubstantiated.

Also don't believe another, "Anwar Ibrahim - The Master Conspirator". It's about MRCB, Realmild, NSTP, TV3 and stuff like that. It is also unsubstantiated.

Must be lies.

Believe the great leader.

You see, the great leader of Penang but not from Penang, needing to clear the air made these statements and questions the Finance Minister at the time -
Mengapa Real Mild semasa membeli NSTP dan TV3 tidak payah diwajibkan membuat general offer kepada pemegang-pemegang saham minoriti? Adakah kerana syarikat ini dimiliki oleh kawan-kawan karib Yang Berhormat Menteri Kewangan.

Kalau macam ini saya rasa Suruhanjaya Sekuriti harus ditubuhkan, didirikan, diberikan kuasa untuk mengawal syarikat-syarikat yang tidak ada hubungkait dengan kawan-kawan karib Yang Berhormat Menteri Kewangan. - Lim Guan Eng, Eighth Parliament Third Session, 29hb Julai 1993.
The great leader of Penang's father and DAP supremo, Lim Kit Siang, was also concerned at the same time -
Oleh kerana Suruhanjaya Sekuriti bertanggungjawab mengenai perkembangan kedudukan sekuriti-sekuriti, saya harap bahawa kita boleh mendapati apa pendirian Securities Commission mengenai siri, dengan izin, corporate move yang berlaku baru-baru ini yang melibatkan beberapa unsur:

Yang pertama, managment buy-out RM800 juta, The New Straits Times dan TV3 oleh empat orang wartawan yang memihak kepada Menteri Kewangan yang melibatkan Rael Mile (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (sic) - Lim Kit Siang, Eighth Parliament Third Session, 29hb Julai 1993.
Like that how not to have faith in the great leader of Penang, the DAP and it's supremo, Lim Kit Siang?

Now they have anointed as prime minister, the tried and tested former Finance Minister at the time in question, non other than Anwar Ibrahim himself.

Anwar must have passed their test.

The great leader of Penang, in reiterating Anwar as the anointed one, wants Anwar as PM to curb the budget deficit, after being tested and now tried more than once.

I must say, the great leader of Penang is certainly prime minister material himself.

He always projects himself as the boss, and of course, that could happen.

You never know.

Blogger Note:

Just cannot put a finger on it but somehow my previous post keeps bugging me when writing this post.

The part about Anwar being appointed Selangor state economic advisor keeps coming to mind.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Selangor State Goverment Tilam Debt Recovery

Since the initial grandiose announcements by who else, Malaysiakini "RM392 mil Talam debt settled, says MB" and The Malaysian Insider "Selangor MB silences critics with RM50 million debt recovery", the debt recovery measure taken by the Selangor State Government from Talam Corporation Bhd, I had made some background search but left it alone seeing it nothing more than Pakatan Rakyat, PR exercise propaganda.

The Malaysian Insider especially gloats -
"Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim proved his naysayers wrong by successfully collecting more than RM50 million in cash and assets from developer Talam Corp Bhd after acquiring its debts from state firms.

“We have so far collected more than RM50 million and we hope to collect the rest within the year,” Khalid told The Malaysian Insider last night.
Malaysiakini said it all -
"The Selangor government has been able to recover all the RM392.02 million in outstanding debt owed by Talam Corporation Sdn Bhd, Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said today"
But consider the early demands by Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid, the Edgedaily "Selangor wants Talam to pay up RM391m in 3 months" and the very first paragraph says a lot -
The Selangor government has given TALAM CORPORATION BHD three months to settle a total of RM391 million in debts owing and due to the state for its failure to deliver on a number of projects, said Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.
And further down the report -
"Speaking to The Edge Financial Daily here yesterday, Khalid said the state would undertake an audit of the state subsidiaries accounts and had determined that over RM500 million was owing from Talam, which disputed the figure. He added that both parties settled for RM391 million.

We have given Talam a three-month deadline,” Khalid said, adding that the company faced the prospects of foreclosure on its assets and properties if it failed to pay up by then.
Strong words indeed. There are other pertinent points in the above report for example -
In its 2009 annual report, Talam said it had been unable to meet its financial obligation to bear the development and maintenance costs of about RM134 million in the Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel) project, whereby the state had alienated three parcels of land to the group for the development of Unisel.

Talam said it had agreed to settle the obligation by transferring 1,715.9 acres of land in Batang Berjuntai valued at RM80,000 per acre to Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd and Pendidikan Industri YS Sdn Bhd, both nominees of the state government.
But what does "failure to deliver on a number of projects" and the above tell you? Corruption and misadministration by the previous state administrations? Never mind, that's maybe for another day post.

The Star, "Selangor govt: Debt recovery not a bailout" had Tan Sri Khalid denying the move a bailout.

And do note "He added that both parties settled for RM391 million."

Another thing is that mysterious Rm50 million payment, was it in cash and was it really paid?

I do wonder about it, the Edgedaily "Talam reaches RM242m debt agreement with Selangor" -
However, it is unclear whether the Rm242 million excludes the Rm50 million that Talam had agreed to pay the state government earlier this month.

Based on the Selangor government's document, the total debts owed were at Rm392 million and that Talam has agreed to pay up Rm50 million.
Never mind, it's not the subject here.

Let's get back to the subject at hand.

Tan Sri Khalid had by all accounts been bragging that he would be tough in recovering the debt which both "both parties settled for RM391 million" and it was not a bailout.

Which means Talam would have to pay up, according to Tan Sri Khalid or face foreclosure.

The constructive word is "pay up".

Yes, Talam Corp did settle with the Selangor state government but it was the Selangor state goverment who ultimately "paid up".

A grand total of Rm676 million paid up to recover Rm392 million. (Source: Talam Corp's Bursa Malaysia Announcement below)


See what I said about Pakatan Rakyat, PR exercise propaganda?

Wait, wait.

My post will never be complete without mentioning the Scorpion King, Brother Anwar Ibrahim.

You see, when it came out, about recovering the Talam debt in the Malaysian Insider, "Khalid defends acquisition of Talam debts" -
"The Star reported today that Salehuddin had emailed PKR MPs and state lawmakers to demand an explanation as the party had been ‘kept in the dark’ while speculating the debt buy-out would incur additional cost including consultancy charges that could profit some quarters.

There is no consultant. I am the one who initiated the move and I am not charging the state anything,” Khalid explained, adding any additional cost would be for legal, taxes and banking charges"

And this is what The Malaysia Insider reported in the same "Khalid defends acquisition of Talam debts" in closing -
"The Selangor government has this week also appointed PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as its economic adviser. It is not known if the appointment is related to the Talam debt recovery plans."
I wonder why The Malaysian Insider had to end it's report the way it did.

Now, about that Rm50 million, it was also the Malaysian Insider which specifically mentioned "Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim proved his naysayers wrong by successfully collecting more than RM50 million in cash" a week before, and so did the the Edgedaily, four days after the Talam announcement at Bursa, didn't they?

Never mind, just forget I ever mentioned it.

It might have gotten lost in the negotiations.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scorpene Documents - Lost in Translation

When I posted the Scorpene Tale, I asked "Altantuya Shariibuu, translator and interpreter, assisting in negotiation of billion dollars defense contract?"

Go thru all and any account and what language Altantuya is reported to be skilled, for want of a better word, remains sketchy and unconfirmed.

I had intentionally provided her full police report that was made in English, to illustrate her poor command of the language, to dismmiss any notion that that she would be engaged as a translator or interpreter by Razak Baginda.

It does not matter what language was used in the negotiations.

However, for the sake of argument, if it were in English, there would have not any necessity for a translator or interpreter.

If it was in French, it certainly would have been bloody risky because even for a person with a better command of English, translating French to English is an intricate matter, what more someone who is lousy in the English language.

Literal translation is a danger.

Now, the opposition especially the Scorpian King, Anwar Ibrahim, are going gaga over the leaked documents in the submarine purchase investigation.

I have perused part of the documents leaked here and made some google translations.

A glaring example - In Philippe Menayas' Career descrition:
Le 01 juin 1992 j'ai été recruté par DCN International avec le titre
de Directeur Financier et Administratif. Je couvrais également les
fonctions de Directeur Juridique et d'agent de sécurité, jusqu'en
1996 pour cette dernière fonction...

Translation : On June 1, 1992 I was recruited by DCN International with the title Director of Finance and Administration. I covered also General Counsel and functions as a security guard, until 1996 for the latter function...

See what I mean?

Therefore, I would like to advise SUARAM, opposition and especially the Scorpian King not to get carried away with excitement.

Misintepretations of statements and documents can be very misleading.

But I will be happy if there are more documents leaked.

During my rajin-rajin tranlation exercise this is what came out at 136/7.

Question : Dans le même scellé, apparaissent des documents manuscrits de 1996 indiquant ABDUL RAZAK, et le paiement de sommes d'argent passant par le Luxembourg et l'Irlande, en quoi consistaient ces commissions?                   

Translation : In the same sealed documents appear manuscripts of 1996 indicating Abdul Razak, and payment of money through Luxembourg and Ireland, how consisted of these commissions?

Yes folks these payments as mentioned above when it was was made, Datuk Seri Najib was Minister of Education, 1995-2000 and guess who was Minister of Finance at the time, who may or may not have known of the matter?

Hooray, it's the Scorpion King, Anwar Ibrahim 1991-1998.

How cool is that?

Remember "pihaknya mempunyai beberapa bukti dan maklumat"?

The Illiteracy of Pakatan Rakyat

PAS supporters, almost all of whom are Malay Muslims will never have or bothered to read the Rocket and other DAP media. If they did they would have come across DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang gems like these -
These people must be the only non-Muslims in the world who are openly advocating the Islamic State concept of PAS. These people are not bothered or concerned about the meaning of an Islamic State, but only interested in supporting PAS in the urban areas to split the DAP voters either the Gerakan or MCA candidates.

These people are not bothered that in an Islamic state, non-Muslims cannot be entrusted with the responsibility of framing the general policy of the State, or dealing with matter vital to its safety and integrity; and cannot be Members of Parliament, Assemblymen, Ministers, Prime Minster’ or even be top government officials or judges.

These people are not bothered that in an Islamic State, the present Constitution would have to be scrapped, replaced by an Islamic Constitution based on the Koran, and where only Muslims can interpret and amend the Constitution.

These people are not bothered that in an Islamic State, the people will cease to have the voting rights as at present, for in an Islamic State, non-Muslims cannot vote to influence the national direction or the laws. This is because in an Islamic State, power is no more derived from the people (as at present) but from the Koran!

I would call on these people who are working for the PAS cause for the coming general elections to come out openly to explain to the Malaysian Chinese community why they are supporting the cause of an Islamic State in Malaysia. - Speech by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, at the Petaling Jaya Old Town Branch committee meeting at Petaling Jaya on Thursday, April 24, 1986
Read Uncle Lim's mind-boggler here.

 "I hope they won't recognise me in my shades"

"What is that guy doing here?"

As for the DAP supporters, who are almost entirely non-Muslim Chinese, I will wager my bottom ringgit, would never have laid eyes on this, PAS deviating from it's original struggle? -
"Pihak yang menyatakan PAS sudah melencong dan berubah dasar perjuangannya, meninggalkan Islam dan Negara Islam dan bermacam-macam lagi, adalah suatu fitnah jahat yang semata-mata bertujuan memburuk-burukkan pejuang-pejuang Islam, yang dilakukan oleh musuh-musuh Islam, sepanjang zaman" - dipetik daripada ruangan Bersama Dato' Haron Din yang disiarkan akhbar Harakah Bil. 1704 (8-11 Safar 1433/2-5 Januari 2012)

Come on lah Fred you will ask, what about the PKR supporters?

Ah! PKR supporters. Cannot blame them, they are all blind.

Blindly following their great liar, Anwar Ibrahim.

If they are not blind, also cannot blame them, they must be deaf and dumb.

"See the pic above? How happy they are? Doing it all...for me"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"The Evolution of Anwar Ibrahim According to Lim Kit Siang - A Leopard Never Change It's Spots" - The DAP's Last Mile

This article, by Liew Chin Tong, DAP member of Parliament for Bukit Bendera, in The Rocket yesterday, also carried by the Malaysian Insider and the other chronic opposition craving Malaysia Chronical, comes as no surprise.

Embroiled in the Penang hillslope development protests by residents in his constituency and as the Star reports in an "Uphill battle for residents", he needs all the help he can get -
"At the height of the issue, Liew was seen up on Penang Hill with his Chief Minister at the launch of some hilltop cafe. Liew is clearly trying to stay in the good books of his DAP boss and he probably figures he can hold on to Bukit Bendera without the support of the Tanjung Bungah people."
The Star report gives a detailed account of Liew as an embattled DAP member in the hillslope development uproar by residents in his constituency.

In "The Last Mile", Liew Chin Tong gives as a very, very brief and hazy history lesson of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, which I would like to remind the MP for Bukit Bendera, would have pushed Malaysia downhill into the abyss, no thanks to the person whose balls he now carries, Anwar Ibrahim.

Quote of a quote by YB Liew -
Chow Kon Yeow, MP for Tanjong, has called Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a “bakal perdana menteri” (future prime minister) in an interview with a Penang-based Chinese newspaper recently, to which Anwar half-jokingly replied that he has had that title for the last two decades.
adding later -
"But this is not just about Anwar. This is about all of us. I was just twenty when the worst ever haze clouded the Malaysian skies in July 1997. The haze still troubles us 15 years later, similar to that of our political stalemate."
Yes, for this post, it's also not about Anwar.

It's about Liew Chin Tong and his beloved party the DAP.

Sorry, my mistake, it is about Anwar Ibrahim and the DAP.

For YB Liew, here is some history lesson for his good self, by myself.
I give you "The Evolution of Anwar Ibrahim According to Lim Kit Siang - A Leopard Never Change It's Spots".

"Wow, Uncle Lim, your Rocket article awesome. Thanks.", "No prolem Bro, luckily that stupid fellow Liew don't know what we know."

DAP supremo, Lim Kit Siang, father of Liew Chin Tong's great Penang leader -
Anwar started his political career with the reputation of a liberal, but he nows seems to be the new advocate for repression and suffcation of dissent.

Is this the price Anwar must pay so that he could make his bid for the future Prime Ministership in the country?

Anwar should stop resorting to the politics of threats and intimidation, but should instead open up UMNO Youth and UMNO leadership to the legitimate grievances of all communities and sections in the country so that a viable and enduring Malaysian nation could be built.

Anwar Ibrahim should know that his warning is meaningless and an empty one, for it is merely a warning that he would violate the constitution and the law of sedition. - Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, in Petaling Jaya, 21st April 1986

What moral values is Anwar Ibrahim trying to instil under the new Education Act 1990 when he is going round the country telling lies and inciting inter-racial misunderstanding and hatred to serve his political ends?

Anwar Ibrahim has been excelling himself every day by telling more lies and inciting more inter-racial misunderstanding and hatred, as if his political future is in great jeopardy.

Anwar told more than one lie in his speech in Trengganu yesterday.

If this is not blatant race baiting, and incitement of inter-racial misunderstanding and hatred, I do not know what is.

What is worse, this race-baiting and incitement of inter¬racial misunderstanding and hatred is built on lies.

I am also surprised by Anwar Ibrahim’s claim that he has in his possession a letter signed by a leader of PAS and Semangat 46, supporting the DAP action – which he alleged is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Bahasa Malaysia.

I challenge Anwar Ibrahim to produce this letter, for it is time that top government leaders and Ministers should stop promoting the culture of lies and falsehoods in Malaysia, if the education system is to produce properly educated and morally upright Malaysians.

For the good, of the nation and the people of Malaysia, I advise Anwar Ibrahim to stop telling lies and to stop inciting inter¬racial hatred and misunderstanding. - Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Penang on Wednesday, 29th August 1990

The emotional outburst by the Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, against the DAP in his ‘illegal public rallies’ in Kangar yesterday is the worst example so far.

One English newspaper reported Anwar accusing the DAP of being “traitors to sabotage efforts to uplift the Muslims” while a Bahasa Malaysia newspaper which gave the following frontpage headline to Anwar’s speech “Awas Pengkhianat” with the secondary headline “Anwar kecam pihak yang diperalat oleh DAP” started the report with the lead: “Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hare ini menggesa rakyat supaya rakyat mengepikan pengkhianat pembangunan dikalangan orang Melayu sendiri yang sebenarnya didalangi oleh DAP.” - DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjong, Lim Kit Siang,in Petaling Jaya on Monday, January 23, 1995
There you have it, how hypocritical the DAP has become, especially for YB Liew, now carrying the great liar's balls.

Cannot blame Liew though, his recollection of history goes back 15 years, it was 25 years ago that Anwar arrived at the political scene made merry hell and got sacked, and good old YB Liew was only 9 years old in standard 3 then. How could YB Liew know, right?

But Liew Chin Tong must be thanked for his history lesson.

It will remind us about the Asian financial crisis and machinations of the great liar, Anwar Ibrahim.

It is said "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" and the DAP in their quest for power are now riding on and allowing the same great liar, Anwar Ibrahim to spew more lies, even hailing the ex-convict for corruption as the next prime minister of Malaysia.

YB Liew Chin Tong in closing your piece you said, "This is our historic opportunity to do the right things, together, in the last mile of a long walk that began 15 years ago".

I say my peace in closing,


Monday, July 2, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim's Scorpene Poison

Recall my previous post "The Scorpene Tale", the Malaysian Insider quoted SUARAM's lawyer, Joseph Breham, as saying -
The only thing the French authorities will look into is the corruption or commission allegedly paid by DCN,” said Joseph Breham at a press conference organised by Suaram here.

He added that the murder of the Mongolian woman is beyond the jurisdiction of the French authorities."
Anwar Ibrahim blatantly lies and thereby perpetuates the Altantuya/Datuk Seri Najib nexus, in his blogpost, "Kemenangan Presiden Baru Perancis Cepatkan Siasatan Scorpene" -
"Menurut Anwar, rakan karib Perdana Menteri yang juga pemilik Perimekar iaitu Abdul Razak Baginda dan Najib sendiri antara saksi yang akan dipanggil.

Katanya, Mahkamah Perancis bukan hanya menghadkan siasatan mereka terhadap pembelian Scorpene, tetapi juga akan mengheret siasatan dalam kes pembunuhan Altantuya Shaariibu, apabila turut memanggil Dr Setev Shaariibu sebagai saksi perbicaraan."

Yes, I said that.

The title and the post suggests that Anwar is well aware that there are two higher profile cases being investigated by the juges d’instruction or investigating judges related to DCN corruption charges. These investigations had been initiated by Jacques Chirac, former French president from 1995 to 2007, emphasis in bold deliberately intended.

French politics and Jacques Chirac will be the subject of my next post which will not ony expose a spin by Asian Sentinel but more tellingly demolish SUARAM allegations of "corruption" in the submarine purchase by the government.

That's coming soon.

For the moment Anwar Ibrahim's lie takes centre stage.

Who or What is SUARAM?

My Sinchew, "Suaram asked to clarify status as NGO"

News 2012-07-02 10:27

KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 (Bernama) -- Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) has been urged to clarify its doubtful status as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) as a check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) revealed that it is a private company earning nearly RM500,000 in 2009 and over RM400,000 in 2010.

Jaringan Melayu Malaysia president Azwanddin Hamzah said according to SSM records, Suaram was registered as a company under the name of Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd with a RM2 paid-up capital.

"Shareholders Yeoh Seng Guan and Kua Kia Soong were appointed directors of the company on June 7, 2004. The company netted a profit of RM497,137 in 2009 and RM411,226 in 2010.

"We want to know whether the profit was derived from local or overseas sources, the identities of their contributors, and their motive," Azwanddin told a news conference here today.

Azwanddin claimed that Suaram was not registered with the Registrar of Societies as an NGO.

He also asked Parti Keadilan Rakyat central committee member R. Sivarasa and PKR vice-president Tian Chua to clarify on Suaram's status.