Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Free Malaysia Today Apologises to Lynas - Too Little, Too Late

News portal Free Malaysia Today made a brief statement of apology, "An apology to Lynas Corp Ltd"

At the very least there is an apology but as I have said before the damage is done.

Looking at it, it is an outcome of a court proceeding and legal action.

There are numerous mostly opposition leaning newsportals perpetuating lies, when push come to shove, will have to face the indignity of swallowing it's own spit and make an apology.

That a negative and irreparable damage had been done, and will still be perpetuated by the opposition with innovative spins, are of no concern to these irresponsible so called "creditable" news portals, "without fear" but certainly favour the opposition.

Digging up old stories and repackaging it as breaking news as another "scandal", is a common modus operandi by these heavy leaning opposition news portals.

When the same Free Malaysia Today came out with this story about Musa Aman, "Skeletons in Sabah’s closet", one can only conclude more or less, where it will be going or where it is coming from.


Idiots in green mixed with idiots in yellow, what will they ultimately get?

Idiots with blues.

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