Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scorpene Documents - Lost in Translation

When I posted the Scorpene Tale, I asked "Altantuya Shariibuu, translator and interpreter, assisting in negotiation of billion dollars defense contract?"

Go thru all and any account and what language Altantuya is reported to be skilled, for want of a better word, remains sketchy and unconfirmed.

I had intentionally provided her full police report that was made in English, to illustrate her poor command of the language, to dismmiss any notion that that she would be engaged as a translator or interpreter by Razak Baginda.

It does not matter what language was used in the negotiations.

However, for the sake of argument, if it were in English, there would have not any necessity for a translator or interpreter.

If it was in French, it certainly would have been bloody risky because even for a person with a better command of English, translating French to English is an intricate matter, what more someone who is lousy in the English language.

Literal translation is a danger.

Now, the opposition especially the Scorpian King, Anwar Ibrahim, are going gaga over the leaked documents in the submarine purchase investigation.

I have perused part of the documents leaked here and made some google translations.

A glaring example - In Philippe Menayas' Career descrition:
Le 01 juin 1992 j'ai été recruté par DCN International avec le titre
de Directeur Financier et Administratif. Je couvrais également les
fonctions de Directeur Juridique et d'agent de sécurité, jusqu'en
1996 pour cette dernière fonction...

Translation : On June 1, 1992 I was recruited by DCN International with the title Director of Finance and Administration. I covered also General Counsel and functions as a security guard, until 1996 for the latter function...

See what I mean?

Therefore, I would like to advise SUARAM, opposition and especially the Scorpian King not to get carried away with excitement.

Misintepretations of statements and documents can be very misleading.

But I will be happy if there are more documents leaked.

During my rajin-rajin tranlation exercise this is what came out at 136/7.

Question : Dans le même scellé, apparaissent des documents manuscrits de 1996 indiquant ABDUL RAZAK, et le paiement de sommes d'argent passant par le Luxembourg et l'Irlande, en quoi consistaient ces commissions?                   

Translation : In the same sealed documents appear manuscripts of 1996 indicating Abdul Razak, and payment of money through Luxembourg and Ireland, how consisted of these commissions?

Yes folks these payments as mentioned above when it was was made, Datuk Seri Najib was Minister of Education, 1995-2000 and guess who was Minister of Finance at the time, who may or may not have known of the matter?

Hooray, it's the Scorpion King, Anwar Ibrahim 1991-1998.

How cool is that?

Remember "pihaknya mempunyai beberapa bukti dan maklumat"?


Snuze said...

Tsk tsk. All those idiotic conspiracy theories. Just like spitting in the sky, hahahah.

Thanks for the post, Freddie!

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Always happy to hear from you. The opposition, especially Anwar has only this piece of weight to tie PM DS Najib down. As Anwar himself says, take that with a pinch of salt, it's his last chance for to Putrajaya.

My very best wishes for you.

Warm regards