Saturday, July 14, 2012

SUARAM's Friday the 13th

I can relate to Datuk Rocky's latest "Scorpene's Friday the Thirteenth".

For one, most of my buddies or people I first meet would say "Freddie Krueger".

Datuk Rocky links a series of articles by the masterful Voice killing SUARAM lies and spinoff lies.

Movies and TV serials most often have spinoffs when the original is successful.

The reverse is true with the SUARAM lies.

The lies now spinning around are spinoffs from the opposition and their ilk because the original was unsuccessful.

But as I said before the show must go on.

For me yesterday, Friday the 13th, SUARAM had a Scorpene forum and it spells nothing but bad omens for the pseudo NGO.

The "Friday the 13th" was a movie franchise of 12 films.

Don't be surprised when Freddie Krueger really appears to slash SUARAM and make it the 13th.

Mine would be "SUARAM's Friday the 13th."

Blogger Note:

There is a saying, guilty by association.

The reverse is also true for SUARAM and that fellow, GUILTY by disassociation.

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