Friday, August 31, 2012

Finas Chairman Datuk Afendi Hamdan

I first heard about the movie "Tanda Putera" at a buka puasa function. What I gathered was that it was a very moving real life movie, focusing two of Malaysia's prominent leaders Tun Abdul Razak and his deputy Tun Dr Ismail as main characters, during the turbulent time of 13 May 1969.

Directed after intense research by acclaimed industry icon Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba the movie is now set to open in cinemas on 15 November after much controversy.

When I spoke to my wife, who is personally acquainted with Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba, about the various controversies surrounding the film, the missus did not say much but that the director is an upright person.

You may be wondering by now what has all of this got to do with Datuk Afendi Hamdan.

Well, looking for material for a Merdeka Day article I came across 1Malaysia IPTV. Yes I must admit I had no knowledge what so ever about it.

Anyway, what caught my attention was "1Malaysia TV is run by 1 Media IPTV Sdn Bhd with Datuk Mad (sic) Afendi Hamdan acting as advisor". The name was familiar and I remember related to "Tanda Putera". But what stoked my curiosity on Datuk Afendi was another quite recent article on 1 Media IPTV and it was not complimentary, that it was a huge disappointment.

In the process to locate the exact article on "Tanda Putera" that mentioned Datuk Afendi, searching the web and before finding it here, I found a some other unsavoury matters apart from Datuk Afendi being chairman of FINAS.

Among others was that Datuk Afendi had reneged on an agreement which reached the supreme court on an appeal and won by the aggrieved party, Chase Perdana.

Another was "Tian Chua's Photo: Rcvd letter of demand frm Afendi Hamdan", most probably a response to an allegation.

The most disturbing, is a Sabahkini article "Pemilik RCH Pengerusi Baru FINAS?", alleging Datuk Afendi to be an Anwar Ibrahim crony. Appearing, as it were, in a portal seemingly opposition leaning, I cannot give this allegation any credence but no rebuttal could be found. I stand corrected.

RCH, I found out is a chain of fast food outlets, Rafflesia Chicken Hut.

Apart from the fast food outlet, Datuk Afendi is himself involved in the movie industry before assuming the FINAS chairmanship which gave rise to another allegation, conflict of interest, but was promptly denied.

Datuk Afendi came into the public sphere sometime in 2009, when he was appointed as a Commission Member of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) effective from 29 December 2009 for a period of two years and must have assumed the FINAS chairmanship immediately after that.

This I cannot confirm because there is not much information to be found on FINAS chairmanship appointments.

That said, with the movie industry, other business interests, duties at FINAS  and as advisor for 1 Media IPTV could this have taken a toll on Datuk Afendi, causing 1 Media TV being a huge disappointment?

Given FINAS' chairmanship appointments lack of  public information and "Tanda Putera",  a joint venture with FINAS under Datuk Affendi's watch, getting into all sorts of controversies, I believe it would be more more appropriate if all executive appointments, not only FINAS but all other GLC's be transparent and open to public scrutiny to avoid future incidents such as this and other more damaging controversies that may arise.

A pertinent question would be if I with just a laptop, being an ordinary Joe having deep concerns for the government I support, could come across bits of information that creates doubts as to the integrity of a person in high office, in this case a FINAS chairman, how can or will the minister or any other minister for that matter defend onslaughts by a resourceful opposition with more tangible allegations?  

Happy Merdeka Day fellow Malaysians.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oon Yeoh On Devils and Angels

Oon Yeoh and his latest "Of devils and angels".

Why does DAP fan, Mr Yeoh, not include Kedah and Kelantan in his missive? No, I am not playing the "racial card". By leaving out these two states, does it mean these two states have gone to the dogs, his expression?

Yes, his convenient justification, he's from Penang and staying in Selangor and therefore he could not safely make a report for Kedah and Kelantan.

The fact of the matter is the federal government would never let any state "go to the dogs".

In days of old when elections were free and fair and "now it is not", a favorite opposition tactic was to tell voters to vote BN for state but vote opposition for parliament. It means the opposition recognised that BN would naturally take care of the voters at the state level and the opposition would serve them in parliament.

Which ever idiom, devil or angel, is best described by that tactic.

The "devil" who had always taken care of voters at state level with "angel" voices in parliament. "Angels", knowing full well they could never form the federal government. Hence, "angels" or devils you don't know, capable or not, to govern the country.

Fortunately then when elections were free and fair and "now it is not", it did not have a domino effect, which would have happened if voters had fallen for the ruse, like it did in 2008 when voters sent a clear message to an ineffective Tun Badawi administration.

Oon Yeoh can pontificate all he wants about his beloved DAP-ruled Penang and Selangor (see how only DAP aggressively defends the Talam issue) but I can also say, these two states would have definitely have gone to the dogs or even worse, had Pakatan Rakyat taken over the state government without the foundations laid by previous BN state governments.

A moot point no doubt.

But the undeniable fact remains. Solid administrative, social and economical foundations were laid by the BN state administrations, that even if a new political party that is neither pro-BN or pro-PR, were to take over any of these two states, these states would not go to the dogs.

DAP fanboy is as cocky as the DAP leader, Lim Guan Eng, when he arrogantly remarks,
Ironically, given that the incumbent in those two states is PR, the idiom would apply in PR's favour. The so-called devil that you know, in this case, would be PR, which has governed these two states for the past four years. The angel, meanwhile, is BN, which was decimated in those states, to the point that it is no longer recognisable
When cockiness and arrogance gets the better of you, you lose all sense of rationalisation.

It is no irony then, for the kind information of Mr Oon, "given that the incumbent in those two states is PR, the idiom would NOT apply".

Literally correct, the "devil that you know, in this case, would be PR, which has governed these two states for the past four years" but the BN is the angel the people DO know, BN being the previous governments in Penang and Selangor.

Mr Oon, the idiom is "Better the the devil you know than angel you DON'T know" but in your cockiness, you fail to see your own blunder.

Not surprising, being typical traits of DAPsters.

When all is said and done, Mr Oon Yeoh is the true devil. A DAP devil in disguise.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What The F**k is Wrong With The Malaysian Insider?

On account of the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar saying "it would be a sin for him to manipulate crime statistics", the The Malaysian Insider makes "IGP plays religion card to defend crime stats" it's headlines.

The title implies that the IGP, being a Muslim, is using Islam to give credence to unreliable statistics and by extension implies that the IGP is of a lowly character.

The report has got no reference, not a single one, or anything related to religion other than that statement, to justify the headline.

I have branded The Malaysian Insiders purveyors of spin but this has to be the most disgraceful and mother of all spins.

The Malaysian Insider has sunk to the abyss of junk journalism with reckless and abject insinuations.

I hope Tan Sri Ismail Omar will sue The Malaysian Insider and take them to the cleaners for besmirching his good name.

Edited at 4.30pm

Update at 4.47pm

Read comments on the report. The Malaysian Insider must be made culpable for bringing the position of the IGP and PDRM into disrepute.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DAP, The Star and A Senior Citizen Mr Simon Thong

The Star had this report on 9 June 2012, 'Freeloader' in the limelight and quote -
As for fellow resident Simon Thong, he felt it was unnecessary to put up the whiteboard. "I think the message is demeaning. Furthermore, you can’t compel the resident to pay as he is not legally bound to do so," said Thong.

 Simon Thong pic from The Star report

On 21 July 2012, The Star had this in a misleading titled article, "Verbal clash", quote - Several residents confronted 62-year-old Simon Thong, who was the former resident committee secretary, whom they claimed had "attacked" them and the project in cyberspace. They spotted Thong halfway through a press conference and lost their cool. My colleague who was at the scene was shocked by the residents’ violent behaviour.

 Mr Thong assaulted. Pic from the Star, "Verbal? clash"

And another earlier report 17 July, "Gated residents turn aggressive"

What the Star did not report was that some of the mobsters who attacked Mr Thong were DAP members and this happened in DAP supremo, Lim Kit Siang's constituency.

Lauging matter?

A blogger who goes by the name "weehingthong" and it could be Mr Thong himself, in his posting this month, 12 August, "Anything but DAP for the Canning State Constituency" wrote -
For the past 3 out of 5 nights, people at the boomgate in Taman Kaya have shouted at me as I passed through. The harassment and intimidation have resumed after 3 weeks.

My State Assemblyman, DAP, has NEVER come to see me, a senior citizen bullied by HIS Party people. No phone call. No Facebook message.

My father voted for DAP. He would now be turning over in his grave in regret were he not in Heaven! Never in his life could he have imagined the DAP neglecting their duty! “Father, don’t blame yourself! I didn’t expect this either!”

I voted for DAP.

Not in GE 13!

At least the MCA man offered to help but those DAP people refused his offer.

I will give my vote to MCA or Gerakan.
and further down the posting -
Is there no justice for Simon Thong? What kind of a damn society are we all living in? Are we going to allow all sorts of crime to happen right in front of our eyes? The attacked on a senior citizen in broad daylight is a clear cut crime that was caught by the reporters who were there. The attack on the senior citizen was witnessed by the DAP branch chairman of Ipoh Garden East who was a part of it and also it is the constituency of YB Lim Kit Siang. What are the DAP leaders in Perak doing about this matter?
The above post is a webcached version of this same titled posting "Anything but DAP for the Canning State Constituency", has this which presumably is attributed to Mr Thong or the blogger -
That fellow? An Indian. And we’re ALL Chinese here? What has race to do with this? Chinese chauvinism?

Am I a traitor to the Chinese here? What has race to do with this? "That man" is an Indian and I am Chinese but we stand for principles. One principle is "not to harass non-paying residents". For that we are harassed.
It really surprises me that The Star missed out an important part of the story of this person, and a senior citizen at that, who gets assaulted by members of the DAP for his good deeds.

It also goes to core issue that the DAP cannot be trusted even as part of a ruling party and that DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party.

MediaPerak carried two reports related to the Taman Kaya affray "Gated and Guarded Community! Are we really Safe?" and "Media attacked by former DAP Wanita Secretary Ipoh Barat and Branch Chairman.

Yes, how the DAP treats the media as well.

Two Questions for YB Nurul Izzah

Since you say daddy "has already promised not to hold the finance ministry portfolio even if he becomes prime minister", who will be the Pakatan Rakyat finance minister?

And since daddy is the anointed choice for Pakatan Rakyat prime minister, who will be the Pakatan Rakyat deputy prime minister?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Ong Kian Ming Joined The DAP

The DAP has roped in another "high profile academic", doctor of political science with a slew of economic degrees, Ong Kian Ming.

As in the case of favourite partner, "businessman extraordinaire" Tony Pua, Dr Ong is all wind and a lot of hot air.

Here is a posting by the good Dr Ong, "First of all, we have to note that the position of a chancellor and of the pro-chancellors are actually honorary positions. They don't actually have responsibilities in running a university. They are largely symbolic positions. For example, the current chancellor of UM is Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak. The current chancellor of Cambridge University is the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Hence, you don't really need the proper academic requirements to be a chancellor."

But "If I were dispensing advice, I would ask Rosmah to quite and if she doesn't, the Selangor MB should replace her with someone who is more qualified"

The guy is a faker, does not know what he is talking about and comes across as another Chinese chauvinist.

As for the answer to the question why Dr Ong joined the DAP, I'll leave that for our readers to judge.

Me? Because he will be in "good" company.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nurul Izzah Trying To Be Smart Ends Up Looking Stupid

Firstly, if wannabe politician daddy's daughter that became vice-president, Nurul Izzah thinks "his is an irrelevant voice", it begs a question why the need to have a press conference to repond to Tun Mahathir.

Yes, "his is an irrelevant voice" that needed not only Nurul but also her fellow PKR MP R SIVARASA, PAS MPs Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad and Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli and DAP MP Anthony Loke, to take heed of the Tun.

This is what Tun wrote in his blogpost in reference to Nurul's old man Anwar as finance minister,
17. Remember 1997-98 crisis. The then Deputy PM and Minister of Finance tried the IMF solution without the IMF loans. Banks and companies were faced with the threat of bankruptcy from non-performing loans. Imports cost more. Cost of living shot up.

18. The track record of the Minister of Finance then was bad although there is a fondness of claiming success brought about by other people as his success. PNB, UIA were part of the claim.
To which the novice member of parliament "rubbished " Dr Mahathir's remarks on her father, and pointed out that should PR come to power, Anwar has already promised not to hold the finance ministry portfolio even if he becomes prime minister."

How wonderful! Nurul admits her papa's incompetence and culpability

There is a saying - if you are stupid don't open your mouth and confirm your stupidity.

In referring to Obama, Tun is saying, as president, Obama did not fulfil promises in the call for change.

Stupid is confirmed by stupid does Nurul say “If Mahathir thinks that badly of Obama, I don’t know what he thinks of Mitt Romney (Republican presidential candidate),” she said.

Hello Maam, what to think of Romney when the fellow is not president?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Arrogant Lim Guan Eng, Ignorant Nurul Izzah

Consensus, Buku Jingga or whatever. The Malaysian Insider reports, "Penang DAP wants Mansor’s ‘arrogant Guan Eng’ remark explained".

What does this tell you?
State DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow also denied in a statement here claims made in the same PKR meeting that DAP had demanded to contest in additional seats for the coming election, paving the way for possible three-corner fights in DAP's northern fortress"
DAP, PKR and BN "possible three-corner fights"? How long and how can the gullible PR supporters stomach the continuous lies is very much a mystery.

Anyway, the post is about Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and his arrogance,
On his "arrogant" label of Lim, the minutes quoted Mansor as saying, "He (Guan Eng) is very arrogant, I tell you... cocky and arrogant. It is not easy. Now more arrogant.

"They (the DAP) are sure of winning 19 (seats) and they want more. Because with two more (seats) they can form their own government and they can take from us (PKR reps) to be on their side and (then) abandon us (PKR)."
This from  Penang deputy CM, Datuk Dr Mansor Othman , from the horse's mouth.

Except for PR supporters or the Chinese in DAP,  this is what we have been saying all along coupled with affirmation of the DAP's chauvinism.

Lim Guan Eng is arrogant and since becoming CM has become MORE arrogant. Having taken over Penang , DAP now wants all of the cake.

As for Nurul Izzah, the PKR vice-president has an ego bigger than her father's penchant for lies and a larger ignorance to boot. A first time parliament member trying to take on our prime minister for 22 glorious years, Tun Mahathir.

Blogger Hantuluat gives Nurul a lesson, "Itu Peribahasa English Lah, Bodoh!"

Selamat Hari Raya kepada Datuk Mansor dan Nurul. Satu kena jual yang lagi satu kaki jual.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stoking Religious Flames and Role-Playing Evidence Act Amendments By The Malaysian Insider

That the Malaysian Insider had on Sunday, first day of Hari Raya, reported an inflammatory political post at a purported UMNO Youth Facebook page, is nothing short of incredible and highly suspicious.

Reading the report when it came out, the first thought that came to my mind was Datuk Seri Hishamuddin and his keris act, the effects it had on the non-Malays since then.

Datuk Seri Hishamuddin was UMNO Youth chief at the time.

We all know how an innocuous and well intentioned actions by the Government or UMNO, in that instance, would always be exploited by the opposition. Exploited to the fullest.

BN would suffer the consequences for a symbolic act.

I am not defending Datuk Seri's keris wielding gesture. I am only extrapolating the present circumstance involving UMNO Youth with the past and the coming general election.

Hence, my first reaction was to take UMNO Youth to task.

A quick search and visit to the Facebook page and thorough check could not locate the offending post. A report the very next day by the Malaysian Insider had the post in question removed from the Facebook page. Although it could not be found, what I did find was that that were many pro-opposition comments posted in what seems to be an UMNO and Barisan Nasional friendly Facebook page.

So obviously I came to the assumption that this is another sham reporting by the Malaysian Insider. Not surprising since it is a known heavy opposition leaning portal, widely recognised for it's anti-government or BN publicity seeking spins and gimmicks.

But then going thru the Facebook page posts and comments was a very short pro-opposition comment mentioning present UMNO Youth Khairy Jamaluddin tweeting on the matter which gave the Malaysian Insider report some credence.

What Khairy tweeted was that UMNO Youth was not the administrator for the Facebook page in question, taken to mean that UMNO Youth is not responsible for the Facebook page and it's contents.

What is incredible about the Malaysian Insider report, going by it's Raya Day blazing "On Facebook, Umno Youth risks igniting religious firestorm" headline, is that it did not report the offending Facebook post immediately.

It waited until the next day, on Hari Raya day.

The Malaysian Insider cannot claim that it was only alerted to the Facebook post on Raya day itself. This is evinced by the fact that Malaysia Insider reported the very next day the "provocative posting was taken down about 6.30pm last Saturday after drawing nearly 300 comments on the Facebook page"?

It had been monitoring the offending Facebook post and all it's inflamatory glory.

The offending post had been removed. Why then is the Malaysia Insider making matters worse by publishing verbatim, "Babi punya DAP jgn nk kait dap k karpal sigh hram jdah byk kali hina islm org islm bleh wt apa dap komunis mlaysia" and making allegations that UMNO is playing the religious card?

By publishing the offensive poster it is the Malaysian Insider who is stoking a religious firestorm.

Earlier when I could not find the offending post, it was not missed upon me to suspect a play by the Malaysian Insider to exploit the Evidence Act 114A. UMNO Youth would be subject to the amendment as the Facebook page is called Pemuda Umno Malaysia.

That is why I did not immediately take UMNO Youth task waiting to see how it will all pan out.

My suspicion is being confirmed because enter Lim Guan Eng, "Will A-G dare charge Umno Youth over provocative Facebook post, asks Guan Eng". Is it any coincidence that Lim Guan Eng's DAP should be singled out verbatim by none other than the Malaysian Insider itself?

Lim Guan Eng concludes "So if they do not charge Umno Youth this shows there are double standards".

Clever but sorry to tell Lim Guan Eng, except for the Malaysian Insider report, what evidence is there that an offence has been committed, for UMNO Youth to be charged?

The Malaysian Insider with evidence most probably in their possession having monitored the Facebook page posting, can offer Lim Guan Eng whatever appropriate evidence to make a police report for an investigation to decide whether an offence has indeed been committed before UMNO Youth can be charged.

Even though Pemuda UMNO Facebok page is seemingly friendly and by name directly connected to UMNO Youth, the Youth movement did not wait to be challenged and had no hesitation to make a police report "to investigate those who posted seditious messages on a Facebook page created under the movement’s name."

Not only does this prove that UMNO Youth had nothing to do with the posting, it also proves that it when one has not done anything that goes against enacted laws, one has nothing to fear from applications of amendments to the Evidence Act.

And this is the very reason the amendment was effected. To eliminate anonymous postings which are malicious, slanderous and those that are threats to the security of our society.

Being the sole opposition leaning portal to not only raise and sensationalise but also publish incendiary comments of the Facebook posting, leaves no room for doubt that it is the Malaysian Insider who is fanning the flames of religious and racial discord in a matter that will only benefit the opposition, and no one else.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Who have conned the Chinese in Malaysia? A Letter From a Racist

Only opposition portals, like The Malaysian Insider and the Malaysian Chronicle would reproduce excerpts of a "letter" from a so called "MCA insider", published in a grand sounding organisation, Centre for Policy Initiatives or CPI.

This time let's leave aside the two opposition leaning Malaysians, Insider and Chronicle, since the source is another non-partisan(?) NGO(?), the Centre for Policy Initiatives.

The CPI says, "We are reproducing below an excerpt from a former MCA insider who has left the country for good. The excerpt is from his letter responding to a request from his friend asking him to consider a return to Malaysia."

How did this "letter" come into CPI possession? From a "writer whose identity we’re withholding", sort of because it's like whistle blowing. I don't know why the need to withold as if the writer would be charged under the old ISA.

Another question, why did the writer request his friend to return to Malaysia? Answered by the friend's long reply "To cut a long story short, and to answer your question about going back, even if Penang booms further under DAP, the short answer is NO; I’ve burnt my bridges…"

The writer asks friend to return because Penang is booming. Return to Penang not Malaysia. Can make money, no? But that's not the point.

Then CPI gives a background with a Star report and I highlight the CPI highlight, "He urged the Chinese community not to be conned by the Opposition party."

On that basis the CPI came out with the title of it's article "Who have conned the Chinese in Malaysia?"

It was not the title of the "letter".

"Letter" sounds more personal, more realistic.

Since we're in the Star Trek age, I doubt very much the "MCA Insider" had sent the letter by post, the kind with postage stamps. Okay, we're not in the Star Trek age but we do have electronic mail or emails and emails do have a window called SUBJECT.

Therefore, it's crystal clear the title "Who have conned the Chinese in Malaysia?" is CPI contrived.

Now, according to the "MCA insider" and his "experience with MCA and the people whom I had worked with in the party, I can only say that most of them from Lee San Choon, Koon Swan, Liong Sik, Kim Sai, Ka Ting, Tee Keat...", and it took him so long to decide to burn his bridges.

The "MCA insider" then rails on nothing but UMNO and throws in PBB for good measure.

Alright, to cut my post short and although there are other pointers, the anti-Malay racist in this "MCA insider" is conclusive when he says, "It’s just too hard to ever hope that they will ever understand the meaning of a civil society, let alone try to forge one in the years ahead, even if PKR takes over Putrajaya"

Bloody racist. I am absolutely certain there are readers have come across these anti-Malay racist types.

It's disgusting that CPI allows a racist letter to grace it's website. CPI another one of those cheap, no credibilty, opposition leaning organisations masquerading as a "civil society" NGO.

Blogger Note:

I presume the MCA insider is no longer an MCA member.

Since the MCA Insider has left the country for good, why not publish the "letter" in full instead of excerpts.

Malaysian Economic Plans Defy Global Woes - Financial Times

Rocky's Bru says "An economy in good hands"

What you will not find in the the opposition leaning alternative media or what the opposition does not want you to know.

Financial Times 16 August 2012 reports "Malaysian economic plans defy global woes"
Malaysia’s healthy economy – and the resulting “feel-good” factor – stands in contrast to growing anxiety among Malaysia’s neighbours in south-east Asia as the global downturn has tarnished their economies.
Also in the report,  Moody's analyst, Christian de Guzman, who admitted skepticism to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib's Economic Transformation Programme ability to spur private sector development, is now more more convinced. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating but so far they are on track. In aggregate there are just so many things going on [in the economy],” he says.

Read the whole article here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The PI Bala SD Truth and Lies

The Datuk Seri Najib-Altantuya link has surfaced again albeit in a circuitous manner and from the very first person swearing to the nexus by way of statutory declaration, Raja Petra Kamarudin.

RPK, an avowed anti-BN government blogger, has triggered fresh interest and thereby perpetuating the link, by alleging various personalities - lawyers, politicians and businessmen involvement in PI Bala's first statutory declaration.

Both RPK and PI Bala would subsequently recant their original statutory declaration.

Sivarasa Rasiah, PKR Member of Parliament for Subang, in denying RPK’s ‘malicious’ claims through his press statement, speaks of truths and lies.

In this web of deceit, to calumniate Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib in the most despicable manner, any decent person even with an iota of common sense will see more lies than truth.

Is there any truth and nothing but the truth?

I am not asking PKR MP Sivarasa Rasiah.

What I AM asking PKR MP Sivarasa Rasiah who said in his press statement "So what RPK is doing now are simply irrelevant side-shows to try to discredit Bala at a very late stage of the game",

1. What does he mean by "game" and 2. What were the "stages" of the game?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Of UMNO, DAP and PAS Infidels

Much is being said in newsportals aligned to the opposition about main stream media Utusan Malaysia's reports of DAP being haram and infidels.

"Religion, the new last refuge of the desperate — The Malaysian Insider" -
"PAS has done it saying a vote for the party is the ticket to paradise."
What the Malaysian Insider editorial conveniently does not say, at all, way back when cyberspace and Pakatan Rakyat did not exist, the culprit instrumental in raising "kafir" or infidels was non other than PAS.

In the mid and late 1980's it was PAS that raised the "kafir" spectre and even the Federal Constitution was not spared as being an infidel construct.

In 1988, the then Deputy Prime Minister the late Tun Ghafar Baba said this in Parliament, that PAS had accused UMNO of being an infidel organization because it cooperated with the MCA and the MIC, although it had been denied by the lone PAS MP, Haji Nik Abdullah Arshad.

Be that as it may, it was PAS which was instrumental for raising the "kafir" issue that severely divided Muslims then.

Rightly or wrongly, in it's report about DAP as infidels, can the Utusan divide the Chinese DAP?

By branding UMNO infidels, PAS had divided Muslims.

No need to go into further details suffice to say to the DAP and PKR supporters, especially the younger ones, verify this with their anointed PM, Anwar Ibrahim, who was Education Minister at the time.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat Common Policy - Is There Really A Signed "Common Policy"

First, differing versions of Buku Jingga -
"During the Debate 2.0: DAP and MCA: Whose Policies Benefit the Country More, DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng had claimed that “MCA must have read the wrong Buku Jingga!” Thus MCA poses to DAP: how many versions of the Buku Jingga are there in Pakatan and whether Pakatan individually tailors the Buku Jingga in accordance with “market trends” to deceive voters from different ethnic groups?"
Lim Guan Eng please explain.

Next on Islamic state and Hudud -
"This is clearly spelt out in the common policy signed by all 3 parties in PR which makes no mention of an Islamic state nor of implementing hudud"
What is true is that there is no mention of Hudud and that's the catch, the loophole for PAS to pursue it's Islamic State and Hudud implementation, PAS signed a "common policy" that did not include Islamic State and Hudud.

PAS cannot be in breach for something PAS did not sign for.

The problem is, what "common policy" did PAS, DAP and PKR actually sign?

Is this the "common policy" Lim Guan Eng is referring to?

The only signed statement is a document titled "Pakatan Rakyat Menjunjung Prinsip Perlembagaan Persekutuan" and is dated 8 September 2008 but at the start of the document titled "Muafakat Rakyat", at the end it is dated 19 Disember 2009.

Both are seperate documents. One has got absolutely nothing to with the other.

Note that the earlier dated 8 September 2008 document has in it's last paragraph -
"Sehubungan ini kami membantah ucapan yang dibuat oleh Dato Ahmad Ismail yang disokong oleh semua pemimpin UMNO Pulau Pinang."
Can Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Andul Hadi or Lim Guan Eng please explain.

Is this another Pakatan Rakyat sham?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Manoharan - I Support You

If I were the DAP's Kota Alam Shah state assemblyman M. Manoharan, I will not apologise.

What is there to apologise?  It's his own personal view.

I mean, what is so sensitive about those tweets that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today chastised his party’s Kota Alam Shah state assemblyman M. Manoharan for his “grossly insensitive remarks” about Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s performance during Sunday’s Olympic gold medal badminton final against China’s Lin Dan?

Isn't everyone entitled to his/her opinion and freedom of expression?

Come on YB Manoharan, be steadfast and stand by your opinions without fear or favour. You should not have apologised.

DAP Secretary General "Lim said he agreed with views that sports should be separated from politics". YB Manoharan, if is true what your Chief Minister said, he should be giving Mariam Mokhtar a dressing down for her politically smacked attack on Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and Puan Sri Norainee who were there to represent all Malaysians in support of Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

YB Manoharan was only playing with puns when he tweeted "LIN DAN wins. He played better than Lee Chong AWAY" and I thought that was clever. When he tweeted “Malaysia will win its first GOLD Medal in Olympics after Pakatan takes over Putrajaya", it should have been well received by his Pakatan Rakyat friends and yet was reprimanded.

The Penang Chief Minister condemns his own DAP party member and an elected representative when he should be supportive of YB Manoharan who is being open in his tweets. When PAS and Pakatan Rakyat MP Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin tweeted about the Sultan of Johore which was more sensitive and disrespectful, the DAP Secretary General did not utter a word.

Clearly YB Manoharan has been treated very unfairly by his own party leader.

I wish there are more people like DAP YB Manoharan. I salute him for being honest. Too bad he had to apologise.

Blogger Note:

The opposition are privately thanking their lucky stars Datuk Lee lost.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

UNISEL - Talam Debt Recovery Revisited Part 2 Tony Pua's Magic Figures

This is a follow up to my previous post.

The Sundaily reported Selangor "MB: Unisel has insufficient funds to pay hostel management" is reproduced verbatim -
SHAH ALAM (Aug 6, 2012): Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim today admitted that Universiti Selangor (Unisel) owes Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd (JNSB), which builds and manages the university's hostels, almost RM15 million, Berita Harian reports.

Abdul Khalid, who is also chairman of the university's board of directors, said earnings by the university were only enough to cover the salaries for its professors and lecturers as well as administrative costs.

"Unisel does not have enough money to finance the costs of running the hostels which amount to RM200 million.

"The state government will deal with the debts," Abdul Khalid said, adding that the accommodation fees paid by students were not enough to cover all the costs.

"The state government has already instructed the auditors to complete Unisel's financial report," he said, adding that contents of the report will be made known after it is examined.

Meanwhile, JNSB residents division head Noor Ashikeen Mohd Nor said the hostel management office was closed during registration because the staff have not been receiving their pay in a long time.

"We have no intention to cause any trouble, and appeal to everyone to understand the company's burden of failing to pay its staff, especially when it's only a few weeks away from the Aidilfitri," said Noor Ashikeen.

Selangor Umno deputy chairman Datuk Seri Noh Omar had previously accused Unisel of owing JNSB close to RM15 million. The Malay daily had earlier reported that hundreds of Unisel students were forbidden from entering hostels managed by JNSB and forced to sleep in the surau or bunk in with friends.

Tony Pua in defending the Selangor State Government and denying that the debt recovery was not a bailout of Talam Corp had this kind of statements, the kind you would find in the DAP member of parliament as Chairman of his failed business annual reports -
This means that MBI will do the collection for the above debts amounting to RM392 million directly from Talam.
Then he goes on to say -
By adding RM379.2 million to RM12.7 million, Talam would have settled in full its debts of RM392 million.This means that MBI had collected RM392 million worth of additional cash and assets as part of the exercise.

I am sure you too must be puzzled.

But do you see the spin? I won't explain if you don't. Okay, I will explain with my basic accounting knowledge.

In the MBI books the amount owed by Talam Corp would be RM392 million as current asset. Assuming MBI has the RM266.2 million and RM30 million cash in bank (payment to free encumberences), it means MBI has cash in bank totalling RM296.2 million. MBI therefore will have a total of RM688.2 million cash in bank and current assets in it's books.

Talam pays cash RM12.7 million to MBI. This means the current asset is reduced to RM379.3 million but cash in bank increases to RM308.9 million. The total remains the same at RM688.2 million in MBI books.

Now when Talam Corp sells land (termed disposal) RM676 million to MBI, the MBI book will show no more owing by Talam Corp, meaning current asset is RM0. MBI pays Talam Corp bankers the RM296.2 million (to free encumberences) which means cash in bank is now reduced to RM12.7 million but MBI has asset in the form of land worth RM676 million. Therefore the MBI books will now show cash in bank and assets worth RM688.7 million a net increase of - RM500 thousand (Ringgit Malaysia Lima Ratus Ribu sahaja).

So where is the "RM392 million worth of additional cash and assets" that YB Tony Pua is talking about?

Brilliant Tony Pua also says -
In fact I’m completely stunned because surely he could have worked out that even though Talam managed to “settle” the RM266 million outstanding with their bankers for the loans they took for the properties, Talam gave up RM676 million worth of assets to MBI in return?  And based on the Mathematics we learnt in school, I believe RM676 million is far larger than RM266 million.
As for Talam Corp and the issue of bailout, did Talam Corp actually lose out? RM676 million worth of land, for what it's worth pun intended? Well, you own some land and you need a loan from a bank, to buat business or jolly katak, just take it from there.

Is it any wonder the Mentri Besar of Selangor has a problem to settle UNSEL's debt to Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd, he must have misunderstood Tony Pua when he said they had "RM392 million worth of additional cash".

Today the Star reported "Question RM1bil Talam deals, PR voters urged" and quotes Barisan Nasional coordinator, Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed. -
Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has only to answer whether the RM392mil owed to the three GLCs Universiti Selangor, Permodalan Negeri Selangor and SAP Holdings Bhd by Talam has been repaid, it's as simple as that,” he said.
and alluding to the DAP,
He said while the mentri besar and PKR leaders had chosen to remain silent, “it was ironic that DAP leaders are making a fool of themselves with statements that showed their ignorance.”
Exactly my sentiments where YB Tony Pua is concerned.

As for Datuk Seri Mohd Zin's query, it could be that he knows something we do not. The Selangor MB Tan Sri "Khalid: MBI recovered RM302m from Talam" had confirmed "The PKR-led Selangor government, through Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI), has recovered RM302,711,391 in debts from Talam Corporation"

But it begets the question since according to DAP MP Tony Pua "Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) legislated to takeover the debts Talam owed to UNISEL RM255 million" and "through Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI), has recovered RM302,711,391 in debts from Talam Corporation", why can't RM15 milion which is a very, very small fraction of the amount recovered from Talam Corp that was owed to UNISEL, be settled immediately?

After all, the Selangor state government, this according to another DAP MP YB Hannah Yeoh, Selangor cash reserves hit RM1.9 Billion.

Or YB Tony Pua can come out with more magic figures and hey presto no more UNISEL debt.

Monday, August 6, 2012

UNISEL - Selangor State Government Talam Debt Recovery Revisited

Let me get this out of the way first, the failed businessman turned politician had this to say on the Talam issue,
"Datuk Chua must enlighten me as to how taking RM676 million worth of property with net asset value of RM379.2 million bailing out Talam? We are taking assets away from Talam, not giving them more assets!"

Please YB (Yang Berputarbelit) Tony Pua, as I had disclosed earlier, in settling it's debts Talam Corp had SOLD land to the tune of RM676,093,918 by way of two agreements:

1st Agreement* - Selangor State Government buys Talam Corp land - RM241,367,000 contra debt owed and PAYS banks (to free encumbrances) RM101,764,000  sub-total RM330,461,000

2nd Agreement - Selangor State Government buys Talam Corp land - RM150,619,156
contra debt owed and PAYS banks (to free encumbrances) RM164,500,000 and pays cash RM30,513,762 sub-total RM345,632,918

Breakdown summary of land purchase from Talam Corp by Selangor State Government

Total cost of land Selangor State Government buys from Talam corp - RM330,461,000 (1st Agreement) + RM345,632,918 (2nd Agreement) = RM676,093,918

Of the total cost, the Selangor State Government contras Talam Corp debt - RM241,367,000 (1st Agreement) + RM150,619,156 (2nd Agreement) = RM391,986,156

Of the total cost, the Selangor State Government PAYS Talam Corp's banks (to free encumbrances) - RM101,764,000 (1st Agreement) + RM164,500,000 (2nd Agreement) = RM266,264,000

Selangor State Governement PAYS Talam Corp cash - RM30,513,762 (2nd Agreement)
* Talam Corp pays Selangor State cash - RM12,670,000

The spin, or putar belit as we Malaysians say, is the Selangor State Government BOUGHT the land from Talam Corp on "a willing-buyer and willing-seller basis" NOT "taking" it.

The spin is, the Selangor State Government could have just "taken assets away" from Talam Corp "worth RM379.2 million" according to YB Tony Pua, and NOT pay cash RM30,513,762 to Talam Corp and Talam Corp themselves settle the RM266,264,000 with their banks to free encumbrances of the land "taken".

So, if that is not bailing out, I don't know what is.

Sorry, I got carried away and coming back to what I had intended to post.

In his same putar belit post, YB Tony Pua elaborated,
"What the Selangor government did was to have Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) legislated to takeover the debts Talam owed to UNISEL (RM255 million), Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Bhd (RM115 million) and Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd (RM22 million). This means that MBI will do the collection for the above debts amounting to RM392 million directly from Talam.
Well the "MBI (who) will do the collection for the above debts amounting to RM392 million directly (??) from Talam" has already done so and of which the "debts Talam owed to UNISEL (is) RM255 million" has been recovered .

A day earlier you had to swallow some spit but still bragged about it,"Pua: Selangor overpaid for Talam land but profited overall".

So please explain, "S’gor govt to take over Unisel’s debt, says MB" -
"Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who did not disclose when this would take into effect, said the process of doing so would take some time."

"Unisel cannot afford to pay the company managing the hostels because collection received from student intakes alone were not enough. The state government will take over this cost in due time," he told reporters at the Masjid Nurul Huda Sunday.
Over to you YB Tony Pua.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim Did Not Send This Message To The Sabah Duo (WARNING:EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

Post is temporarily withdrawn. It will be posted at a more appropriate time.

Lim Guan Eng's Hudud - Pot at the End of the Rainbow

The Pakatan Rakyat and DAP in particular are hoping to hit the jackpot this coming election.

The great leader, Lim Guan Eng has come out with his latest histrionic, take a deep breath, "DAP’s Consistent Opposition To Hudud Is Clear But Malaysians Will Determine Which Is More Extremist – UMNO That Wants To Impose Hudud On All Including Non-Muslims or PAS That Wants To Implement Hudud Only On Muslims"

Haah, ahaah, ahaah, ahaah. Okay, got my breath back, not laughing backwards. And it is no laughing matter.

The great leader of the DAP and the real master of Pakatan Rakyat knows he cannot hope collect his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Hudud is getting in his way.

See how stupid he sounds -
"This is clearly spelt out in the common policy signed by all 3 parties in PR which makes no mention of an Islamic state nor of implementing hudud. For that reason MCA and Gerakan’s attempts to put words of Islamic state and hudud into PR’s common policy when it is simply not there, is not only dishonest but also irresponsible."
See or not? No?

"common policy signed by all 3 parties in PR makes no mention of an Islamic state nor of implementing hudud".


Clever but stupid. Stupid only because Pakatan Rakyat can only fool the gullible supporters. Pakatan Rakyat supporters who can discern please take note.

If it were the case - the great leader's ostentation, why did DAP party stalwart, Tan Seng Giaw, have to come out and calm the Chinese community fears? Or why should the great DAP tiger, Karpal Singh, have to keep on warning PAS?

This ain't no old story "No hudud without constitutional change", says MP and it's fresh out of the oven, "Karpal reminds PAS of welfare state goal"

So why all the fuss? Got agreement what. Oops sorry, common policy but no agreement, on Islamic State, on HUDUD. NO SIGNED AGREEMENT, got common policy.

Who you trying to fool, oh great leader?

Lim Guan Eng, at the end of the day, all you will see, is only the rainbow.

Blogger note:

If PAS has the numbers and wants to amend the Federal Constitution to implement Hudud, UMNO will support the amendment. So will the Muslim bumiputra BN coalition MPs of Sabah and Sarawak. So will Muslim PKR MPs.

That is a fact.

I have no qualms. Even my own Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing supports Hudud.

But I never have and never will trust PAS to protect my religious rights.

If you trust the DAP then go ahead and vote for PAS. If you think DAP can stop Hudud, go ahead and vote for DAP.

DAP is just like that megalomaniac, Anwar Ibrahim.

In fact, DAP is a bigger megalomaniac than the megalomaniac, willing to compromise in the prejudicial sense anything and everything, to be in power.

I will always place my trust in the Barisan Nasional in this particular matter.

In all my life I have been allowed to practise my Catholic faith freely and have never had any other religious laws imposed upon me - under the Perikatan (Alliance) and now the Barisan Nasional (National Front).