Friday, August 24, 2012

Arrogant Lim Guan Eng, Ignorant Nurul Izzah

Consensus, Buku Jingga or whatever. The Malaysian Insider reports, "Penang DAP wants Mansor’s ‘arrogant Guan Eng’ remark explained".

What does this tell you?
State DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow also denied in a statement here claims made in the same PKR meeting that DAP had demanded to contest in additional seats for the coming election, paving the way for possible three-corner fights in DAP's northern fortress"
DAP, PKR and BN "possible three-corner fights"? How long and how can the gullible PR supporters stomach the continuous lies is very much a mystery.

Anyway, the post is about Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and his arrogance,
On his "arrogant" label of Lim, the minutes quoted Mansor as saying, "He (Guan Eng) is very arrogant, I tell you... cocky and arrogant. It is not easy. Now more arrogant.

"They (the DAP) are sure of winning 19 (seats) and they want more. Because with two more (seats) they can form their own government and they can take from us (PKR reps) to be on their side and (then) abandon us (PKR)."
This from  Penang deputy CM, Datuk Dr Mansor Othman , from the horse's mouth.

Except for PR supporters or the Chinese in DAP,  this is what we have been saying all along coupled with affirmation of the DAP's chauvinism.

Lim Guan Eng is arrogant and since becoming CM has become MORE arrogant. Having taken over Penang , DAP now wants all of the cake.

As for Nurul Izzah, the PKR vice-president has an ego bigger than her father's penchant for lies and a larger ignorance to boot. A first time parliament member trying to take on our prime minister for 22 glorious years, Tun Mahathir.

Blogger Hantuluat gives Nurul a lesson, "Itu Peribahasa English Lah, Bodoh!"

Selamat Hari Raya kepada Datuk Mansor dan Nurul. Satu kena jual yang lagi satu kaki jual.

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