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DAP, The Star and A Senior Citizen Mr Simon Thong

The Star had this report on 9 June 2012, 'Freeloader' in the limelight and quote -
As for fellow resident Simon Thong, he felt it was unnecessary to put up the whiteboard. "I think the message is demeaning. Furthermore, you can’t compel the resident to pay as he is not legally bound to do so," said Thong.

 Simon Thong pic from The Star report

On 21 July 2012, The Star had this in a misleading titled article, "Verbal clash", quote - Several residents confronted 62-year-old Simon Thong, who was the former resident committee secretary, whom they claimed had "attacked" them and the project in cyberspace. They spotted Thong halfway through a press conference and lost their cool. My colleague who was at the scene was shocked by the residents’ violent behaviour.

 Mr Thong assaulted. Pic from the Star, "Verbal? clash"

And another earlier report 17 July, "Gated residents turn aggressive"

What the Star did not report was that some of the mobsters who attacked Mr Thong were DAP members and this happened in DAP supremo, Lim Kit Siang's constituency.

Lauging matter?

A blogger who goes by the name "weehingthong" and it could be Mr Thong himself, in his posting this month, 12 August, "Anything but DAP for the Canning State Constituency" wrote -
For the past 3 out of 5 nights, people at the boomgate in Taman Kaya have shouted at me as I passed through. The harassment and intimidation have resumed after 3 weeks.

My State Assemblyman, DAP, has NEVER come to see me, a senior citizen bullied by HIS Party people. No phone call. No Facebook message.

My father voted for DAP. He would now be turning over in his grave in regret were he not in Heaven! Never in his life could he have imagined the DAP neglecting their duty! “Father, don’t blame yourself! I didn’t expect this either!”

I voted for DAP.

Not in GE 13!

At least the MCA man offered to help but those DAP people refused his offer.

I will give my vote to MCA or Gerakan.
and further down the posting -
Is there no justice for Simon Thong? What kind of a damn society are we all living in? Are we going to allow all sorts of crime to happen right in front of our eyes? The attacked on a senior citizen in broad daylight is a clear cut crime that was caught by the reporters who were there. The attack on the senior citizen was witnessed by the DAP branch chairman of Ipoh Garden East who was a part of it and also it is the constituency of YB Lim Kit Siang. What are the DAP leaders in Perak doing about this matter?
The above post is a webcached version of this same titled posting "Anything but DAP for the Canning State Constituency", has this which presumably is attributed to Mr Thong or the blogger -
That fellow? An Indian. And we’re ALL Chinese here? What has race to do with this? Chinese chauvinism?

Am I a traitor to the Chinese here? What has race to do with this? "That man" is an Indian and I am Chinese but we stand for principles. One principle is "not to harass non-paying residents". For that we are harassed.
It really surprises me that The Star missed out an important part of the story of this person, and a senior citizen at that, who gets assaulted by members of the DAP for his good deeds.

It also goes to core issue that the DAP cannot be trusted even as part of a ruling party and that DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party.

MediaPerak carried two reports related to the Taman Kaya affray "Gated and Guarded Community! Are we really Safe?" and "Media attacked by former DAP Wanita Secretary Ipoh Barat and Branch Chairman.

Yes, how the DAP treats the media as well.

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