Friday, August 3, 2012

Lim Guan Eng's Hudud - Pot at the End of the Rainbow

The Pakatan Rakyat and DAP in particular are hoping to hit the jackpot this coming election.

The great leader, Lim Guan Eng has come out with his latest histrionic, take a deep breath, "DAP’s Consistent Opposition To Hudud Is Clear But Malaysians Will Determine Which Is More Extremist – UMNO That Wants To Impose Hudud On All Including Non-Muslims or PAS That Wants To Implement Hudud Only On Muslims"

Haah, ahaah, ahaah, ahaah. Okay, got my breath back, not laughing backwards. And it is no laughing matter.

The great leader of the DAP and the real master of Pakatan Rakyat knows he cannot hope collect his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Hudud is getting in his way.

See how stupid he sounds -
"This is clearly spelt out in the common policy signed by all 3 parties in PR which makes no mention of an Islamic state nor of implementing hudud. For that reason MCA and Gerakan’s attempts to put words of Islamic state and hudud into PR’s common policy when it is simply not there, is not only dishonest but also irresponsible."
See or not? No?

"common policy signed by all 3 parties in PR makes no mention of an Islamic state nor of implementing hudud".


Clever but stupid. Stupid only because Pakatan Rakyat can only fool the gullible supporters. Pakatan Rakyat supporters who can discern please take note.

If it were the case - the great leader's ostentation, why did DAP party stalwart, Tan Seng Giaw, have to come out and calm the Chinese community fears? Or why should the great DAP tiger, Karpal Singh, have to keep on warning PAS?

This ain't no old story "No hudud without constitutional change", says MP and it's fresh out of the oven, "Karpal reminds PAS of welfare state goal"

So why all the fuss? Got agreement what. Oops sorry, common policy but no agreement, on Islamic State, on HUDUD. NO SIGNED AGREEMENT, got common policy.

Who you trying to fool, oh great leader?

Lim Guan Eng, at the end of the day, all you will see, is only the rainbow.

Blogger note:

If PAS has the numbers and wants to amend the Federal Constitution to implement Hudud, UMNO will support the amendment. So will the Muslim bumiputra BN coalition MPs of Sabah and Sarawak. So will Muslim PKR MPs.

That is a fact.

I have no qualms. Even my own Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing supports Hudud.

But I never have and never will trust PAS to protect my religious rights.

If you trust the DAP then go ahead and vote for PAS. If you think DAP can stop Hudud, go ahead and vote for DAP.

DAP is just like that megalomaniac, Anwar Ibrahim.

In fact, DAP is a bigger megalomaniac than the megalomaniac, willing to compromise in the prejudicial sense anything and everything, to be in power.

I will always place my trust in the Barisan Nasional in this particular matter.

In all my life I have been allowed to practise my Catholic faith freely and have never had any other religious laws imposed upon me - under the Perikatan (Alliance) and now the Barisan Nasional (National Front).

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