Sunday, August 12, 2012

Of UMNO, DAP and PAS Infidels

Much is being said in newsportals aligned to the opposition about main stream media Utusan Malaysia's reports of DAP being haram and infidels.

"Religion, the new last refuge of the desperate — The Malaysian Insider" -
"PAS has done it saying a vote for the party is the ticket to paradise."
What the Malaysian Insider editorial conveniently does not say, at all, way back when cyberspace and Pakatan Rakyat did not exist, the culprit instrumental in raising "kafir" or infidels was non other than PAS.

In the mid and late 1980's it was PAS that raised the "kafir" spectre and even the Federal Constitution was not spared as being an infidel construct.

In 1988, the then Deputy Prime Minister the late Tun Ghafar Baba said this in Parliament, that PAS had accused UMNO of being an infidel organization because it cooperated with the MCA and the MIC, although it had been denied by the lone PAS MP, Haji Nik Abdullah Arshad.

Be that as it may, it was PAS which was instrumental for raising the "kafir" issue that severely divided Muslims then.

Rightly or wrongly, in it's report about DAP as infidels, can the Utusan divide the Chinese DAP?

By branding UMNO infidels, PAS had divided Muslims.

No need to go into further details suffice to say to the DAP and PKR supporters, especially the younger ones, verify this with their anointed PM, Anwar Ibrahim, who was Education Minister at the time.

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