Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What The F**k is Wrong With The Malaysian Insider?

On account of the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar saying "it would be a sin for him to manipulate crime statistics", the The Malaysian Insider makes "IGP plays religion card to defend crime stats" it's headlines.

The title implies that the IGP, being a Muslim, is using Islam to give credence to unreliable statistics and by extension implies that the IGP is of a lowly character.

The report has got no reference, not a single one, or anything related to religion other than that statement, to justify the headline.

I have branded The Malaysian Insiders purveyors of spin but this has to be the most disgraceful and mother of all spins.

The Malaysian Insider has sunk to the abyss of junk journalism with reckless and abject insinuations.

I hope Tan Sri Ismail Omar will sue The Malaysian Insider and take them to the cleaners for besmirching his good name.

Edited at 4.30pm

Update at 4.47pm

Read comments on the report. The Malaysian Insider must be made culpable for bringing the position of the IGP and PDRM into disrepute.


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of a drowning idiot grabbing a straw to stay afloat? OR The crazed nincompop digging holes to close another holes, the new holes get deeper but the old holes cannot be covered!
The less hits they were getting, the spin goes crazier. Do they know that our beloved nation has more sane than insane citizens? What a pathetic lot calling themselves 'pemberita' yang credible. Incredible idiotic nincompops adalah!

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 17.28,

Your analogy and comment is spot on. It could also be ascribed to 1. the opposition 2. portals of TMI ilk and 3. that fellow aspiring to be PM.

Thank you for the comment.

Best regards