Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Ong Kian Ming Joined The DAP

The DAP has roped in another "high profile academic", doctor of political science with a slew of economic degrees, Ong Kian Ming.

As in the case of favourite partner, "businessman extraordinaire" Tony Pua, Dr Ong is all wind and a lot of hot air.

Here is a posting by the good Dr Ong, "First of all, we have to note that the position of a chancellor and of the pro-chancellors are actually honorary positions. They don't actually have responsibilities in running a university. They are largely symbolic positions. For example, the current chancellor of UM is Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak. The current chancellor of Cambridge University is the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Hence, you don't really need the proper academic requirements to be a chancellor."

But "If I were dispensing advice, I would ask Rosmah to quite and if she doesn't, the Selangor MB should replace her with someone who is more qualified"

The guy is a faker, does not know what he is talking about and comes across as another Chinese chauvinist.

As for the answer to the question why Dr Ong joined the DAP, I'll leave that for our readers to judge.

Me? Because he will be in "good" company.


BIGCAT said...

Dr Ong who? Really, I don't know this guy. How did he got that Dr title? Some people described him as some sorts of DAP strategist. Well, the only DAP strategy I noticed was them playing on their Chinese chauvanism and using their lackeys in Pas and PKR to split the bumiputera vote bank.

Freddie Kevin said...


Agree with you. Well, thats the DAP thingy but PAS and PKR know it. Says much for the tripartite. Looking at Dr Ong statement Jeff Ooi is on the way out. And notice all his pals Chinese except Patto and what's his name.

Best regards

Freddie Kevin said...

And another thing Bigcat, the good doctor and his failed businessman partner Tony Pua all have their beginnings thriving on the establishment. They now go about criticising everything of the establisment.

As Chedet said, the opposition have nothing good to say about the Govt.

These two after enjoying all the benefits.