Monday, September 3, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim Chain Message To Party Hoppers (Warning Explicit Content)

Blogger Stop the Lies wrote about Lim Guan Eng, "Shame on You, Guan Eng, For Supporting Political Frogs!" and of Anwar Ibrahim,
You are now supporting the very man who believes and thrives on party hopping.

It was PKR who started to woo BN reps to join the Perak PR government BEFORE BN retaliated and the PR government collapsed.

So when PKR wooed BN Aduns, it was ok. When Anwar Ibrahim enticed BN MPs to jump as part of his Sept 16 scam, it was okay.
Digressing, the Malaysian Insider came out with a pathetic article, "Shame on you, La Sallians — Jacob Sinnathamby". It is so absurd, but hardly surprising, for the Malaysian Insider needed to come out with a broadside article against the Selangor Sultan to deflect palace criticism of the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor state merdeka celebrations that sidelined the Sultan in favour of chief party hopping advocate, Anwar Ibrahim.

Mr Jacob Sinnathamby and Malaysian Insider need to have their heads straightened out. This Edge article provides with emphasis, "Today, most mission schools, which became partially aided schools in the 1970s (the schools agreed to Education Ministry supplying and paying teachers and covering basic operational costs while the schools retained the ownership of the land and buildings) are the legacy of the Catholics and methodists."

And while Mr Jacob has nothing but praise only for the Penang state government, Stop The Lies said of the Penang CM,
Lim Guan Eng, go and read up history lah. Don’t be lazy. Be honest to yourself. Tell us, who started money politics, who threw cash to the Sabah Umno politicians to overthrow Ghafar Baba? Who wanted to kill off Chinese education? Who took down the crosses in mission schools? Who pushed for Islamization in this country with his Abim and dakwah approaches?
On Saturday in a conversation at my brother's Raya open house, I commented that the main stream broadcast media should give Anwar more exposure albeit impromptu, no fixed scripts. The more Anwar speaks the more one will spot his contradictions and conflicting statements.

Coincidentally, blogger OutSyed The Box said it perfectly today, Anwar 'Hounded Out Again"
The man is lame in the brain. Otak tak ada. He cannot string a coherent sentence by himself unless someone else wrote it first or wrote it for him. But he can talk non stop. People can see through him. Just let him talk. Lagi banyak dia cakap, lagi nampak dia punya bodoh.
Too bad with dwindling audience, not many will find more of Anwar's deficiencies any time soon.

I share Blogger BigCat's view in "What's next, Bersih?" especially in respect to Marina Mahathir.

So, to celebrate their uncivilised behaviour,

here is Anwar Ibrahim's explicit chain message to all his party hoppers.

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