Saturday, September 22, 2012

Malaysiakini George Soros Taboo

Two Star related reports today makes for intriguing reading with some selected quotes.

"Soros link kept under wraps",
“I decided to throw in my resignation as I could not toe the line and keep the Soros link under wraps,” he said in an interview.
This quote is attributed to "Veteran journalist Y.L. Chong (who) quit from Malaysiakini".

Another, "Malaysiakini admits to receiving foreign funds",
The online portal's chief executive officer, Premesh Chandran, claimed that despite receiving grants from international donors, their editorial independence was not compromised.

“We are happy to work with international foundations on interesting projects to promote press freedom.

“We are transparent about such partnerships. These grants form a small part of Malaysiakini's budget,” he said, adding that the portal was 70% owned by its co-founders and staff.
Firstly, Premesh Chandran, as reported, claims Malaysiakini's editorial content is independent and uncompromised and that it is "transparent" about partnerships.

It could be that the The Star or Premesh failed to mention but the other 30% ownership of Malaysiakini is held by a fund founded by George Soros.

In "The Work of the 2008/2009 API Fellows",
Malaysiakini’s ownership is held by Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran, each of whom owns 30.1 percent of the company’s equity; and by the Media Development Loan Found (MDLF), an international NGO in charge of supporting media venture projects, which holds 29.1 percent.
It was George Soros who "set up a special operation, the Media Development Loan Fund, to satisfy the ever recurring demand for supporting mass media."

Where "transparency" is opaqued by an omission of a link to George Soros may be moot, juxtapose both the Star reports, it is clear that to Malaysiakini mere mention or any link to George Soros is taboo. 

Now why is that?


Snuze said...

Heh. That's what you call cover line, beb.


Anonymous said...

The same fund to train bloggers and cybertroopers

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Why need a cover line in the first place? The money beb! They know and we know these funders are known destabilizing agents for specific agendas hiding under the guise of NGO's. When exposed they know their credibility will be questioned. Same as local NGO's who are also funded by these funding NGO's.

Best regards always

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 11.35.

Engagemedia is another Soros funded outfit quite active over here.

See my update today.

Best regards