Friday, September 14, 2012

Shuhaimi Baba Gives Kua Kia Soong a Call

Free Malaysia Today, "Hello, hello Dr Kua".

Read Shuhaimi's welcome response to Kua's prejudices and jaundiced opinions.

I had have this link of CIA declassified document for some time and is now appropriate to publish to debunk Kua's assertion that Tun Razak had been behind a "coup d’état" to oust the Tunku.

The document if it were to be accepted clearly states - This would be followed by the ouster of Rahman along with the entire Malay "old order" presumably including Deputy Prime Minister Razak, the moderate head of the emergency government.

Note that Tun Razak is not an extremists but a "moderate head" hence Tun Razak was not part of a "coup d’état".

If you did not accept that, believing Hua's version instead, then all else in the document cannot be accepted as totally accurate information.

Therefore any document cannot conclusively be accepted in whole, and in part, must be corroborated by events proceeding the documentary as it stood, to substantiate an argument.

Reading further, Tun Razak and the NOC not only prevented "further violence" but  peace and order had been restored, pravailing till this day.

What it means is, just because a document is declassified, giving a perception of hidden truth, it is not the case.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, reading that implies that Tun Razak is just another intended victim.
However, I'm interested in this ousted extremist leader and this alleged plan to force a confrontation.
It does imply that the events behind are engineered, though not by the one accused by that DAP person.