Thursday, September 27, 2012

So, What Is Their Cause?

Two reports confirm my earlier posts when I wrote it at the time.

DAP lying game

Not entirely the gist of this posting, one is a NST report "Mansor keeps low profile after audio clip scandal",
"He (Datuk Mansor) had allegedly said DAP was sure of winning 19 (state seats) and the party now wanted more to enable that the party would rule Penang on its own."

My latest take on this - DAP is a party adept at playing the lying game, one way or another. Datuk Mansor has not denied being the person in the audio clip, therefore by being present at the press conference denying the initial CAT issue, Penang CM Lim Guan Eng is complicit to a lie. You would be more than a fool to think Guan Eng did not grill Datuk Mansor on how the CAT got out of the bag, preceeding the press conference.

Malaysiakini George Soros Taboo

The other, is today's Star "Soros man on Mkini board"

For what it's worth, Harlan M Mandel, MDLF Managing Director since 2010, has no direct links with George Soros other than sitting on board of both MDLF and mkini dotcom sdn bhd.

If one were to ask how deeply George Soros is involved in MDLF, that question could be directed to Kenneth Anderson, first general counsel of George Soros' Open Society Institute and an NGO financing law expert.

Kenneth Anderson was very active in MDLF but his last blog posting on George Soros in 2007 is not very complimentary.

Steven Gan in Malaysiakini has come out with post-emptive strikes on Tun Mahathir to defend George Soros. Now why is that?

Which brings us here, the main subject of this post.

Lying SUARAM Bitch

The difference between here and there, is, over there they will accept anything even lies.

SUARAM frontwoman, Cynthia Gabriel, had lied through her bloody teeth, reported by their own pro-opposition news portal friends, that required a "clarification" which confirms she's a liar.

I was there at the Scorpene forum in Penang and was bored to death with her lies.

SUARAM is being investigated and that is a fact. For better or for worse.

Isn't it an irony that SUARAM is claiming harassment for an extensive investigation arising out of a report made by a local NGO.

SUARAM did the same to DCNS. Would they accept anything less, of the French investigation?

Usual suspects among a group of a hundred then came out in a candlelight vigil held to show solidarity for SUARAM's claims of harassment to their cause.

We over here can spot them over there.

In the Malaysiakini report of the vigil, the liar did not miss the opportunity to give an update to the usual suspects among the 100 participants with more lies. Quote,
The French judiciary is still working on the process of calling witnesses for testimonies and investigations and we expect that the witnesses will be called in very, very soon.

When asked whether Najib, as the then defence minister, would be subpoenaed, she said Najib enjoys some immunity as a head of (government) because the French are not keen to strain diplomatic ties unless there are strong suspicions against him.

However, she added that Najib will be moved up the list of witnesses “very quickly” if he is no longer the prime minister after the next general election.

I know the famous question in Malaysia is when will Najib be subpoenaed, but that will take it's course.”

Very, very soon indeed.

Surely if the witness for testimony in the SUARAM "clarification" made three months ago had received a subpoena, which at the time was "underway and may take some days", you can bet your bottom dollar Cynthia would have crowed about it.

Only kindergarten kids and gullible Pakatan Rakyat supporters will be taken in by "Najib enjoys some unity because French are not keen to strain diplomatic ties" with a leading or rather misleading "unless there are strong suspicions against him".

Firstly, the French government does not decide. It is the French court that decides.

The French ambassador to Malaysia sould be given a copy of this Malaysiakini report and ask for a retraction especially from SUARAM and inform the French court conducting the investigations that SUARAM doubts it's credibility and impartiality.

Secondly, lying Cynthia is not sure when she says "some immunity". Either there is immunity or there is no immunity, period.

What Cynthia is not sure about are two cases, brought before the International Court of Justice, one in which the Court's settled jurisprudence on the sovereignty and immunity questions - the Arrest Warrant Case (2002) or Democratic Republic of Congo versus Belgium, which found in favour of the Republic.

One of the points raised by the Democratic Republic of Congo in their application to the ICJ was a "principle that a State may not exercise its authority on the territory of another State", the "principle of sovereign equality among all Members of the United Nations, as laid down in Article 2, paragraph 1, of the Charter of the United Nations".

It follows then, all the other Cynthia Gabriel statements regarding Datuk Seri Najib are therefore nothing more than damn lies.

Understand or not, go ask the SUARAM frontwoman whether PM Datuk Seri Najib needs to respond to any subpoena by the French courts.

The PKR Connection

The vigil’s organiser, Ng Yap Hwa, is a clear accomplice in the SUARAM cause. In the Malaysiakini report he says,
“We want to tell the government even if they can take out Suaram today, more civil society groups will rise up to continue the pursuit for the truth in the Scorpene scandal and justice for Altantuya Shaariibuu (the alleged translator for the Scorpene deal who was murdered),” said Ng when addressing the crowd

Altantuya again.

This fellow Ng Yap Hwa is the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Elected Representatives Officers Associa­tion (SELPROA) secretary, in case you didn't know.

Acting as though he were Mao Tse Tung, this PKR fellow was accused of chasing an Utusan Malaysia journalist out of a press conference called by SELPROA and irked the other reporters attending the function, who said they would bring up the matter to the National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJ).

As usual, not unlike the DAP and SUARAM, denials and clarifications followed.

Coming back to Ng Yap Hwa's statement with his "justice for Altantuya" (and coincidently Malaysiakini's other shareholders have been identified to be PKR ladened), was the vigil organised in support against the "harassment" of that PKR nest, SUARAM, or another guise to support SUARAM's perverted cause?

But we do know whose cause is that.


Snuze said...

How was it that a Mongolian with no tertiary education (if reported correctly) could be a translator for a French company discussing a multi million dollar deal?


Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

I don't know about that, the tertiary education, ie. But her English is definitely way below par. No matter what, may her soul rest in peace.

Very best regards