Sunday, October 14, 2012

Additional Question E-mailed to SUARAM Lawyer, William Bourdon

Dear Mr William Bourdon,

I have not received any response from your good self to my e-mail of 11 October 2012. Be that as it may. I had inadvertently missed out on asking this important question:

Query: SUARAM claims to have initiated the civil complaint ("Following the commencement of the civil case between SUARAM and DCNS, the French authorities have initiated criminal investigations against several top ranking DCNS officials" - SUARAM press statement, that has led into the judicial inquiry of DCN (now DCNS) sale of submarines to Malaysia. As SUARAM is an unregistered entity in Malaysia (, how could SUARAM be a complainant?

Thank you
Freddie Kevin


Snuze said...

Hullo, Freddie,

No reply to the first one either, aye?


Freddie Kevin said...

Hiya Snuze,

Nope nothing. I await the French lawyers to be given the opportunity for the briefing. If so, I hope BN MPs would ask some or all the questions I posed. I will do another thing, get hard copies of all the SUARAM press statements and grill the French lawyers as to it's veracity, exposing the true political motive of SUARAM - smearing our PM at every turn.

Don't let the rainy days damper your spirits.

All the very best