Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lim Guan Eng's Christian Justice Furor

When I first read the report in Malaysiakini by Susan Loone "Speak out against injustices, Christians urged" which she attributes to that fellow not from Penang but is Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, my first reaction was to start clicking the keyboard.

To express my thoughts how stupid and devious this cocky, arrogant and tokong chief minister really is.

First, the crooked opening lines attributed to the Penang CM,
Addressing about 300 church leaders yesterday, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that Christians must not remain quiet even if they think they are "innocent, pure and not involved in wrongful acts".
Lim Guan Eng must be losing his marbles if he thinks all Christians would consciously or conscientiously consider themselves wholly innocent and pure.

And not involved in what manner of wrongful acts? Adultery, pre-marital sex, using contraceptives?


Be that as it may, should these Christians do vote DAP for DAP justice, these Christians who think they are innocent, pure and are not involved in wrongful acts are sure as hell - hypocrites.

But since it was a report and coming from Malaysiakini you would expect that it would be careful to make it seem innocuous when, in reality, true intentions of the Penang chief minister is obvious, I left it at that.

That it has now reached a stage of denials by other church leaders for subsequent reports by Utusan and Mingguan Malaysia, the blame must solely be placed upon Malaysiakini for obscuring the true intention of the Penang chief minister, Lim Guan Eng, which is - to corner the Christian votes.

Malaysiakini, now carefully quoting Mingguan Malaysian and Utusan, in a follow-up reported, "Christian leaders to Guan Eng: No politics in church". Carefully, as in, not to disappoint the Malaysiakini faithful and their opposition colleagues.

The following are relevant quotes reported by Malaysiakini ascribed to Mingguan Malaysia and Utusan.

By Lutheran Evangelical Church bishop Soloman Rajah,
"We do have a right to speak out against injustices but Malaysia is not in such a state of chaos that we need to mix up spiritual matters with politics,"

"I don't know if he is Christian or Buddhist...But I'm sure (Lim) knows that the church need not be urged to stand up for justice for political purposes,"
From Council of Churches Malaysia president (actually a past president) Thomas Philips,
"We cannot in any way use churches as a place to fish for votes for any political party. It is not a place for politics,"
As was to be expected, the Malaysiakini copycat, The Malaysian Insider came out in sister act firstly with "Nothing political in Penang dialogue, say pastors" and with a stronger
the "Utusan report a ‘complete lie’, say clergymen"

All that will be said out of respect to the Christian leaders and therefore putting it mildly, giving their side (to refute?) of the Mingguan and Utusan reports, shows them to be as knaive as they come.

But definitely not enough to discredit those Mingguan and Utusan reports, by the detail of these Christian leaders' statements, no matter what their explanations are.

Evangelical Church Bishop Solomon Rajah is quoted by The Malaysia Insider,
“I merely gave a general view on the subject. I said the church should not be dragged into politics"
Lim Guan Eng stands condemned.

I cannot say whether it is the same with other Christian denominations, as a Catholic church goer, homilies in the past have been littered by disguised and undisguised partisan encouragement for opposition support.

I welcome Christian leaders, pastors and priests to deny this.

There has been little or none at my church of late.

This is what Lim Guan Eng means by not remaining silent and speaking out. He is calling for vocal opposition support from pulpits of the church to resume or increased, whichever the case may be.

To answer whichever pastor and everyone else who by design, ignorance or stupidity is willing to defend the shifty Penang CAT chief minister, whether there was nothing political, note the initial Malaysiakini Christian urging report,
Lim, the DAP secretary-general, said although believers are answerable to God, it is important to speak out on "Justice for All" - a slogan which had been Pakatan Rakyat's clarion call.

"This division is created by BN to garner votes. Umno would frighten the Muslims about a Christian state and MCA would scare the non-Muslims about an Islamic state," Lim (left) said.
Now, if that is not politics, they must be blind as bats in the belfry or knaive as they come.

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