Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Malaysiakini's Material World

Malaysiakini is getting physical.

They hope to get hard, as in copies.

Malaysiakini has won it's appeal against the Home Ministry's rejection of it's application for a publishing permit.

As long as the owners of Malaysiakini measure up to appreciate the unique multicultural make up of the country and provide responsible reporting and credible articles, they are most welcome.

I look forward to more words of wisdom from Premesh, Steven and co.

Should Malaysiakini make a main stream breach, can we expect some anti-opposition hard knocks, by the maxim "without fear or favour"? Even if it is once in a rare, blue moon.

If not, you would be no different to what you yourself and your friends consistently accuse the others of - a mouth piece for it's owners and inherently biased.

It will be really be interesting to see how much pro-opposition content will be squeezed into a single tabloid.

As circulation is key to success or failure, expect extremely keen competition. The kind that will want to shut you down. Only business, nothing personal.

Unless Premesh Chandran and Steven Gan are as wealthy as George Soros, financially, it's going to be tough staying the course.

Entering the material world from cyberspace, it's a different ball game.

Main stream print media going on-line is a natural progression together with all it's journalistic discipline and principles.

Malaysiakini is the opposite.

No more Your Say, hearsay and gibberish Comments that are only fit to be in a cartoon section.

It's gonna be hard, as in hard facts.

A spin could just be as good as a lie.

There's no delete button or any button. Once pressed it remains press.

A prominent UMNO, because it is always UMNO, businessman could take umbrage in a copy and there goes your material world.

You never know, even that fellow who has made a name for himself in courts, could take offence at a written word. Your ass will be on the line if that happens.

Aha! Now I understand and appreciate the purpose of an "editorial non-intervention agreement".

Bring it on brothers. Bring it on!


Snuze said...


Spot on, Freddie!

Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Glad you see the humour in a hopeful apocalyptic desire for Malaysiakini fortunes. But the Nostradamus in me says they will thrive for reasons not of their volition.

Best of regards