Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat Shadow Cabinets and Budget

Pakatan Rakyat's response to provide a shadow cabinet, as requested or even demanded by many, is no better than a muted one.

The only conclusion that can be arrived by Pakatan Rakyat's failure to provide a shadow cabinet is political expediency of the most perilous if not deceitful kind.

The second most important post in a shadow cabinet would be the deputy prime minister.

Apart from erstwhile disgraced deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim, as choice for prime minister, there is no one within the Pakatan Rakyat acceptable to the opposition coalition, to succeed Anwar Ibrahim to be prime prime minister.

By virtue of the above, since there is no way another PKR member will fill the post of deputy prime minister, the post must obviously be filled by PAS.

Also, Pakatan Rakyat is skirting the issue of a shadow cabinet because they do not have an explicit succession plan for the prime minister post.

As sure as the sun rises tomorrow, just by naming the deputy prime minister's post, a substancial bulk of non-malay support, especially the Chinese, will abandon the DAP, hudud or no hudud. The same will hold true for the PKR.

Even if the Pakatan Rakyat, for whatever reason, does not provide a shadow cabinet, in the context of Malaysian politics, the reality is Malaysia will have a PAS prime minister in due course, if Pakatan Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government.

While the majority Malaysians have accepted the practice of deputy prime ministers assuming the prime ministers post, and because UMNO is the Malay dominant ruling party all prime ministers have been from UMNO, the majority of Malaysians especially those in East Malaysia, are unwilling to accept a PAS prime minister without the need to elaborate why.

But that is why Pakatan Rakyat are only willing to declare Anwar Ibrahim is their designated prime minister and nothing more.

They will not and cannot say Hadi or Nik Aziz is the designated prime minister or deputy prime minister.

Another reason the Pakatan Rakyat declines or refuses to disclose a shadow cabinet can be traced to the 2011 Sarawak state elections when the issue of shadow cabinet became a contentious issue for the opposition pact.

The Star in "PKR disputes DAP plan over Sarawak Shadow Cabinet line-up" reported the PKR has refused to accept the Shadow Cabinet line-up for Sarawak as announced by DAP's Wong Ho Leng.

What is also significant in the report, as far as the DAP is concerned is it's disposition to influence upon attaining a position of power.

Having won the lion's share of seats in the elections, the Sarawak shadow cabinet was predominantly DAP with 13 portfolios in the shadow cabinet, PKR holding two and PAS one. (See below a convoluted rationale by DAP in this matter)

Anwar Ibrahim, as de-facto PKR leader, was central in the furor the DAP shadow cabinet had raised.

The DAP in a response for it's shadow cabinet in a report by the Malaysian Insider, "DAP calls PKR ‘power-hungry’ in Sarawak shadow Cabinet row", provides a damning description and workings of PKR and by extension the de-facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim, -
The DAP-PKR tussle over posts in the Sarawak shadow Cabinet escalated into a full-fledged war today, with state DAP chief Wong Ho Leng accusing “someone in PKR’s political bureau” of being power-hungry

The recently re-elected Bukit Assek assemblyman issued a hard-hitting statement this afternoon, condemning PKR for refusing to grant autonomyto its state chapter when handling party affairs in Sarawak.
And yet Pakatan Rakyat can unashamedly declare in it's Kuching Declaration on Malaysia day of all days, it's first pledge, "To restore autonomy within Sarawak and Sabah and making the two states equal partners".

The other PKR figure embroiled in the Sarawak shadow cabinet fiasco was Baru Bian.

In this his blogpost, Baru Bian gives his version of events.

These two statements by Baru Bian and the other attributed to DAP's Wong Ho Leng must capture attention.

Baru Bian,
"At the outset let me say that this idea of forming a Shadow Cabinet had been supported by PKR from the beginning. This is because it would lead to a more open and responsible Government as both parties on the political divide would be encouraged to discharge their respective duties as the Peoples’ Representatives with a sense of purpose, commitment and pride."

A shadow cabinet is okay with Anwar Ibrahim then but unnecessary now even though he is "prime minister elect" then and now.

Wong Ho Leng with the convoluted rationale,
"The line-up is not a reflection of the portfolios the elected wakil rakyat will hold should Pakatan Rakyat form the state Government one day. The fact that there are more DAP members in the shadow cabinet is merely because DAP has 12 elected representatives compared to PKR’s 3, and all elected representatives are appointed in the shadow cabinet."
But probably as an afterthought and telling,
"A leader from PAS has to be appointed because there was no one from either DAP or PKR to take the Islamic Affairs portfolio."
And you would believe the DAP in the Kuching Declaration, second pledge, "To increase national integration between Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia through a fair power-sharing agreement" and all the other pledges?

While Pakatan Rakyat have no need for a shadow cabinet, they have a need for a shadow budget.

Even if the figures are 110 per cent accurate don't trust the Pakatan Rakyat to implement the shadow budget.

When their actual actions belies what they pretentiously declare, do not expect the Pakatan Rakyat shadow budget be reliable.

Pakatan Rakayat are adept at playing around with facts that don't figure and figures that are not facts.

It is excusable if the rabid and ardent Pakatan supporters are blind to the glaringly deceitful ways of their leaders, it is a shame and unpardonable that others are willing to gamble our future on a skewed coalition and their false promises.

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