Monday, October 29, 2012

Telco Service : Syabas MCMC

Many may have missed this report "Enough is enough; MCMC will act against telecos failing to improve services" in The Star on Friday, more so being in the business section, the Hari Raya Haji holiday.

It is of an issue that is close to everyones heart, the standards of, or rather the deteriorating, quality of telco services. I say it's about time and better late than never.

The Star reportedly has the telecommunication regulator, MCMC, will come down hard on telcos who have not heeded calls for improved services by way of heavy penalties.

A definite statement, it reported telcos failed to keep promises with rampant dropped calls is a clear indication telcos may be more concerned with getting customers on their network instead of expanding their network on a timely basis to cater to the additional growth.

How true.

While the report appears mainly to address voice telecommunication issues, problems faced by consumers relating to data communication (or internet), especially mobile use were not mentioned.

The MCMC must also look into greater transparency by telcos in determining conditions of service. For example quota, in pre-paid broadband services, how data usage can be easily monitored by the user and ensure the data usage is indeed accurate.

In voice communication how many of you have experienced being charged for a call when a connection was not made?

It worth mentioning again telcos concerned with getting customers on their network instead of expanding their network have contributed to the snail's pace internet download/upload speeds experienced by the majority, I dare say, of mobile broadband users.

Like a Ponzi scheme, new mobile broadband users will enjoy smooth and consistent internet speeds for about 3-6 months (my experience with two telcos) while older users are deprived because the network bandwith is not expanded. And these new users will become older users themselves when new users are added.

Unlike a Ponzi scheme, the telcos are getting away with it.

Don't let them.

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