Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Good Faith

The government was willing to meet and discuss the Indian community's grouses with all Indian groups, including the banned Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

When anyone is prepared to have a dialog, one must take the offer without any preconceived ideas.

Let's agree that it is due to the impending general elections.

Is it not then opportune to deliver the communities grievance, in this case the Indian community, with a resolute view to address the issues with a view to resolve them?

But even before proposed meeting, when all or any group are agreeable to such a meet, could be officially announced, Human Rights Party leader P Uthayakumar wants Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to implement five specific demands by 1 Jan 2013, reports Malaysiakini.

And those demand must be met even before he decides to meet!

Fair enough.

Even if one were to demand, the demand should be reasonable and could possibly be met.

Look at what is demanded:

•All 523 Tamil schools nationwide be made fully-aided government schools and land titles must to be issued to the schools by Jan 1, 2013. In addition, kindergartens are also to be set up in the schools, as most of the Indian children are illiterate as a result of their parents not being able to send them for early education.

•There are 150,000 stateless Indian children who do not have their birth certificates, and an estimated 300,000 parents who do not have identity cards and birth certificates and therefore, stateless. Hindraf wants these groups to be issued their birth certificate and MyKad.

•10,000 places to be set aside for Indians in Giatmara (government-run youth centres), for the youth in the community to acquire skills.

•10,000 places to be set aside for Indians in Universiti Teknologi Mara.

•10,000 Indians to be granted land in various federal land schemes such as Felda, Felcra, and Risda to give them an opportunity to earn a living.

Can the above demands be granted in less than two months?

This clearly shows that Mr Uthayakumar of the Human Rights Party by being impossible in his demands, is not interested to any approach by the government and has no sincere intention to have the welfare of the Indian community looked into to resovle issues affecting the community.

As he has already met Anwar Ibrahim, I would pose this question to Mr Uthayakumar.

Do you seriously and sincerely think these five demands could be met in the frame of time that you have set if the Pakatan Rakyat were the ruling coalition?

The government has made an offer in good faith.

Mr Uthayakumar has spurned a gesture for his own selfish political purpose, a gesture by the government in my humble opinion, that would have been unthinkable if Samy Vellu were still president of MIC.

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