Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Malaysiakini and A Malaysian Red Indian

Reading Datuk Rocky's "So, does the Batu Caves condo pit non-Muslims against Pakatan Rakyat?" taking to task journalists of opposition leaning The Malaysian Insider, inspired me this question - How can journalists and columnists at The Malaysian Insider, in good consience, accept remuneration, if any, from an entity that is known to pervert truth and relies on deception to remain relevant?

Perversion and deception by any other name is dishonest.

It is more deplorable when the sum of perversion and deception, that does not equal honesty, is employed as a measure that only creates suspicion, enmity, distrust, disharmony and all that is evil among the diverse peoples of this great country.

I had written not a bit about The Malaysian Insider and am never surprised when the level it stoops gets lower than the sole of our shoes.

Anyway, browsing through my drafts on the subject matter of journalistic integrity led me to the other opposition leaning online news content provider, Malayiakini.

These are two comments published by Malaysiakini, "Supreme law with an extreme flaw" and "People of Malaysia vs Dr Mahathir Mohamad"

The footnote at the end of both the articles published by Malayasiakini describes the author thus "JUDGE NAVIN-CHANDRA NAIDU is a lawyer based in Utah, United States"

The description of the author has a result of which, and the manner he writes with authority, would lead many reading what was published as comments wholly credible.

But just who exactly is this Navin-Chandra Naidu?

Reports say he is Singapore born. CNN, Coup leader Speight's lawyer in own legal strife,
"Naidu, a Singapore-born ethnic Indian, came to Fiji from the United States to defend Speight against a charge of treason."
(From the Dailymail, George Speight and armed nationalists stormed parliament on May 19, 2000, saying Indo-Fijians were undermining indigenous rights. His extremist nationalist backers, who include some Fijian chiefs, said they wanted ethnic Indians stripped of political power. Speight had pleaded guilty to the treason charge and sentenced to death but was commuted to life imprisonment.)

Whether Mr Navin C. Naidu was and is a bon fide lawyer to defend George Speight was called into question reported Television New Zealand, "Speight lawyer wanted for forgery",
"Naidu's forged degree showed that he had graduated in July 1987, just two months after he enrolled. In a letter to the Fiji Law Society, the head of the university's registry, Jonathan Seddon, says Naidu's degree is not genuine."
More interesting is another TVNZ report a day earlier, that of "Speight lawyer's degree from Jesus", Naidu claimed that his credentials come from Jesus and that he is confident of being admitted to the bar.

Navin C. Naidu was deported to the United States where he appears to be an American Bar Association member but is not currently licensed to practice law in two states where he has lived or in Texas where the Constitutional Sheriffs organization is based, excerpts an article posted in the Denver Post entitled, Constitutional Sheriffs have an Ecclesiastical “lawyer”.

The Denver Post article also states,
"Among his accomplishments, he lists the establishment of the Ecclesiastical Court of Justice and Law Offices. Naidu’s website for that august body states that Believers (with a capital B) can basically operate outside the laws created by men as long as they follow Biblical law."
From Naidu's website, Ecclesiastical Court of Justice and Law Offices contact information link, you get more than a glimpse of the person that is and why he is prefixed Judge Navin.

Among his honorifics - Chief Justice, of the Sultanate of Sulu, Philippines and Kayan Dynasty, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China which lists an Inauguration - King of Borneo.

Possibly, it is his positions as Chief Judge, Lipan Apache Band, Texas and Little Shell Pembina Band, North Dakota that entitles him to be bestowed "Judge" Navin.

Maybe Judge Navin is too humble, he is also Judge Navin of the Nato Indian Nation (which declares that it is a sovereign nation with its own government, judiciary and police force), as ascribed in an affidavit by James Timothy Turner in his case (page 18) against the President of the United States.

JUDGE NAVIN-CHANDRA NAIDU is a lawyer based in Utah, United States?

You be the judge.

(DO take the time to click every link at Ecclesiastical Court of Justice and Law Offices and relevent reading American Indian law: an overview.


D.P. Dwyer, in defence of Navin C. Naidu, against the fraudulent lawyer charges provides a newspaper cutting to support his "Fiji and Media Distortion", is a story more befitting of a Dan Brown novel.

Citing a DPP source, the newspaper cutting reads "what we know at the moment is that he is a Fiji citizen and has practised law in Fiji."

While it cites but does not name the DPP source, it does name US embassy public relations officer, Nirmal Singh, which the reports says "Naidu is a US citizen" as well!

Judge Navin C. Naidu is confirmed a Malaysian citizen with passport number A15641353 in this royal appointment by the Sultan of Sulu.

Then again, I am sure Judge Navin believes he is a citizen of every country, in his ecclesiastical world.


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