Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nothing Better To Do

That late "great" defender of human rights defender, SUARAM, has an urgent alert "KAMPUNG SEMANGAT RESIDENTS FACING THREAT. 6 INJURED AND ARRESTED"

Mull on that headline a bit longer.

Now the same incident as reported by the Malaysiakini affiliate CJMY, "Scuffle broke out in Kampung Semangat squatter village" and what was reported,
A total of sixteen people were arrested which include 9 contract workers and 6 villagers and are now being remanded in the Kempas police station which is situated just a kilometer away.
Considering CJMY was borne out of "The growing skepticism and distrust among readers have created a demand for impartial and objective news and gave birth to a new form of journalism known as citizen journalism" and that SUARAM failed to mention squatters and 9 others arrested, further questions the honesty of and trust for the "great" defender.

Having been left dumbstruck by the level of and suitably exposed for it's diabolical effort to demonise the government and the prime minister, cannot blame the "great" defender which now has nothing better to do other than to call for "urgent" attention to a scuffle and being dishonest at that.

PKR deputy president "Azmin wants audit of federal funds to Selangor" by an independent auditor not unlike his state boss and Selangor mentri besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, when cornered for justifications.

The Pakatan Rakyat gloats, boasts and makes glowing when the Auditor General reports of Pakatan Rakyat states are positive.

What the PKR deputy president is suggesting may not only be unconstitutional but in essence now not only questions the integrity and credibility, it insults the position of the same Auditor General who gave the Pakatan Rakyat those boasting rights.

From the AG website, Article 106: Powers and Duties of Auditor General
(1) The accounts of the Federation and of the States shall be audited and reported on by the Auditor General.

That's what you get when you choose to elect someone, especially from the PKR who acts like a wannabe mentri besar, has nothing better to do than to make outrageous suggestions.

You wonder why that fellow chose Australia and not Great Britain or the United States.

I say, the guy is no longer the "darling".

Well, that said, "Australia rejects Anwar’s clean election assistance plea"

The guy must be stupid if he does not undertstand and that the Australian government was being gracious when it said, "We're not the election authority for Malaysia".

This apart from the other unsavoury conclusion of the fellow that can be derived from the Sundaily report.

That's what you get when you choose to trust someone who when stupid is as stupid does goes around defending the security of Israel, discriminates homosexuals and doing acrobatics with China dolls among others, has now, nothing better to do.

How can I possibly forget, nothing better to do, because no longer wanted a wannabe prime minister.

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