Monday, November 26, 2012

Well Done Green March Anti-Lynas Protest

Size matters.

The Sun has "10,000 join hands to protest against Lynas" and Malaysiakini affiliate CJMY had "Wong Tack @ Dataran Merdeka" speaking to a 20,000 crowd.

So, well done to Wong Tack as well.

But, anyone who has an understanding of current Malaysian politics and the present day protest nature of certain segments, will tell you underpining the size of the anti-Lynas protest or any protest is, support of opposition political parties.

Political online social networking being what it is, an indespensible tool for both the ruling and in this case the opposition parties, would had made the anti-Lynas protest to assume seemingly wide support.

The usual suspects and pictures tell the story.

Sitting in,

With the bosses wife,

With the bosses daughter, political rookie under fire going undercover,

Under cover of tight security protection,

The protest was peaceful with The Sun reporting police presence was light, where only about 100 general duty police barricaded the perimeter of the square itself, and there was no light strike force unit (LSF) nor federal reserve units (FRU) in sight.

Peaceful, despite the fact the presence of another usual suspect,

The Malaysia Insider reported Anwar Ibrahim PKR de facto chief proceeded to the makeshift podium — the back of a parked lorry — before launching into a short but fiery speech flaying Barisan Nasional (BN) for allegedly putting their greed above the interests of the people.

Peaceful, fortunately, because there were no hidden hand signals,

in which the protest would have ended up like this,

Therefore, if size were to be the measure of support for anti-Lynas and inspite the endorsement of the opposition and presence of their party heavyweights, then the only conclusion anyone will arrive at is, it's a total embarrasment.

What those who partook in the protest, deliberately or innocently, do not know and the opposition would not want you to know, is that the Malaysian government had invited the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, with a "request to organise an independent expert review of the radiation safety aspects of rare earths processing facility currently under construction in Malaysia, a part of the Advanced Materials Project being developed by the Lynas Corporation Limited."

The IAEA's "Report of the International Review Mission on the Radiation Safety Aspects of a Proposed Rare Earths Processing Facility (the Lynas Project)" and recommendations is here.

It is evidently clear, the government had been and is being most responsible for the safety of everyone first and foremost, in as far as the Lynas is concerned, and in the process derive the economical benefits that the project will generate in due time.

It would not be difficult for parties outside the government to establish any kind of watchdog, NGO if you like, to work with the government to ensure and meet the recommendations of the IAEA.

Yet, interested parties have gone to the courts, and not satisfied, now take it to the streets.

This is what the opposition parties want, with support diminishing by the day, to further their waning political agenda.

Well done, Wong Tack and Green March for gratefully allowing the opposition parties to exploit another issue or non-issue, again.

Well done, for being another embarassment to this country we all love.

Blogger note:

Genuine concerns for human life and safety will alway be welcome. The life and safety of citizens must never be compromised for whatever benefit.

Additional reading on Lynas here and here.

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