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Deepak Jaikishan : Prequel and Sequel

When adressing Mr Deepak Jaikishan so called "explosive" disclosures, we need to recognise actors of both SD I and II, for an in-depth perspective of a very dark and sinister show.

All the actors are connected, one way or another, and could lead one to arrive at another point of view or possibilities, prequels and sequels.

The main actor is of course, P. Balasubramaniam, famously or infamously known as, PI Bala.

Raja Petra does his usual spin of mixing truth and fiction in order to make a story sound interesting. Unfortunately for him, lies remain lies.

He says I invited him to a meeting at lawyer M Puravalen’s house on 2nd July 2008 – this is the day before the press conference at PKR Headquarters where P. Balasubramaniam’s (“Bala” ) 1st SD made on 1st July 2008 was made public.

RPK was invited to that meeting in Puravalen’s house the day before the 3nd July press conference to be given a pre-view of Bala’s 1st SD to put up on his blog and write about it which he did. - Press statement by PKR MP Sivarasa Rasiah
This was in response to Raja Petra Kamarudin's, better known as RPK, "The day I met P. Balasubramaniam".

Also, PKR MP Sivarasa was deigned to reply, by way of a press statement, because on the day RPK met PI Bala, RPK made these claims,
"Sivarasa coached Bala on what he should and should not say at the press conference. Bala was told to avoid answering too many questions from the media and in the event they ask him difficult questions then the lawyers would take those questions. They were worried that Bala might say something wrong and contradict himself."
From the above, we have two others in the co-starring role, Sivarasa and Raja Petra Kamarudin, and we get a bigger picture of who the others are.

So, fact or fiction?

The date and title of the following is significant.

On 4 February 2010 RPK headlined "Nasir Safar, the ‘mystery man’ the day Altantuya died" and wrote "Yes, that man in the blue Proton Saga was Nasir Safar."

Three days later, on 7 February 2010, The Malaysian Insider headlined, "PI Bala: Razak Baginda is innocent" reported,
"He has also identified another man who drove past Abdul Razak’s house on the night of the murder as Datuk Nasir Safar an aide of Najib’s who has since been sacked after he made derogatory remarks about Malaysian Chinese and Indians in a public event."
The same TMI article was posted the same day in RPK's Malaysia Today. A picture is worth a thousand words when you compare the pic at TMI and the pic in Malaysia Today.

Get the picture? Never mind.

When PI Bala made his u-turn, the Star reported "I believe he was coerced, says lawyer Americk" and to me what was reported is significant,
"He said he had first met Balasubramaniam two months ago at a restaurant where he was asked by the latter to help draft a formal document on the Altantuya case."
Corroborated from a Question and Answer article at RPK's Malaysia Today,
Q 53. Did they record your statement?

A. Yes. They questioned me for about 6 hours. They did not seem to be interested in my 2nd statutory declaration and concentrated their questions in relation to my 1st statutory declaration.

They wanted to know who was involved in it and how I was led into making it.

I explained everything to them from the time I met my lawyer Americk Sidhu in a pub one night with ASP Suresh, M. Puravalen and Sivarasah Rasiah in April or May 2008 up to the time of my first press release.

ACP Muniandy was the officer asking all the questions while his colleague recorded my statement.
More actors and their co-starring roles.

PI Bala in his testimony in the Altantuya trial, excerpted from the Star report,
"After Altantuya’s visit to Abdul Razak’s house, Balasubramaniam met up with the analyst and his lawyer Dhiren Rene Norendra at the Starbucks cafe in Pusat Bandar Damansara" and "He said he, Abdul Razak, Dhiren and one ASP Suresh were supposed to meet up to discuss whether to report the Mongolian women’s presence outside the analyst’s house to the Immigration Department and have them deported."
Another important supporting actor.

When RPK first disclosed Nasir Safar as the mystery man, he also took the opportunity to publish the SD I.

Bala's declaration :
21. I followed the patrol cars to Brickfields police station in a taxi. I called Abdul Razak Baginda and his lawyer Dirren to lodge a police report but they refused.

44. I stopped working for Abdul Razak Baginda on the 26.10.2006 as this was the day he left for Hong Kong on his own.

51. On the day Abdul Razak Baginda was arrested, I was with him at his lawyers office at 6.30 a.m. Abdul Razak Baginda informed us that he had sent Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak an SMS the evening before as he refused to believe he was to be arrested, but had not received a response.

53. I have been made to understand that Abdul Razak Baginda was arrested the same morning at his office in the Bangunan Getah Asli, Jalan Ampang.
From what Bala declared in that dirty SD I and reports, the following can be established :

1. It had taken 2 to 3 months to prepare SD I.

2. PI Bala had stopped working for Razak Baginda on 26 October 2006.

3. PI Bala was acquainted with Razak Baginda's lawyer, Dhiren Rene Norendra.

4. In fact, PI Bala, by his own admission, had been to Dhiren Rene Norendra's office on the day that Razak Baginda was arrested.

I find it odd that PI Bala would misspell lawyer Dhiren's name as "Dirren" having being acquainted and being at the said lawyer's office. After taking up to 3 months to prepare the SD I with the help of lawyers, and other names mentioned in SD I spelled for the most part, accurately, Dhiren would have been spelled Dhiren. More so when you consider spellings like Altantuya Shaaribuu.

Just stating having called "Razak Baginda and his lawyer" would have sufficed. Naming the lawyer meant it was important, for relevance, to include the name. Surely, therefore, a correct spelling of the name of the lawyer could not have escaped PI Bala or his lawyer(s) who helped draft SD I.

PI Bala says that he stopped working for Razak Baginda on 26 October 2006. Later declaring being at Dhiren's office together with Razak Baginda on the day Razak was arrested, is therefore a lie.

Razak Baginda was arrested on 8 November 2006.

How could PI Bala have been with Razak Baginda at Dhiren's office on the 8 November 2006 when he had quit working for Razak Baginda earlier in October 2006?

We now come full circle to Mr Deepthroat Jaikishan's "disclosures" which had been earlier "disclosed" when Deepthroat was whacked by RPK.

As was to be expected, the greatest actor of all time, Anwar Ibrahim, was immediately suspected to be the man behind the scenes.

As was to be expected, the greatest actor for all times, Anwar Ibrahim, came out to deny any involvement.

The Malaysian Insider,"Anwar: Pakatan not behind Deepak, Musa allegations", reported,
“What has that got to do with us? I mean he wanted to defend himself to adduce evidence that would support his case..what has that got to do with me?”
Well, Free Malaysia Today reported that a ‘Video proves Anwar is behind Deepak’, with a supporting actress thrown in to boot.

How can anyone not suspect the greatest actor? Guess who is now defending Mr Deepthroat?

RPK carried this report, "Lawyer flays Deepak for land scam claim",
Earlier during the hearing, High Court Judge Datin Zabariah Mohd Yusof instructed Deepak to refrain from mentioning the political positions held by Raja Ropiaah as the details were not relevant but Deepak pleaded that it was relevant to show "political conspiracy".
See the picture? And does it sound familiar?

Free Malaysia Today also reports and quotes Sivarasa defending Mr Deepthroat, "PKR leaders deny masterminding exposé",
“But I made the decision to take up Deepak’s case, just as I act for all my other clients. There is no way I coached him on anything."
Sounds familiar?

One could not have asked for a better script, with so many twists and turns, with so many actors in so many scenes and an actress in a cameo role.

Then again, one should ask, who exactly it is that conceived and executed these scripts? From day one. From PI Bala to Deepak and to Deepak again.

Think hard and carefully before arriving at any answer.

A clue, perhaps - if you wanted to pay off somebody, would you pay by (a series of) cheques or would you bank cash into the fellow's account?


PIBALA said...

u are stupid.

PIBALA said...

u are stupid.

PIBALA said...

U are stupid if write this article

Anonymous said...

Who ordered the immigration record to be erased? Definitely cannot be you or me as the order must have came from people with power. The two who were implicated told the court they were paid to do the job. Who paid them? Why didn't the police pursue the case with the leads? These are questions the people like to know. You can tell a long story of conspiracy but we are not interested.

Freddie Kevin said...

I not knowing you talking is what.

Anon 08.50,
When you say records were erased, it means conspiracy. You can say but I cannot. That said, do you know when the records were erased? If it is before the murder, it would not make sense, would it? If it is after, Altantuya had made a a police report, didn't she. The same conspirators from high up could also erase her police report but they didn't. Why is that? The ones found guilty, no longer implicated, said they were paid (but as I recall would be paid). Now as alleged, PI Bala was offered and paid. Why not pay Altantuya in the first place? Anyway, the case is on appeal, the ones found guilty will have their day in court, again. Please read my earlier post. Former IGP Tan Sri Musa has said that our PM was not involved, if that is what you are getting at. Appreciate your short comment of a conspiracy and I am interested in what anybody has to say.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

An incoherent writing by an incoherent mind

Anonymous said...

You really believe what this Musa guy said? You only want to believe what you want to believe. There were lots of leads that can nail the mastermind but in Bolehland it depends on which side you are with. Yes, I would like to see justice done but can there be justice when institutions that supposed to pursue the truth are reluctant to do so? Probably if the murder was done by you or me we probably would have been hung by now.

Anonymous said...

This blogger can't write to save his life. The sentences sound ok. But read together they are a muddled mess...

Anonymous said...

This is definitely an pro UMNO blogger who twist and turn. This article did not tell anything new that we do not know before.

And this brainwashed Anon. Just because somone said PM is not involved, then, he is not involved. How guillible you are. If I said you are a monkey, do that means you are a monkey.

fadhil said...

The truth is sabah judge had mentioned that musa is incredible, can we buy what musa had said?

Anonymous said...

I believe it is Mahathir and Muyhiddin behind Deepak and Musa Hasan. The plan is to bring down the regime of the two cousins, Najib and Krismuddin.

Anonymous said...

so your father najis pay you how much per article? 50sen per page?wow! so you just wrote any rubbish
article will get pay? no wonder so many rubbish bloger like you in the net now.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 12:08

The case is on appeal. If there is a "mastermind" in your belief, surely the families of the duo sentenced to be hanged, Azilah or Sirul, can engage lawyers like Sivarasa now defending Deepak. PKR or DAP with their army of lawyers will be more than happy to defend the duo, pro bono.

Anon 14:39 and 19:54

I don't know where you all are coming from but typical. Just reading a single article and making comments. Just to confirm what I have always maintained, Yes, I AM pro BN or UMNO if you like.

Incoherent and muddled? From where you are coming from, I doubt so.

"And this brainwashed Anon. Just because somone said PM is not involved, then, he is not involved. How guillible you are. If I said you are a monkey, do that means you are a monkey."

Tell rabid PR supporters, so and so from BN is a monkey, they will believe you.


Are those Supang Lian words in her judgement taken to mean what the opposition propaganda makes it to appear to mean? Ask your lawyer friends. I am in the midst of getting, now high court Judge Supang Lian's actual judgement and will comment thereafter.

Anon 22:24

From personal knowledge and point of view, a wholly outrageous and ludicrous consideration.

Anon 16:40

My late father's name is Stephen. Actally it's 50 sen per alphabet ++, replies included. Readers comments, 50 ringgit per comment regardless of political inclination, thanks. Seems like rubbish attracts you, to each his own I always say.

To all of you, I wish you well.

Thank you