Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deepak Jaikishan's Silence of the Lambs

From Free Malaysia Today, "Deepak: I will not be silenced",
"Deepak Jaikishan claimed that there was an attempt by a high ranking Umno man to ‘silence’ him following the various the interviews the carpet trader has given in the past few days."
FMT reported Mr Deepak receiving a call from a “senior Umno supreme council member” asking him to meet at the Grand Dorsett Hotel in Subang. The man, who he refused to name, seemed aggressive.

So, the Deepak fellow brought along some extra protection for his safety. Just in case, I guess, even though it was at a very public place, a hotel.

The meeting was also attended by a few pro-government bloggers and I was one of them, just kidding.

Well, Deepak said he was told not to make any more noise, at least until the end of the Umno AGM.

Well, I don't know what difference it would make, making noise before or after the UMNO General Assembly. Do you?

Didn't he drop the "bomb" before the UMNO assembly. Never mind.

FMT also reported, Mr Deepak, tongue in cheek,
"I told them you cannot stop me from having press conferences… even if I have to go to the Istana Negara, I would do it. If they really force me… I would go in front of the palace and petition the King lah,”
That he said, not I, but when asked to reveal the names of the individuals he met, Mr Deepak reportedly said,
”Oh, then I’ll be in serious trouble. Then it would be messy.”
So I'm guessing he didn't even though, as reported, he also said,
"I’m not afraid. If I am afraid I wouldn’t have come this far."
And coming this far, you wonder why stop.

FMT noted Deepak said he agreed to “give due respect” and cancelled all his media interviews he had lined up for Saturday.

Yes, Mr Deepak's fears were unfounded, he originally thought he would be in danger but when he met the Umno man, “they were very civil”.

When asked if he was offered anything for his cooperation, Deepak said they offered him nothing to stop making noise. The Deepak fellow said making noise is something he will not negotiate.

So the moral of my story is - there no need for aggression, enticements and and the like.

When you need something, anything, just be civil.

Due respect will be given and what you ask for will be given.

Everyone has nightmares.

Mr Deepak cannot be any exception but I am very sure Mr Deepak had a good night sleep that night.

No lambs bleating nightmares, for sure.

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