Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jet Engines Stolen Again and Robert Phang

Yes it's true.

Just as this happened over here in the past, jet engines have been stolen in of all places and you will never believe it, Israel. Apparently more than once as reported, "F-16 engines stolen from Israeli base".

DAP patriarch, Lim Kit Siang had made it such an issue. That fellow, Anwar Ibrahim, had even called for an RCI.

To support the security of Israel, Anwar should also strongly suggest an Israeli commission of inquiry.

In the same retro vein, a slew of sociopolitical issues have come to the fore with former Inspector-general of police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, now taking centre stage.

The other personality resurrected from the past, that is now most likely to be jet "setting", is Tan Sri Robert Phang.

Blogger Another Brick In The Wall had posted "Exposed: MACC adviser bribed a Ministry Sec-Gen!" and a follow-up, "More from where it came from"

ABITW is more than vindicated when it was reported Tan Sri " Musa reveals more, implicates businessman".

Tan Sri Musa had openly implicated Phang to be complicit in shady activities within the police force.

No one gives insights into personalities like Phang and Ramli Yusuff better than the Voice at ABITW.

Rounding up, Datuk Rocky's "Robert Phang's Statutory Declaration", is a necessary read.

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