Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ong Tee Kiat : Will He Or Won't He?

It was a privilege to attend a closed door meeting with MCA president, Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek.

Being about 15 minutes late in what I would describe as a Q and A session, what was asked and answered of the MCA president before I arrived, obviously I have no knowledge.

That said, I will agree with most of what was written by blogger OutSyed The Box in his article, "Morning Tea With Dr Chua Soi Lek" is a fair account of matters elaborated.

My personal opinion and first hand impression of Datuk Seri Chua is, a passionate politician with sincere concerns for his party and country for the impending general elections. Datuk Seri Chua is combatively confident of an improved showing by both the party and the coalition despite the many challenges faced by and as MCA party president.

The subject of my article, however, is that The Malaysian Insider had picked up OutSyed The Box'es article and chose to focus more on ex-party president, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, with "Tee Keat may jump ship with hung Parliament, Soi Lek claims".

Being a known opposition leaning online news portal, it came as no surprise TMI would play up the issue of Datuk Seri Chua's opinion of Datuk Seri Ong. Especially so on the subject the MP for Pandan jumping ship in the event of a hung parliament, rather than the issues raised by Datuk Seri Chua that needed to be addressed for a more convicing BN victory.

What I clearly remember and can say for sure is that the issue of whether Datuk Seri Ong would jump ship was by way of a rhetoric question, with Datuk Seri Chua asking those present - would he or wouldn't he jump ship if BN were to find itself in that particular situation.

All I can definitely say is that no one answered but most of us had broad smile as an answer.

I cannot speak for the rest but I will say mine was in the affirmative.

That TMI chose to focus on Datuk Seri Ong and so will I, to provide reasons why I believe Ong is capable of deserting MCA for more fertile ground in the event of a close election result.

Many, as I would, recall that it was none other than Datuk Seri Ong who threatened to leave Barisan Nasional.

While Datuk Seri Chua saw the threat as nothing more than a party election ploy during a contentious period of the MCA, Ong took the threat so far as to put a poll on his website asking if the party should pull out of the Barisan Nasional.

I saw this as a person who was willing to severe ties with a senior partner of a coalition with the strongest of historical ties, a tie that resulted in the independence of our nation, more for personal gain and nothing else.

Those were tumultuous times in the MCA, which Chua Soi Lek would come out from the political wilderness to become MCA president, beating two former presidents Tee Kiat and Ka Ting in the MCA presidential election.

Tee Kiat's selfish attribute is further supported when he is on record to unequivocally state he would stand as an independent candidate or set up a new party in the event that he should be dropped from contesting in the next general election. Although Ong denied he would not be joining Pakatan Rakyat, any political observer worth his salt will tell you such an action would benefit the opposition in split votes. More detrimental to the BN being the incumbent party holding the seat.

Will He Or Won't He?

Ong was alleged to have had meetings with Teresa Kok and Anwar Ibrahim to switch over to the opposition.

But most importantly, although jumping ship is an opinion expressed by MCA party president Datuk Seri Chua, that ex-party president Datuk Seri Ong has not refuted this, is close to an admission of a fact.


Anonymous said...

"most of the time, an 'semut' die because of the sugar, especially the thick liquity(?) one.

Anonymous said...

He has said that he is here to stay with BN.

But his association with Amanah leaves much to be desired.

Amanah members like Kadir, Aspan, Sakmongkol, Lajim Ukin, Wilfred Bumburiang, etc are ship jumpers and the most to jump ship in Sabah.

Strangely a PKR-initiated Selangor Times gave a good reporting of OTK several months back.

But on the other hand, he has done much effort at Ampang for BN.

Though denied help by the local MCA Ampang, he soldiers on with his NGOs and that is the winnable formula for him there.

Make no bones that there is bad blood between the two. Chua Soi Lek has every reason to feel sore for being removed by Ong Tee Keat.

Ong Tee Keat claimed Chua Soi Lek tricked him into believing he will not run against him but end up running against. He called Chua Soi lek as sweet and sour.

However he was dumb to sack him because he gave Cua Soi Lek the reason to run against him.

Ong Tee Keat was only fiery in his rhetorics for reform but was grasping to power and afraid to clean-up MCA.

However, straight talking Chua Soi Lek is more honest and principled man.

He does not fear losing power for the sake of principle and reforming the party. And he is consistent with his hudud stand.

Chua is willing not to hold position as Minister. He does not have any qualms about not running in the next GE13. He is able to put aside any personal issues for sake of BN.

never have a Deput bear a President. Submramaniam tried forver agst Samy Belu. Anwar, Tengku RAzaleigh and Musa, etc

He beat an incumbent and a former Presidents. Maybe he could be the man to rebuild MCA despite resistance from two past Presidential factions.

The problem wtih MCA is the Team A versus Team B is always there. Chua should make it into A, B,C, D, E, F, ... to enable him to work easier.

Who says unity is strength. Diversity also can be strength.

Tony Yew said...

Ong Tee Keat did in fact show his true colours by holding BN to ransom at the time when unity was needed most.
At whose expense? The Chinese community.

But that said, I still hope deep down inside that politicians on the same divide should close ranks and deliver when they are needed most.

OTK and CSL did in fact try to work things out, and if your readers care to do their own research will see that despite CSL getting back in to the Central Committee of MCA, was left out by OTK for rerasons best known to him.

The likes of OTK and CSL will come and go, and MCA will always be. Leaders should know that its the party that comes first, and CSL has proven that he has elbeaten all odds for the sake of the party.

Only time will tell if this rhetorical prophecy rings true.

For MCA's sake, I hope not.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 12:51

Thank you for the comment.

Anon 18:02

How true! There is also strength in diversity. That is what 1Malaysia is all about. We may be diverse but we all live as one in peace and harmony. That is what makes Malaysia so special.

CSL has been warning us about Hudud and this is no political rhetoric. This is reality. PAS syaria laws are divisive. Moving forward, we must make a choice in the next GE that keeps Malaysia as 1.

Thank you. I appreciate your comment.


The common consensus is for all BN component parties to close ranks especially the founding Alliance (now BN) partners.

Indeed, I cannot agree with you more when you say leaders come and go but the party remains.

There will always be camps but they must have good intentions for a same goal not selfish ones.

For me, I admire CSL for his never say die attitude. Meaning all hurdles can be overcome for the good of the nation nad communities.

Happy new year to you.

Best regards

Dave Avran said...

Dear Freedom,

Dr Chua is a fearless straight shooter who is genuinely working hard to improve the living standards of all Malaysians, not just the Chinese. Can’t say the same for OTK who has his own agenda and a huge axe to grind with Dr Chua.

Had Tee Keat not sacked Dr Chua, MCA politics would be totally different now. It was Tee Keat’s own doing to start a full-fledged campaign to sack Dr Chua, the then-deputy president.

Since losing the presidency, Tee Keat is now trying all ways and means to regain it. He had a chance to lead MCA for 17 months, just after the 12th general election. He never did anything on reformation or transformation. All he did was punish people and sack people.

Politicians like Tee Keat never seem to learn. So do not be surprised if Tee Keat jumps ship and surfaces on a PKR platform. I have said it as far back as October 2011.

A blessed 2013 to you + your family