Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Pattern of Lies and Deceit

At the tail end of my previous post, "Deepak Jaikishan : A Pattern of Lies and Deception", a question and my observation, "Me, I think it's clever".

In Mr Deepak Jaikishan's attempt to justify his lies, instances I had posted, there is a fatal contradiction. In the Malaysiakini report he said,
Because there was a concentrated effort. There were two factions here - you had Bala sitting down with (opposition leader) Anwar (Ibrahim) and you had another faction that didn't want the people named in the first SD to come to power.
The key words being "another faction" and "didn't want".

By his account, that sentence must only be taken to mean there are or were two factions, within the group who were responsible in PI Bala SD I - one faction belonging to Anwar Ibrahim and another faction unnamed.

But both had the same objective.

Both factions "didn't want the people named in the first SD to come to power".

It is further supported in his same breath,
"They were determined, although they were from different sides, to work together to achieve this..."
The key words here now is "They" and "to work together to achieve this".

The same objective of two factions within a same group, working together, because "they" were determined and "didn't want the people named in the first SD to come to power".

Deepak went to great length to disclose two factions among those responsible for SD I who had an "absolute concern", to the question - Why would the SD trigger such a response?
"... and both (factions within a same group, working together. My emphasis) had the power to do so. Hence the absolute concern."
A "response", made to appear on the face of it, by those who saw SD I as a threat. That is, those now allegedly "responsible" for SD II.

Thus, the next question is manifestly disconnected - And those who pushed the second SD were those wanting to ensure Najib becomes prime minister?

In the context of Deepak's answer to the previous question, this question subsequently elicited the desired answer, and Deepak's affirmative but furtive reply is a distinct contradiction because where before it was "didn't want the people named in the first SD to come to power" it is now to "want the people named in the first SD to come to power",
"Yes. I think the only reason I got involved in helping with the second SD was to protect the interests of Najib. There is no other logical reason, is there?"
No other logical reason?

Well, for one, how about creating suspicion.

Another, plenty to gain and nothing further to lose.

Not in the way you are being led to believe, by a sleazy and calculated initiative of classic deceptions in epic proportions, from day one.

The lyrics are changing but the song remains the same.

Clever indeed.

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