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Tun Mahathir, The Anti-Semitic Zionist

The Malaysia Insider must be praised for it's inventiveness to generate interest in it's efforts to maintain some measure of credibility.

It's all to do about the astounding and mind-boggling, Anwar gem of a declaration, when it headlined today's article "Dr M had close ties with Zionists, says PKR" and quotes PKR communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad,
"Mahathir might seem to be against Zionists and the West but he actually has a good relationship with them to the point where he was willing to sign a private military agreement with America in 1984 - the Bilateral Training and Consultation Agreement BITAC which enabled the US to conduct military training in Malaysia

The PKR leader claimed that Dr Mahathir paid Jack Abramoff a Zionist lobbyist US$1.2 million RM3.7 million to arrange a meeting with former US President George W Bush shortly after Anwar was sacked as deputy prime minister.

This has been admitted by Dr Mahathir himself and adding that Abramoff had close ties with Bush as well as Israeli extremists."
And with that Tun Mahathir has close ties with Zionists.

Never mind, to each his own.

Did the Tun actually admit to having paid Jack Abramoff?

The MSNBC, 21 February 2006 reported,
Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said disgraced U.S. lobbyist Jack Abramoff was paid $1.2 million to organize a meeting between him and President Bush in 2002, but denied the money came from the Malaysian government.
Here are some reports suggesting payment by the Malaysian Government.

LA Times, 15 February 2006 says
"Abramoff received $1.2 million from the Malaysian government for his lobbying services in 2001 and 2002, the former associate said. Documents obtained by Senate investigators appear to confirm at least $900,000 of that amount."
Since I am in the mood, let's go on some merry-go-round from The Jewish Daily Forward, 22 April 2005 which reads,
"According to press reports, Abramoff once worked for the government of former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, after the Southeast Asian leader accused “the Jews” in 1997 of conspiring to drive down his country’s currency. Abramoff, a longtime conservative activist and Orthodox Jewish philanthropist who supports right-wing Israeli causes, was paid indirectly in 2001 by Mahathir’s government, at a time when the premier was seeking to improve Malaysia’s image in America, according to reports in The Washington Post and Time magazine
Here is the Washington Post, 17 April 2005 report regarding a payment,
"Tribes represented by Abramoff have said he directed them to make payments to AIC, and the Indian Affairs Committee last fall released a check it had uncovered showing that the Embassy of Malaysia gave AIC a check for $300,000 dated March 6, 2002"
So, confirm "Dr Mahathir paid Jack Abramoff a Zionist lobbyist US$1.2 million RM3.7 million to arrange a meeting with former US President George"?

Read the following and juxtapose the title to that Washington Post article,"Think Tank's Ideas Shifted As Malaysia Ties Grew",
Malaysian business interests had hired Belle Haven before 9/11 to conduct a campaign to improve relations with the United States. "There was this horrible relationship," said Sheffer in an interview with The Post last year. "These guys wanted to hire some people to figure out how can we start to improve our relationship with the U.S."
and the chronological timeline of all the reports, everything in the matter of Tun Mahathir meeting Mr Bush or the payments, is given a totally different complexion altogether.

Sorry to have brought everyone on a merry-go-round because all I wanted to point out was the absurdity of the TMI report and the incompatible and limp instance given by the PKR Communication Director, to justify Tun Mahathir having "close ties with Zionists".

How incongruous can one get and Nik Nazmi is a nincompoop because, the distinct and immense difference is, while his boss, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, unashamedly declares "I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel", Tun Mahathir has never ever done or will ever do so.

The Tun has been steadfast, condemning the State of Israel in defiance of numerous UN resolutions, of it's aggressions and expansionist policies against the Palestinian people.

Datuk Rocky Lawsuit Settled

The lawsuit against Datuk Rocky has finally been resolved the Star reports "Blogger apologises to former NSTP top execs".

It can only be in the best interest for all parties.

Datuk Rocky can now put this episode behind and move ever forward.

Await comments by Datuk Rocky on the matter.

Update 12.55

Rocky's Bru, The Conclusion to Rocky's Bru vs Kalimullah & 3 other ex-NSTP journos

Monday, January 30, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - More Bald Facts and Balls

Going back in time the Parliament proceeding, 6 April 2010 to be precise, extracts of the smooth talking Anwar Ibrahim in swashbuckling style proclaiming Israeli intelligence infiltration of our Police DiRaja Malaysia.

The proclamation that resulted in Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim getting into the bad books of Jewish lobby B'Nai B'Rith.

Fact #1 Anwar Ibrahim is a liar
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim [Permatang Pauh]:

Saya rujuk kepada PDRM, satu projek yang dikenali sebagai APCO P25. APCO P25 ini diluluskan oleh Kementerian Dalam Negeri menelan belanja RM980 juta dan kini RM999 juta di bawah kelolaan APCO International.
The Malaysian Insider, No Israel spies in police project, says Abu Seman,
"MTSB carried out the project in accordance with the Apco P25 standards introduced by the "Association of Public Safety Communications Officials" and known in short as Apco International.

Apco International had nothing to do with APCO Worldwide which is a public relations company while RMPnet and PRS were two entirely different projects." - Deputy Home Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop
Fact #2 Anwar Ibrahim is a liar
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim [Permatang Pauh]:

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, kita boleh cerca, boleh fitnah dan boleh hukum. Oleh sebab itu bila kita bentangkan di sini kita berikan nama dan kita berikan tarikh suratsurat itu dihantar. Kita berikan laporan yang dibuat oleh pegawai-pegawai yang punyai kesedaran ada batasnya bagi mereka untuk menelan apabila negara secara langsung terlibat – minggu lalu saya sebut APCO dari segi missionary propaganda ini sudah masuk ke bidang keselamatan negara. Kementerian Pertahanan saya sebut Taman Teknologi Sungkai, Kementerian Dalam Negeri termasuk server yang mempunyai nadi kepada seluruh. Kementerian boleh ambil sikap mengetepikan begitu sahaja, tetapi Tuan Yang di-Pertua percaya, tidak banyak negara yang membuat kerja sesumbang yang kita lakukan. [Tepuk]
The above TMI report is a detailed rebuttal of the Anwar's contrived allegation.

However, in the same breath,

Fact #3 Anwar did tell an incontrovertible truth
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim [Permatang Pauh]:

Bicara keras menentang Israel, tidak mengiktiraf Israel, marah dan kesal apabila ada pembunuhan rakyat yang tidak berdosa, wanita dan anak-anak Gaza dan Palestin
tetapi bersekongkol dengan satu rejim Zionis yang kejam. [Tepuk]
Whichever way it is interpreted, it is an inference that the Malaysian Government has been consistent in it's policy where Israel is concerned.

If it were not so, then that exclamation is another Anwar Ibrahim lie.

And more damning, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will now "support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel", which is in his own words, is a cruel Zionist regime.

So, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, all I will say is, BALLS!

Anwar Ibrahim - Bald Facts and Balls

Let's not kid ourselves.

FACT #1 By his one and only talent - smooth talking, Anwar Ibrahim has managed to endear himself and propped up by many in the "western democracies", especially those in the most important and mother of them all, the United States of America.

Fact #2 Israel, through powerful Jewish lobby groups like the ADL, B'Nai B'Rith and AIPAC et al, has the unequivocal and undivided support of any US administration, Republican or Democrat.

Fact #3 The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world, economically arguably and militarily unquestionably, and by extension makes Israel it's most influential ally in the world.

Fact #4 No matter what the smooth talker says, the all believing and faithful supporters in and outside his party, will always accept his words as gospel truth.

Fact #5 Anwar Ibrahim has only one obsession and mission in his life, to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Ever since the disgraceful sacking of his Deputy Prime Ministership from the Barisan Nasional Government, Anwar Ibrahim will say and do anything to achieve his crazed obsession.

To this end he was willing to gamble away his prized support of the "western democracies" with the reckless APCO 1Israel and Israeli infiltration of the Malaysian Police allegation,

The Jewish lobby response was swift.

The powerful B'Nai B'Rith in a statement to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations demanded,
"In light of the role that Ibrahim has played in the resurgence of anti-Semitic polemics in Malaysian politics, we ask that U.S. officials suspend their ties with Anwar Ibrahim. A purveyor of anti-Jewish hatred such as Ibrahim should not enjoy the measure of legitimacy that a positive relationship with the United States would confer upon him."
The result of which even Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, cancelled an appointment with the smooth talker.

Even then, there still remain some semblance of apologetic support for the smooth talker's recklessness. (see link Fact#1)

Anwar may have even sealed his fate, in this Redstate article as a radical Muslim,
"I’m on the record having a low opinion of Anwar Ibrahim, but that’s only because he’s a virulent anti-Semite with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood who formed an opposition coalition in his country by recruiting a political party best known for calling for volunteers to fight with the Taliban against the United States."
with his support for Hudud.

That obsession to become Prime Minister of Malaysia no matter what, to the extent of risking and alienating his own ally in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, when at first supporting Hudud and now his latest gambit in support of Israel, is ideally dealt with by blogger Jebat Must Die in his latest post, "Two faced Anwar Ibrahim and the infamous Wall Street Journal article"

But that is nothing new for the smooth talker, just before his risky business of the 1Israel and Israeli infiltration that earned the ire of B'Nai B'Rith, he is on record admitting unashamedly in A conversation with Anwar Ibrahim,
"AI: People do suggest that, but I quite disagree. Of course you simplify the arguments but the same arguments, the central thesis remains constant but the way you articulate it may differ. People say, Anwar you are opportunistic, how can you talk about Islam and the Quran here and then you talk about Shakespeare there and then quote Jefferson or Edmond Burke. I say it depends on the audience. [If] I go to a remote village, of course I talk about the Quran. In Kuala Lumpur ,and you quote T.S Eliot. If I quote the Quran all the time, to a group of lawyers, I am a mullah from somewhere.

[Some] think because I do court [Islamic votes] these days they think I am a Islamist. [But] you ask the question -- is it true, Anwar, that you are sound and consistent in your views and you are not actually a closet Islamist? I say, Why do you say that? [The] six years [I spent in] prison is not enough? And they say no, but you engage with the Islamists, and I said yes"
Of course, what ever or where ever Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim says his peace would make not any difference to his rabid followers, see Fact #4.

Digressing, I find "remote village" in the context of the smooth talker's comment insulting. It implies those in the villages being ignorant. University students from "remote villages" and Muslim Bar Council lawyers please do take note.

When Malott, John R the neo-con meddler resurfaced, it at first surprised me, for I had concluded by Anwar's anti-Israel and pro-Hudud revelations, his neo-con connections would have, save for some like disgraced ex-World Bank crony Wolfowitz, all but deserted him.

Now it is certainly clear that Malott the meddler's resurgence was a precursor to that stunning declaration by Anwar Ibrahim,
"I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel"
You see, once you are critical of Israel and of their transgressions, you will be immediately branded anti-Semitic.

Helen Thomas, the American author and former news service reporter, member of the White House Press Corps and opinion columnist. She worked for the United Press and post-1958 successor United Press International (UPI) for 57 years, first as a correspondent, and later as White House bureau manager. She was a columnist for Hearst Newspapers from 2000 to 2010, writing on national affairs and the White House. She covered every President of the United States from the last years of the Eisenhower administration until the second year of the Obama administration. She was the first female officer of the National Press Club, the first female member and president of the White House Correspondents' Association, and the first female member of the Gridiron Club.

Madam Thomas is so highly regarded that she even had an award for Lifetime Achievement for journalists given by the Society of Professional Journalists, in her name.

Her criticism of Israel brought an end to her illustrious career.

The American journalistic icon and our own Malaysian icon, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, has been branded anti-Semitic for being outspoken critics of Israel policies and aggression against Palestinians.

Anwar will never survive once permanently labeled anti-Semitic by the Jewish lobby and that is why he has pledged support for Israel.

Did Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's declaration of his support for Israel surprise me?

Absolutely not.

When former US Secretary of State and Nobel laureate, Dr. Henry Kissinger was inadvertently found to have made this remark,
“And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union,” he added, “it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.”
The ADL, that had called for the withdrawal of all ties and support for Anwar, expressed regret over Kissinger's anti-Semitic remark thus,
" Dr. Kissinger's contributions to the safety and security of the U.S. and Israel have solidly established his legacy as a champion of democracy " and as a committed advocate for preserving the well-being of the Jewish state of Israel.The Nixon Tapes should not change history's verdict on the important contributions and ultimate legacy of Henry Kissinger."
See the similarities with the Anwar declaration of support for Israel?

Helen Thomas and our own Tun Mahathir stood by their stand on Israel.

Woman and man of principles.

This nonagenarian lady Helen Thomas puts Anwar to shame in the cojones department

All I can say is, not only would the Anwar Ibrahim say and do anything to achieve his obsessive dream to be Prime Minister, unlike Tun Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim has no balls.

Friday, January 27, 2012

So What Is Anwar Ibrahim Trying to Say Now?

The Wall Street Journal, posting an article yesterday of an interview the same day, provides another opportunity for one to examine what exactly Anwar Ibrahim is trying to say.

My choice picks follows.

On the his acquittal and appeal,
"The judgment [in the sodomy case] was very strong" and "difficult to appeal," Mr. Anwar said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal at his political party's headquarters here Thursday.
Is Anwar saying that has seen and read the written judgement, when his counsel Karpal Singh just a day before confirmed, "grounds of written judgment of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's acquittal on a charge of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan is not yet ready"?

In the absence of the written judgement is Anwar saying the judgement, in a "three-minute oral decision" consisting these few lines as is widely reported,
"After going through the evidence, the court could not be 100% certain that integrity of DNA samples was not compromised, and finds that it is not safe to rely on DNA evidence.

"As such, court is left only with Saiful's testimony. As this is a sexual crime, the court is reluctant to convict based entirely on Saiful's testimony, which is uncorroborated. The accused is thus acquitted and discharged."
a decision that is "very strong" and "difficult to appeal" against?

Is he also saying the appeal process, "which began Jan. 20, would likely take at least six months, meaning it could loom over and outlast the election campaign" not exactly what he meant before when he said that “This is not coincidental, that the end of the case is going to coincide with (general) elections,”

While Anwar has specifically said that he is against same sex mariagges "In response to recent local reports that he supported gay marriage, Mr. Anwar said they were wrong", does that also mean that he specifically does not support gay rights or the LGBT Movement?

And what exactly is Anwar saying while "Malaysia's sodomy laws are "archaic" ", the sodomy laws only "could be amended" and not wholly abolished if it is not his "business to attack people or arrest people based on their sexual orientation"?

Pics from related reading.

Edited 4.10pm

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Malaysia Insider and Malaysiakini - The Lying Game

No matter who is saying what, about a "shopping spree" that Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has denied, the opposition portal Malaysian Insider claims to have a media statement from designer Carl Kapp, "Aussie designer clarifies Rosmah shopping reports" refuting an Australian report of the said "spree".

That Australian report by jounalist Andrew Hornery, had been given extensive coverage by the other more rabid opposition portal Malaysiakini.

Malaysiakini even reports journalist Andrew Hornery standing by his article, "Columnist: I verified details with designer Kapp" in their latest update.

Someone must be lying.

This is how the Aussie journalist originating the story, Andrew Hornery, and his paper the Sydney Morning Herald, is described by another Australian website, Australia's Worst Jounalist.
Numerous factual errors. Andrew Hornery, unable to transcribe accurately factual matters or deliberately engages in falsehoods to degrade his subject, and heighten his vitriole.

Persons contacted by this dishonest journalist should not afford him an interview, as quotations will be altered to suit the journalist's purpose. Any correspondence with the editor responsible, Peter Kerr, fails to elicit a satisfactory response.

You decide who, in your honest opinion, is the biggest liar.

Little Known Muhammad Afifi Abdul Razak

So says Clara Chooi of the Malaysian Insider in her latest report, ‘Reformasi, ‘Bersih’, ‘Arab Spring’ led by foreign forces, says UUM lecturer
"Little known Muhammad Afifi said such violent clashes were actually led by “certain foreign-based forces” who would never tire of offering aid to the locals to topple their own governments."
She should know.

The Malaysian Insider carried three breaking view articles here, here and here of the "little known" lecturer.

Lim Guan Eng Dragon Year Movie and Dance

Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, doing the twist to claim credit where credit is not due, is nothing new.

For example his apology to His Royal Highness the Sultan of Johore, in regards to a comparison of safeness, praising Penang and belittling Johore, he is reported to have uttered,
“You don't have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang. In Johor, if you are a Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped.”
shouldn't the Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) be credited, for Penang being the safer state?

The statement, which Guan Eng could not recall making in the public or private domain but non the less saw fit to apologise to HRH, to foreign correspondents was to give an impression and assume credit for the Penang State Govt when the matter is clearly the efforts of PDRM.

A more recent Twist, only because it was reported just two days ago in the Star, "Guan Eng should stop claiming he helped settle RM630mil loan, says Donald Lim".
"The deputy minister explained that the state debt was actually transferred to the Federal Government following a water restructuring agreement that was initiated even before Pakatan Rakyat came to power in Penang."
The Guan Eng 600 million Ringgit twist,
In contrast, Pakatan Rakyat-managed states have successfully managed their finances and not overburdened the people with debts. In fact, Penang managed to reduce state debt from RM630 million at 8 March 2008 to only RM30 million as at end of October 2011. This represents a debt reduction of 95% or RM600 million, which is the highest debt reduction of any state in Malaysia’s history!
Why the Federal Govt had been unforthcoming and dancing to the Guan Eng twist until now, when it was exposed in blogger satD's October 27, 2011 post, "Was the Yellow Ah Beng being proofy again", is another question altogether.

2012 is the anniversary of the much acclaimed 2000 Dragon year swordplay movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

This holiday commentary, "Raffles Class for holiday" could be the preview of a dance movie scheduled to be released in the year of the Dragon.

The Penang CM Lim Guan Eng being born in 8 December 1960 and though his dancing role is as yet unconfirmed, the title of this potential blockbuster is tentatively, "Crouching Dragon, Hidden Rat".

Blogger Note:

As at press time there has been no confirmation or denial from Lim Guan Eng or a body double in the starring role.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

SOPA & PIPA - Internet 1 Hollywood 0

The much protested bill SOPA and it's sister legislative bill PIPA has been put into cold storage much to the chagrin of it's Hollywood sponsors.

It signals a victory of sorts for the Internet community..for the moment.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sodomy II - AG Files Appeal

In my earlier post "Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II Acquittal. No Decision to Appeal, Yet", I maintained that the AG would appeal the Anwar Ibrahim acquittal.

It has now been confirmed that an appeal was lodged at the High Court this evening.

So what exactly was Anwar trying to say?

In his posting at his blog, "Not Fall Into The Trap Waylaid By The Umno-Controlled Media" the exact reply, to a question that is subject of a suit against Utusan Malaysia, is quote,
“We will have to review archaic laws and we, Muslims and non Muslims generally believe and committed to support the sanctity of marriage between man and woman in Malaysia.

But we should not be seen as punitive and consider the archaic laws as relevant. We need to review them. We do not promote homosexuality in public sphere and domain.

We will not make apologies towards that. I think to use this sort of legislation to be punitive, punish innocent people cannot be condoned and be tolerated.”
1. "We will have to review archaic laws.."

2. "But we should not be seen as punitive.." (my emphasis)

3. "..and not consider the archaic laws as relevant." ("not" added for the context of the sentence)

4. "We do not promote homosexuality in public sphere and domain." (my emphasis)

5. "We will not make apologies towards that." (referring to 4 above)

6. "I think to use this sort of legislation to be punitive, punish innocent people cannot be condoned and be tolerated.” (my emphasis)

The question that elicited the reply is, according to the video,
"How far do you want that message of freedom to go because your case, that you have just been acquitted over; that generated a really newly invigorated gay-right movement in your country.......are you prepared to take that idea, anti-discrimination, as far as gay-rights"
It is therefore abundantly clear that Anwar was replying to a question regarding the gay-right movement, anti-discrimination of gays and gay-rights in that order.

Now, let's establish the meaning of gay-rights.

In the broadest sense the gay-right movement, even though gay would mean having sexual orientation towards a same gender, has evolved into a singular movement to include rights of lesbians (female homosexual), gays (male homosexual), bisexuals and transsexuals or the LGBT Movement.

Be that as it may, the question in conflict is whether or not Anwar supports gay-rights, either in the same sex context or gay-rights in the broadest sense.

This is where the Anwar reply does not categorically state as much.

What he categorically states is "we, Muslims and non Muslims generally believe and committed to support the sanctity of marriage between man and woman in Malaysia."

The "the sanctity of marriage between man and woman". That's all.

No where in his reply is there any reference to gay-rights.

Even then, he chooses the word "generally".

It is homosexuality and not gay-rights (in any sense) that Anwar refers to when he says "We do not promote homosexuality in public sphere and domain".

Anwar continues,"We will not make apologies towards that."

Apologies for what? Not promoting homosexuality. Again, that's all.

And for that matter homosexuality "in public sphere and domain".

By saying that "we" do not make apologies for not promoting homosexuality in the "public sphere and domain", is Anwar saying "we" do not discourage homosexuality when it is in the privacy of one's sphere and domain?

The only conclusion one can come up with is that Anwar has sidestepped the question of whether he supports gay-rights or not.

That is why Anwar could only reply by way of mentioning "archaic" laws that are "not relevant", in the context of the question, which outlaws homosexuality.

And that is why Anwar finds himself in the predicament he is in.

A predicament out of a predicament in answering a question that would have put him in a predicament of losing the Muslim and/or liberal description of Anwar Ibrahim.

Blogger note:

What is the purpose of numerically listing the Anwar reply with my emphasis?

That's for the readers' benefit to further decipher what exactly it was that Anwar was trying to say.

Liverpool Football Club - New Kit on The Block

NST carried the report yesterday, "Warrior Sports to be Liverpool's official kit supplier"

Here is what it would mean for my mistress,
"What really encouraged us is that this is their first foray into football and so we are their only customer and they will be very focused on Liverpool Football Club and promoting this opportunity around the world."- LFC Managing Director, Ian Ayre

Najib More Capable Than Anwar - University Malaya Survey

I have been looking for reports of this survey in the mainstream media, online that is, but it is only being reported by the opposite media.

Do not know why but here is the survey carried out by the University of Malaya.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


This young ciku does not know what he's talking about, "Rafizi ‘glad’ Sharizat’s suing"

UMNO Wanita chief, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, had sued the ciku and an opposition MP for defamation.

Key word being defamation, he will know when the suit plays out and he may not be too glad.

Interestingly, their legal representatives were involved in another suit by the Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, against a blogger, just recently decided by the the Court of Appeal, in favour of DS Rais.

Yes, Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and R. Sivarasa.

It looks to be a real year of the fiery dragon with suits flying all over the place, the Archaic man suing Utusan Malaysia, a day earlier.

Lawyers seem to take up a lot of PKR space.

Since they are aplenty, many wonder why the Archaic man known to be very liberal with suits, has not sued any of the Datuk T Trio, when it had been disclosed in open court with experts concluding 99.99%, the Archaic man as the man in a very extra-marital compromising video tape.

Edited 20 January

Chee Gaik Yap Rape and Murder - Another Sensational Crime Story?

The Straits Times reported "Rape suspect arrested after six years in hiding"

From the report it looks as though it will have some political intrigue,
"The 31-year-old man, who has been on the run since 2006, was ambushed and detained at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Selangor. It was learnt that the suspect is the son of a prominent “Datuk” in the state."
The crime had been the subject of an article, "The Grizzly **** Murder"

While the NST report corroborates the article, of a political connection and conspiracy of sorts, that the police had apprehended the suspect after being alert for six years disproves parts of the story.

In the NST report, the person apprehended is a prime suspect and on the wanted list because,
"It was learnt that police suspected the suspect's in volvement in the case following a DNA test conducted on him when he was called to assist investigation six years ago" and "The suspect however escaped arrest when he left the country after performing the DNA test"
Conspiracies, a flight and a question of DNA.

Edited 2.38

SOPA Protests

Remember when the international community took note and "outraged ordinary Malaysians, and several people took to Twitter to express support for the cyber-attacks." and hacker "Anonymous said Malaysia's censorship of films and television shows and its blocking of file-sharing websites amounted to a denial of human rights."?

A United States bill which has raised the ire of the internet community with Wikipedia strongly protesting and Google joining in.

The bill is seen to create more serious problems than resolving them.

It is about online piracy.

The act is called SOPA, Stop Online Piracy Act.

President Obama has thrown his lot with the protesting side but it still remains to be seen whether that would completely kill the bill.

I will be really interested if hacker Anonymous will react in the same way that it responded to the Malaysian situation?

As a sign of solidarity with major protesters Wikipedia has shut down the site 18 January, which is today in Malaysia.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II Acquittal. No Decision to Appeal, Yet

Other than a recommendation by the prosecution and pleadings by the aggrieved parties, there has been no conclusive decision to appeal the High Court's stunning verdict to acquit Anwar Ibrahim for Sodomy II.

Not yet.

It has been more than a week.

Questions remain.

One that is of interest, to most interested parties, is the written judgement of the decision to acquit.

It would seem that it would not be necessary or mandatory for the prosecution to receive the written decision when making the appeal.

Nor would it be mandatory for the judge to provide one until an appeal has been made.

Courts of Judicature Act 1964,

52. (1) When a notice of appeal has been filed the Judge by whom the decision was given shall, if he has not already written his judgment, record in writing the grounds of his decision, and the written judgment or grounds of decision shall form part of the record of the proceedings.

So, is there a written judgement?

Then there is a question in the matter of time by which the appeal must be lodged.

I believe that it is 14 days after the decision was delivered.

Notice of appeal

51. (1) Every appeal shall be by notice in writing which shall be filed with the Registrar of the Court from which the appeal lies at the place where the decision appealed against was given within fourteen days after the date of the decision.

14 working days?

In my other post and from the link provided,
"The calculation of the 14 days when the last day of the time period falls on a weekly or public holiday was discussed in the case of Kentucky Fried Chicken [1976] 2MLJ 145 that the date which the sentence is passed is excluded and where the last day falls on a Sunday or weekly holiday, the last date to file would then be Monday, the next working day."
would mean that the last day to file an appeal would have to be the 24th of January but it being a public holiday, the final day will be the next day, 25th this month.

Be that as it may and even if the AG's office decides not to appeal, and even though I read it to be in relation to time and place,

Sittings of the Court

39. (1) The Court shall sit on such dates and at such places as the President may from time to time appoint:

Provided that the President may, when he deems it expedient, direct that any appeal be heard at any time and in any place in Malaysia.

(2) The President may cancel or postpone any sitting of the Court which has been appointed under subsection (1).

Interpretation of the laws has been argued, no?

Well, if a Bar Council constitutional expert can declare that Islam is not the official religion of Malaysia, I too can interpret the law as I see it.

Will the AG appeal?

I still say yes.

An indication? "CJ: Senior judges cannot influence decision by lower courts"
Meanwhile, Court of Appeal President Tan Sri Md Raus Sharif said there would not be any expansion on the number of judges to sit on the appellate panel to hear criminal and civil cases.

He, however, said he would consider constituting a panel comprising more than three judges in exceptional cases if there was an application made by parties in the case.

At the opening of the Legal Year 2012 held on Saturday, Arifin announced that effective January this year, all criminal and civil cases at the Federal Court would be heard by a panel comprising five judges as compared to three previously.

He said the increase in the number of judges to sit on the panel was aimed at improving the quality of judgments and decisions. - Bernama
Yes or no?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim Err, Err, Err On Archaic Laws

Raja Petra twitted his latest post carrying an NST report and titled 'Nothing wrong with laws against homosexuality'

The NST report RPK refers to and carries an opening statement which "PAS Dewan Ulama vice-head Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed said the country's law against homosexuality was never archaic."

This is specifically in response to Anwar Ibrahim's answer in an interview with the BBC in reply to a question of laws on homosexuality in Malaysia, when Anwar answered the question only mentioning "archaic laws".

In his reply, this what Anwar Ibrahim said,

"Err, blah blah. Err, err, blah blah blah err, err. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah err, err. Blah, blah, blah....err, err"

In the Malay language what we in Malaysia would say "dalam cara menggelabah".


Related reading, The Malay Mail, "Hasan slams Anwar on gays"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Malott The Racist Meddler

First things first.

If this is not the mother of ironies then in must be the grandmother of them all.

Karpal Singh in his wisdom is quoted by a Bernama report, "Karpal Urges Ag Not To Appeal Anwar's Acquittal",
"This trial has been called the mother of all trials in Malaysia and I think three years is a very long time and that it should be stopped for the sake of all,"
1. The trial took 3 years no thanks to the numerous appeals by Anwar Ibrahim himself and Karpal has gall to advise the AG not to appeal!

2. "For the sake of all"?? What about the complainants sake?

Now this is absurd, Karpal goes on to say,
"Most unfortunate that the matter has come to this extent for Saiful, but I think it is best for the country and all concerned to stop this harassment on Anwar and his family.."
"..harassment on Anwar and his family.."? Readers can take it from there.

Now to the matter at hand, the mother of all meddlers, the has-been John "Rasputin" Malott.

If not for Rocky Bru's post, "Mallot, ambik kau/Mallot the Macaw", I would have missed the meddler's latest excremental diatribe.

I would have thought that ultra meddler would have been running for cover following Anwar's open support for Hudud.

Why would I not think so when the meddler must be a closet racist, if not why would he be supporting a racist Islamophobic congressman by the name of Ed Royce.
Mr. John R. Malott (World Affairs Council/CEO), (Zip code: 92677) $250 to ED ROYCE FOR CONGRESS on 06/27/01
Ex-ambassader John "Rasputin" Malott was also once an ex-Ambassador-at-Large on the Executive Board of the World Affairs Council of Orange County which the "U.S. Representative Ed Royce (R) is serving his tenth term in Congress representing Southern California's 40th District, based in Orange County. He and his wife, Marie, are longtime residents of Fullerton, CA."

This the Islamophobic congressman, Ed Royce, that the urine Malott supports.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Independence of the Judiciary and the Anwar Ibrahim Verdict

I do not understand exhortations questioning the 'Independence of the Malaysian Judiciary'.

These expressions, in as far as the Anwar verdict, especially, or any other decisions where the courts of Malaysia are concerned, defies all logic.

Let's take the Anwar Ibrahim verdict as an explicit case to point.

Guilty verdict - The Govt interfered, conspired, colluded et al but is asked, nay demanded, by all and sundry, "please, you must intervene". And that's ok?

Is this not interference and the judiciary is NOT independent.

Not Guilty - Not interfered implies "you can or could have interfered". But in this case it's okay!

Does this not also mean that the Judiciary is NOT independent?

And when those, who out of that verdict say that it proves that the Judiciary is independent, all and sundry will say nay, but again, in this case it's okay!

Go ahead, juxtapose all reports, comments and responses of the Anwar verdict with my statement.

There lies the lie, one way or the other, "Malaysian Judiciary is Not Independent"

It is only "independent" when decisions go their way.

Or, it is still "not independent" but it's okay.

For what it's worth, like the words of "The Special One", Jose Mourinho, Anwar Ibrahim is now, "Untouchable".

Figure that one out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Elections In November 2012

The US Presidential, and US Senate elections coinciding, will be held on 6 November.

I have not being following US elections, ever since the George "War criminal" Bush versus Albert "Al Reformasi" Gore controversial presidential elections of 2000, seriously or with interest.

The two Johns, Kerry and McCain, are all in the Bush mould. Obama is a convenient compromise.

By that I mean economic policies, foreign policies being non-negotiable, by all we have seen in the last 12 years since and no need to elaborate why.

Nominations for the GOP presidential candidacy has already been rolling with Mitt Romney an early favourite and front runner.

Notable Republican candidate on offer Ron Paul,, gets my attention for his stand on the US Federal Reserve.

By tradition, being a Democratic Party and incumbent President Obama, with Joe Biden the Vice-President, both would be expected to be the Democratic ticket of choice, unless one or the other opts out as candidate.

Whether Barack Obama can retain the Presidency is left to be seen, for although having advantages for example being in national and international media spotlight during his administration, this article suggests that the challenger will get a sizable chunk of the undecided votes.

Be that as it may, President Obama has already accumulated in his campaign coffers a whopping USD $240 million for re-election equivalent to Rm 752,239,000.

As a comparison, the Elections Offences Act 1954, Section 19 limits election campaign expenses for a Parliamentary seat to Rm 200,000 and a State seat at Rm 100,000, meaning a total of Rm 94,900,000 in expenses is allowed for campaigning to each coalition, within a specified campaign period.

We know of course the Pakatan pack have actively been campaigning ever since that freak result of 2008 but that won't count officially as campaign expenses.

Talking about money and US elections being so sophisticated as to become a science in itself, here's an interesting article.

What I take it to mean is that betting odds together with a variety of predictors could be used to forecast the success of a candidates.

Didn't we have that suspicion all this while, an open secret?

That the betting voter would favour the candidate with better betting odds or to put it in another way the result could be manipulated by bookies who would give short odds of a candidate not in their favour thereby giving the other candidate an edge.

Sorry for an adverse implication, but only in the urban areas would one find bookies to be actively involved in illegal betting activities, so by extension, who has benefited thus far?

As the article says, follow the money.

I see November also as a suitable and convenient time for our 13th General Elections for a slew of reasons notwithstanding elections could be called in early 2013.

Perhaps 18 November.

Best reason?

With all the media frenzy, lobbyists and lobbying in high gear pre and post US elections, there would not be any time spared, for the Pakatan "chosen one" and lonely, Anwar Ibrahim.

Another thing, remember how we all rooted for the War Criminal against Al Reformasi in that Supreme Court decided 2000 US election?

And how the War Criminal became to be the War Criminal?

So be careful for what you wish for.

Your best dreams might become your worst nightmare.

Anwar Ibrahim Trial Bombings

The outcome of the much drawn-out Sodomy II trial of Anwar Ibrahim came as a surprise to everyone, and to some, an anti-climax.

In political rhetoric expressions of joy of the acquittal by the opposition pack and expressions of disappointment among those who see Anwar guilty as hell, what has gone without notice it would seem, are the explosions in an aftermath of the verdict this Monday.

Why is this despicable acts be referred to only as "explosions"?

These are bombings.

Explosions by time bombs

Both sides of the political divide do not want to address the explosion even with a ten foot pole.

There must be a fear that the culprits would be linked to their respective supporters or party.

Even in the blogosphere it is only given a passing mention at the very most.

This is unacceptable.

It does not matter what affiliation the culprits would belong and found to be associated with.

The bombers must be caught, brought to book and subject the greatest brunt of our laws.

Are we saying these actions are only a "one-off"?

It certainly seem to be the case.

What if it were not the work of local political extremists?

What if it were a trial run of international extremists or others with more diabolic intentions?

The bombings, thank God, has resulted only in injuries and not fatalities.

We do not want our country to be a haven to all and any kind of extremism or covert activities that will lead to costs of human life, not even a single one.

The police must be given our complete co-operation to apprehend these anarchists.

The bombings cannot and must not be a precedent of any kind.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Appealing the Anwar Ibrahim Decision - Q&A

Layman trying to understand the appeal procedure.

Q: Is there a written judgement?

Q2: Appeal procedure silent on "written judgement", notice of appeal from day judgement delivered?

Q3: Will there be an appeal? A: IMHO, yes.

The World Won't Wait

Sounds like title to a James Bond movie, no?

Well, actually it's a phrase coming out of a Bloomberg article parodying a TV series titled "Time to Pull 'CSI: Malaysia' Off the Air: The Ticker"

Most apt I must agree, juxtaposed to grounds in the acquittal, of the one and only, Anwar Ibrahim.

"Time to Pull 'CSI: Malaysia' Off the Air: The Ticker" must be a sequel of sorts to another Bloomberg article in 2009 by the same author, "Gay Sex Takes Backseat to Economic Policy Making: William Pesek"

In both these articles you will find that same phrase,
The world won’t wait for Malaysia.

In fact, the whole paragraph then, is repeated now, with an additional line to bring in time for the present time.

Both articles are worth reading, overtones and undertones aside.

Johore Within Opposition Grasp With Chinese Votes

So reports The Malaysia Insidious portal, "In Johor, Chinese set to snub BN in polls"

The Insidious gives prominence to a thinking but empty tank..
"According to reformist think-tank Zentrum Future Studies Abdul Ghani has good reason to be worried."
and most ominously,
"Opposition leaders in the state estimate that they won 55 per cent of Chinese votes in the last election but Abu Hassan said support from the community has surged to close to 90 per cent."

Yes, Datuk Abdul Ghani must take heed because,

According to Harakah daily, "Zentrum ramal BN Sarawak akan jatuh"
KUCHING, 14 April: Jika betullah kajian yang dibuat oleh Zentrum Future Studies, kerajaan BN Sarawak bakal jatuh dalam pilihan raya negeri Sarawak kali ini apabila Zentrum meramalkan, BN hanya akan mendapat 24 kerusi Dun

Wait, wait there's more,
"Kajian itu juga meramalkan, Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Taib Mahmud akan kalah di Balingian di tangan sepupunya, Datuk Salleh Jafarudin (BN 33%, PR 30% dan Bebas 37%)."

Hello TMI, GFS..Go Fook Spiders

Blogger Note:

Be that as it may, Johore BN please do not be complacent.

How about Datuk Rocky?

Yes, we Malaysians tend to forget. Most of the time we're also a forgiving lot.

Way back in 2007, just before I started blogging, Rocky (wasn't a Datuk then) made this posting.

Datuk Rocky ended his posting with this,
"I hope with Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan's admission in the above-mentioned court documents, this long-standing issue can be clarified once and for all by/in the NST, and an apology profferred to Dr Mahathir and all readers of the newspaper."

Datuk Rocky was right all the time.

Many may not recall or have forgotten, maybe being overshadowed by the ex-con's acquittal, it was widely reported yesterday that Datuk Seri Kalimullah has apologised to Tun Mahathir on this issue raised by Datuk Rocky. The Star report,
".. Kalimullah also unreservedly withdrew and retracted all allegations he had made in respect of a June 11, 2006 article in the New Sunday Times with regard a meeting in Japan between then prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Dr Mahathir.

He also apologised to Dr Mahathir for any embarrassment caused."

Will Datuk Seri Kalimullah now offer an apology to Datuk Rocky?

Inspired by a Voice.

UPDATE 9.45am

Kurang ajar punya Star, just noticed, Tun flip-flop but plain Dr Mahathir.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Anwar Admits to Sodomy I?

Is Anwar admitting Sodomy I ?
"There was stronger ground for my acquittal, it was not even on a technical issue."

Anwar Ibrahim's Good News, Bad News

First, the good news: Sodomy II Anwar Acquitted

PKR must surely be elated that Brother Anwar Ibrahim has been found not guilty.

Now, for the bad news :

Azmin Ali can rely on this 100,000 strong Pakatani Rakyat support for Anwar to topple the BN Govt.

"Earlier, about 2,000 Anwar supporters had gathered outside the court, chanting slogans and carrying banners under heavy police presence."

Pic source Polis Diraja Malaysia.


10 January 8.55am

Apologies. Not 2,000 but 6,000.

The Sun page 4 Report by Alyaa Alhadjri, "Nearly 6,000-strong crowd"

Since everyone is in a jubilant mood, lets throw in another 4,000 to make it a perfect 10K.

Anwar Ibrahim Found Not Guilty

Latest on http://twitter.com/staronline.

Just a trial run.

Appeals on the way for sure.

The other way round.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim 901 Judgement Day and Foregone Conclusions?

UPDATE 7 January

Anwar pleading to be freed?

6 January 2011

Azmin Ali is sure but not so sure.

Should the outcome not be favourable to the Pakatan pack, they will continue to protest until their demands are met. On this, Azmin is very sure,
“We will continue. The same night we have a programme in Penang. If he is acquitted, then Anwar will celebrate in his home state. If not, we will go to Penang and continue our demands,” he said.
Which means Anwar Ibrahim will be free when the court(s) accede to the Pakatan pack demands. And with that, all faith in the justice system will be restored.

When called to enter his defense, Anwar chose to give an unsworn statement from the dock.

Loyarburok provides Anwar Ibrahim's full statement from the dock.

Being the good people in the youthful legal fraternity, Loyarburok posts an opinion piece begging the question, "Why Did Anwar Ibrahim Give An Unsworn Statement?"

But for sure the impact of that statement from the dock, for whatever reason or value that can be placed upon it, would want and achieves a desired effect. That of convincing Anwaristas as well as for the foreign media and various organisations, of a plan pulling out all the stops to deprive him of power to form the next government by finding him guilty of a heinous crime.

All would be wise to consider, if it were so, whether this tactical "conspiracy" would have the desired effect on the part of the "conspirators"?

Of course not. Certainly not.

On the contrary, politically, it would have the opposite effect.

We all know that. It's suicidal and just plain stupid.

The opposition have, however, deigned and taken with extreme pain, to indoctrinate their dog determined followers, describing the case as proof of the ruling party's stupidity, carrying out a plan knowing it to be stupid.

Out of desperation, it seems.

One such organisation that is monitoring Sodomy II is the Inter-Parliamentary Union or IPU, through an observer (whether officially assigned is in question, see rebuttal link following), Mark Trowell QC.
"From the earlier court records, Mark Trowell QC was holding a watching brief for LAWASIA. It has not been reflected in the court records that Mark Trowell QC was an observer for IPU."
That Mark Trowell (and some usual suspects can be found) took an interest in another report, way back when Anwar was acquitted by the Federal Court, when,
"To summarise our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law."
gives rise to suspicion of impartiality of the same said report; skepticism arising out of the structure and tenor of the report. Note the following also from the report,
"First, may I extend my appreciation to both the Australian Bar Association and International Commission of Jurists for requesting that I represent their interests at the appeal."

"Dato’ Param Cumaraswamy (at the time Vice-President of the Geneva based International Commission of Jurists) is a passionate advocate for human rights."

"Chief Justice of Western Australia David K. Malcolm AC (also Chair of the Judicial Wing of LAWASIA)....David Malcolm QC (as he then was) attended as the LAWASIA observer at the sedition trial of Dato’ Param Cumaraswamy (then President of the Malaysian Bar Council) who at that time was under attack from the Malaysian Government in 1986."
Objectively, the Federal Court's dismissal and written judgement of Anwar's corruption charges is also covered and included by the Mark Trowell report.

Reading both judgements exclusively, one will be able to form an opinion or conclude the veracity of these judgements.

Mark Trowell's suspect impartiality has not gone unnoticed by the Malaysian IPU delegation in this rebuttal to the Queens Counsel's various reports to the IPU.
"However, the general impression that could be gleaned from these 2 reports prepared by Mark Trowell QC, would be that the reports were actually prepared by one of the members in the Anwar Ibrahim’s defence team and not by an objective observer to the trial."
Reading the prosecution submission (here and here) to establish prima facie, one will also be able to form an opinion conclusively, even at that stage. (Source for links.)

Admittedly, while not having the full transcript of submissions by the defense, and relying on various news reports, the prosecution submission above, however, had addressed some of the points raised by the defense such as reported here by The Sun Daily, at the close.

Admittedly also, I am no legal expert. I understand and express matters as a layman.

Be that as it may, I am at a loss to understand how the defense, in submitting a conspiracy of sorts or ulterior motive to create reasonable doubt as reported,
"In this sordid episode the puppeteer is SAC Rodwan and by extension behind Rodwan is Tan Sri Musa Hassan the director. The puppet is Saiful."
but does not call Musa and Rodwan to testify.

Or in reporting Sankara Nair's submitting grounds for alleged "conspiracy",
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers today accused Datuk Seri Najib Razak of being responsible for the current sodomy charge against the PKR de facto leader, claiming that the prime minister’s “fingerprints” were “all over” the case.
when the reasons put forth by leading counsel Karpal Singh to subpoena PM Datuk Seri Najib, at an earlier time and reportedly because quote,
"Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s testimony is crucial to the Sodomy II trial, veteran lawyer Karpal Singh argued today, saying it could shed light on the disposition of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s accuser in the days leading up to the alleged incident."
“It is necessary to obtain evidence from the prime minister with regard to SP1’s (Saiful) state of mind, and whether he was frightened, or whether the prime minister would have expected SP1 to follow his advice,” Karpal said today.
Karpal requires Datuk Seri Najib's testimony not about any "conspiracy" but rather the 'state of the complainant's mind'.

Of note, is one of the defense main witnesses, Brian McDonald the DNA expert.

If a blogger was able to make a disclosure that could cast serious doubts on the credibility of this witness, automatically questions would be asked in the defense choice of witness. Surely, they would have checked thoroughly before deciding on the suitability of the witness.

The most persuasive and consistent defense witness, that may sway the court's decision in Anwar's favour, had been the spine specialist, Dr Thomas Hoogland.

Dr Hoogland's testimony, despite rigorous cross-examination by the prosecution, remained steadfast and sound.

If the court were to accept Dr Hoogland's testimony thereby deciding for Anwar, the whole of the prosecution's case crumbles, and at the same time supports the allegation of "conspiracy".

But, but, that being the case, would it not have been more formidable not only providing Dr Hoogland but also two, three or more spine and a host of the finest orthopedic specialists, together with the latest medical reports, to demolish the prosecution's case?

And by extension, why was there the need for all the other witnesses, whatever motives and all the "solid" alibis?


I still hold on to a hope that Anwar Ibrahim will be acquitted for some technical reason as with his acquittal by the Federal Court in Sodomy I.

For I have seen and believed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - The Three Stooges

Ever since the "tsunami" of two oh oh eight, politics and political affairs disseminated thru the mainstream media and the alternative media, have provided us with daily doses of drama, intrigue even tragedy.

Not to mention comedy.

The greatest comedy for me is the god-like Anwarista adulation of the ex-con, Anwar Ibrahim. And if what they wish for, god help us should it be granted, would be the greatest tragedy for us all.

Ushering the new year was mind boggling news, depending on which or any side of the theater you're watching from, of Richard Kimble @ the Fugitive also known as Raja Petra Kamarudin better known as RPK.

The usual response in an ally turnover, from AI dependent AA, AI not being Artificial Intelligence but Anwar Ibrahim and AA not being Alcoholic Anonynous but Azmin Ali, slamming RPK reminds me of the 3 Stooges.

Anwar as the head honcho and domineering Moe, Azmin as the compliant disciplining Larry and RPK as the well meaning but bungling Curly.

All the brouhaha, it seems, because of the all important verdict come 901, which there can be no denying, determine the course of the next general elections.

Curly's antics has been suitably dealt with in the blogosphere with mixed reviews.

The Malaysian Insider tripping all over itself, with an opening line in Larry's PR exercise threat to mobilise 100,000 zombies, "PKR plans 100,000-strong rally for Sodomy II verdict", laughably reads

"Pakatan Rakyat (PR) said today it will gather 100,000 people on Monday to support Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim when the Kuala Lumpur High Court decides if the opposition leader is guilty of sodomy."
Huh? fast rewind
" when the Kuala Lumpur High Court decides if the opposition leader is guilty of sodomy"????
How about this,
Selangor PAS chief Dr Rani Osman also said the Islamist party had called on all divisions to mobilise and “even those in Sabah and Sarawak want to join”.

Sabah and Sarawak PAS? Oscar material, no?

The PAS comedy that is taking place in Selangor is worth a watch and maybe it is apt that it is the Selangor PAS chief who is giving official support and not it's national Deputy Chief, Mat Sabu.

Like Curly who originated the term "Anwarista", it was Mat Sabu who originated the term "Al-Juburi", specially for Moe.

But it's no laughing matter when the opposition "pact" defies the police.

More importantly, Larry and his pack can be construed to be in criminal contempt of court, an attempt to subvert the course of justice.

Criminal contempt covers any conduct which seriously interferes with the administration of justice such that punishment is justified from the perspective of the public as a whole.

The drama the Pakatan pack intend to unleash it's
zombies upon us folks come 901 would be seen by "civil" society, widely known as Angie Os, as within their "civil" rights.

But our motley crew of "civil" society are oftentimes silent when it is beneficial and expedient. As in upcoming 901, It is not in their script of things.

The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 2200A (XXI) of 16 December 1966 entry into force 23 March 1976, in accordance with Article 49..
Article 19

1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.

2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

3. The exercise of the rights provided for in paragraph 2 of this article carries with it special duties and responsibilities. It may therefore be subject to certain restrictions, but these shall only be such as are provided by law and are necessary:

(a) For respect of the rights or reputations of others;

(b) For the protection of national security or of public order (ordre public), or of public health or morals.

Article 21

The right of peaceful assembly shall be recognized. No restrictions may be placed on the exercise of this right other than those imposed in conformity with the law and which are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, public order (ordre public), the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

The Anwarista cult sensation has and will always be viewed with a shake of the head in exasperation.

I always maintain that Anwar's sexploitations concerns me not.

It is Anwar Ibrahim the person we all, except zombies, know about.

Here is Moe in fine form,
"Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today predicted that the general election would be held soon after his sodomy trial ends saying that it was part of an elaborate plan to end his political career. "
Meaning Polls after 901 Decision.

Only two days later
, Dec 15 "Sodomy verdict will strengthen resolve for reform, says Anwar"
"The PKR politician said he had not expected an early decision of his sodomy trial - the second in his political career - adding he thought it would be announced only after national polls."

Now Moe says 901 Decision after Polls.

Comedic. Nay, tragic.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim, Raja Petra Kamarudin "and this time I'm not going to jail"

Rocky's Bru posts "RPK's nail on Anwar Ibrahim's coffin" about RPK's exclusive interview with the NST.

Even the rabid opposition news portal, The Malaysia insider carries the following headlines, "RPK says confident Anwar man in sex video" and fittingly "Anwar morally unfit to become PM, says RPK"

My previous post on the ex-convict only confirms what we all know and what these zombie Anwaristas are stubbornly impervious to accept, the man just cannot be trusted and unprincipled.

And even in the event that the ex-con is convicted again, even RPK reportedly says,
I do not know if Anwar is guilty or not. For me the issue is not important. The question is is he the best candidate to run the country. If you are a good person you are surely ‘clean’. But if you can’t run the country you can’t it’s that simple.
Happy New Year!