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Ambiga Balls

See what I mean. You just cannot be remorseful with the likes of Ambiga.

She really must have balls, literally speaking, she certainly looks so.

From that orifice where the sun don't shine, "Ambiga: Najib cannot ignore massive Bersih 3.0 turnout"
“But speaking from the government’s point of view they must go further than that and ask themselves — why would the people be so prepared to put themselves in such a situation to demand for electoral reforms ” she said.
Why she asks?

Because of cow dung bullshit and gullibility.

Thank her lucky stars there was no life lost and blood on her hands.

Nuff said.

Sincere Apologies

I sincerely apologise to readers who find my recent posts offensive.

I am by nature NOT one to express myself by explicit language.

It happens when and because I and angered and feel strongly about issues affecting my country and yours.

BERSIH and hypocritical opposition leaders exploiting their gullible supporters for political gain will lead the country to ruin and destroy our way of life and true liberty for their selfish goals.

Hence, I will not apologise to those who are subject of my expletive assault.

Datuk Ambiga, who will sell the country for 30 ringgit. The devil incarnate himself, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. DAP Secretary General and evil lawbreaker, Lim Guan Eng. And all their ilk.

News mediums, mainstream or alternative and their servile reporters/columnists when they contrive to distort and lie for attention and profit. Especially when they are biased with obvious agendas.

I wish everyone a happy Sunday.

The Malaysian Insider - Dick, Cunts and Arseholes

I do not know whether Shannon Teoh is a dick or a cunt but Clara Chooi must surely be a cunt.

What is indubitable, both work for an arsehole, The Malaysian Insider.

Today's gaping arsehole, "Larger Bersih turnout, but violence may play into Umno’s hands" By Shannon Teoh and Clara Chooi.

Mr/Ms Dick/Cunt,

I draw your "good" selves to attention to the Society of Professional Jounalists' Code of Ethics -


Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility. Members of the Society share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the Society's principles and standards of practice.

Seek Truth and Report It

Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.

Journalists should:

— Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error. Deliberate distortion is never permissible.
— Diligently seek out subjects of news stories to give them the opportunity to respond to allegations of wrongdoing.
— Identify sources whenever feasible. The public is entitled to as much information as possible on sources' reliability.
— Always question sources’ motives before promising anonymity. Clarify conditions attached to any promise made in exchange for information. Keep promises.
Make certain that headlines, news teases and promotional material, photos, video, audio, graphics, sound bites and quotations do not misrepresent. They should not oversimplify or highlight incidents out of context.
— Never distort the content of news photos or video. Image enhancement for technical clarity is always permissible. Label montages and photo illustrations.
— Avoid misleading re-enactments or staged news events. If re-enactment is necessary to tell a story, label it.
— Avoid undercover or other surreptitious methods of gathering information except when traditional open methods will not yield information vital to the public. Use of such methods should be explained as part of the story
— Never plagiarize.
— Tell the story of the diversity and magnitude of the human experience boldly, even when it is unpopular to do so.
Examine their own cultural values and avoid imposing those values on others.
— Avoid stereotyping by race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance or social status.
Support the open exchange of views, even views they find repugnant.
— Give voice to the voiceless; official and unofficial sources of information can be equally valid.
Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting. Analysis and commentary should be labeled and not misrepresent fact or context.
— Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two.
— Recognize a special obligation to ensure that the public's business is conducted in the open and that government records are open to inspection.
If you dicks, cunts and arseholes cannot abide by the above ethics, don't call yourselves journalists. Calling yourselves professionals is worse than blasphemy.

As for that Onkie political analyst in your gaping arse, I would be grateful if you could point him to "Internal Migration and Electoral Roll Accuracy Rate: A Quick Look at MERAP's 3.1 Million "Preliminary Analysis" by blogger SatD.

BERSIH Cunt Talks, Dick Explains, Arsehole Malaysian Insider

The Cunt talks - The Star "Organisation to abide by order and not enter Dataran"
She said the organisers were determined to make the demonstration a peaceful one, adding that 6,000 security personnel recruited by Bersih would check participants for objects that could cause harm.

She said the personnel, who would be in maroon T-shirts, would be made up of PAS' Unit Amal, Keadilan Youth (Angkatan Muda Keadilan), Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) and DAP Youth members.

She said they were chosen because they were trained in crowd control.

Dick explains via The Arsehole Malaysian Insider with another fucking spin headline "Bersih admits lost crowd control after police action"
Bersih admitted it lost control of the tens of thousands on the streets of the capital today when protesters failed to adhere to strict instructions not to breach the police barricade surrounding Dataran Merdeka.
And the China pek dick puts the blame on PAS,
When the rally continued, said Wong, Bersih leaders and security personnel from PAS’s Unit Amal failed to hold back protesters from proceeding to breach the barricade, which the election watchdog group had earlier promised it would not do today.
Find this post offensive?

I don't give a flying fuck.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


“DAP urges all Malaysians to join the Bersih rallies nationwide, especially at Dataran Merdeka,” - Lim Guan Eng in response to "My opposition to this kind of demonstration is — we are encouraging people to break the law and we are supposed to be lawmakers"
In other words: DAP calls on all Malaysians to break the law.

DAP Quotes of the Day

"Lim added that Tunku Abdul Aziz had not informed the party leadership that he would be making his stand public and had therefore contradicted the DAP’s principle of collective decision-making." - Lim Guan Eng
In other words: We collectively decide your views.

So much for freedom of speech.
“DAP urges all Malaysians to join the Bersih rallies nationwide, especially at Dataran Merdeka,” - Lim Guan Eng
In other words: DAP calls on all Malaysian to break the law.

So much for upholding the rule of law.

Source: Malaysia Today

Friday, April 27, 2012


I have nothing against gays and their lifestyles.

To each his own as long as it's in the privacy of his, her or their own.

What's with "savvy" media columnists these days?

This one thinks free and fair elections in Malaysia is the way, for want of a better phrase, to freedom of gay inhibitions.

So when the question was asked, "Should LGBTs join Bersih 3.0?"

The answer is YES -
As such I will be at Dataran Merdeka tomorrow to show that I am more than just a gay man I am a voter and I sure as hell want free and fair elections so that we can advance to a Malaysia where we can live as who we are overtly happy people who can go around openly without being threatened and cowed because the closet cases don’t have the guts to do so.
Give him credit for guts though, he's so Macho, Macho Man.

Rocky's Bru has another take of another Macho, Macho Man, "Anwar's "independent" foreign observers are here to tell us we are not free nor fair"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Religion and Politics....A Churchgoer Too Part 2

It pays to be patient and subjects intertwine.

My previous post "BERSIH Idiots and a Voice of Reason" and the continuation of "Religion and Politics....A Churchgoer Too" fits hand in glove just in time to  respond a Side view from the Malaysian Insider, "The pulpit, the pastor and politics —Rama Ramanathan"

As an old fossil who is ignorant of Christian history and out respect to a more learned Mr Rama, I will not be so condescending as him.

Suffice to say I do not need a time machine to recognise that Christian pastors have taken political roles to alter the course of history positively, as in the case of Bishop Desmond Tutu and Cardinal Sin.

But I ask the learned Mr Rama, does the Christian situation in Malaysia warrant any political activism?

Political issues in Malaysia is subjective. Meaning if one is opposition inclined, opposition issues raised would be mooted by those pro-BN/Govt and vice versa.

Let's be frank, what is the main objective of Christianity. It is evangelism, the spreading of Christ teachings.

The point Mr Rama misses, dinosaurs like me and people like Steve Roads are not blind to the opposition taking full advantage of the objective for a political agenda.

Let's be very, very frank, if the Malay polity were to use religion in Mosques for a political agenda I am absolutely certain Mr Rama would vehemently object - "Cannot, cannot this is secular country!"

If Mr Rama disagrees, I will call him another hypocrite.

What then is his arduous article all about?

As far as Catholic church and I are concerned, I repeat, the Vatican says "Priests Do Not Have a Political Mission"
Nevertheless, Jesus never wanted to be involved in a political movement, and fled from every attempt to draw him into earthly questions and affairs (cf. Jn 6:15). The kingdom he came to establish does not belong to this world (cf. Jn 18:36). For this reason he said to those who wanted him to take a stand regarding the civil power: "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God" (Mt 22:21)
and most significantly and how apt,
Like Jesus, he must renounce involvement in political activity, especially by not taking sides (which almost inevitably happens).
I don't know if Mr Rama is Christian and I couldn't care less.

For all his scholastic, academic and historical facts, the subject by which he chose to give an example viz a sodomite, you know where he is coming from -
Many older Malaysian Christians believe a precept of their religion is that faith and politics should be kept separate This belief is best illustrated by an example.

Once an older member of one church chastised me for commending a young preacher’s mention of the first Anwar trial in a sermon.
and where he is going to -
See you at Bersih 3.0
For all his pontificating, Mr Rama is another idiot who is intent on and encouraging people to break the law.

BERSIH Idiots and a Voice of Reason

Recapping my "Religion and Politics..and Idiots", concerning Idiots -

In the Sundaily papers today, regular columnist Oon Yeoh, has this headline for his column, "Let BERSIH Use Dataran".

I may not be a PhD or a Masters degree holder but I do have something called common sense.

The law is the law.

I wonder if this description has lost it's literal meaning - LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.



This Oon Yeoh is a closet DAP supporter who tried to hide his tracks. His views are biased.

If his opposition leaning proclivities are not a cause for his slanted views then he must be an IDIOT.

Mr Oon, knowing your DAP inclinations and as a columnist, you and other younger generation (and older generation) in the field of journalism, will be well advised to listen to the words of senior DAP vice-president and Senator, Tunku Abdul Aziz, regarding BERSIH 3.0.

Then no matter what political affiliation journos and writers may have, responsible writing as it should be, will be much respected.

It is indeed rare and so very refreshing that someone high in the opposition hierarchy would come out to call a spade a spade, the law is the law and no amount of spin, lies and propaganda can legitimise an unlawful act and it's consequences.

The Malaysian Insider, "DAP’s Tunku Abdul Aziz says against Bersih 3.0" -
"My opposition to this kind of demonstration is — we are encouraging people to break the law and we are supposed to be lawmakers"

The senior leader noted that although most street demonstrations start off with peaceful intentions they often turn out to be violent and chaotic.

"Now when something happens who is going to take responsibility

The person or the people who organise it will probably not be there Who will be looking after the casualties people who are injured people who are trampled upon

The tendency is to blame the authorities and I think this is not fair ” he said.

I recommend everyone to read this report in full especially idiots in and out of BERSIH.

Marina Mahathir, you too.

Anwar Ibrahim's Believe It Or Not

When I read it, I could not help ROFLMAO.

The Malaysian Insider reports, "Pakatan optimistic of GE win, Anwar tells envoys ahead of polls"

Some side splitting lines -
Anwar said one of the PR’s concerns was how to conduct a peaceful power transition from Barisan Nasional to PR “when the time comes.”
To make sure the riots in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor will not recur. Hahaha. well as the rationale behind the upcoming Bersih 3.0 rally.
Yes, yes, to foreigners aka crash course in BULLSHIT 3.0 Hehe.
Also present were Bersih leaders which included Maria Chin Abdullah and Hishamuddin Rais.
Lying in plain sight. Stupid me, all the time I thought BULLSHIT 3.0 was apolitical. No DAP ah?
"One diplomat said what has been published in the news seem to indicate Datuk Seri Najib Razak was more popular To which Anwar said that opinion polls should be read with caution and detail"
See, I told you not to believe that DAP Onkie 3.1 million fellow. Ohhh, now I know why DAP missing.
"Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s loss in the last GE despite the fact that opinion surveys showed he was highly popular among Malaysians."
Last GE opinion surveys showed Pak Lah was highly popular among Malaysians. Betul kah? At that time no need for survey to show how popular Pak Lah was, everyone knew how "popular" so much so kena tendang. Hahahahahahaha.
"They diplomats were interested in how we plan to take over we also explained to them our concerns about electoral reforms"

Fuziah along with PKR’s Sivarasa Rasiah conducted presentations of unresolved issues surrounding the electoral system such as the "unnatural" spike of voters in Selangor as well as the professionalism of the Election Commission, EC.
If "Pakatan Rakyat PR is ready and confident of taking over Putrajaya, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has confidently told foreign diplomats" it means electoral system is okay, riiiight? Foreign diplomats getting value for money BULLSHIT. Hahaha.

Professionalism er? Talk you what?
Kamaruddin added that what was stressed during the briefing was that the country’s electoral system was "far from clean"
But can still win! Like a broken record. No, no like Astro - repeat and repeat and repeat. Hahahaha.

This is the best of all,
"The response was quite good. Some of the diplomats have said privately that they support us should PR win federal power" the Tumpat MP said.

They will support you should the "PR win federal power" if not they won't support you. That's why they tell you privately and you open mouth and tell everybody.

Hahahaha, hahahaha, hahaha, hahaha.

Must stop laughing. Stomach pain already.

Religion and Politics....A Churchgoer Too

I had posted in full a letter to the Star, "Churches misusing the pulpit".

A Churchgoer Too responded with this letter, "Church has social role".

Full extract,
I WRITE in response to “Churches misusing the pulpit” (The Star, April 25). The writer’s arguments seem meaningful but he has failed to see the bigger context of things when he says that churches should remove politics from the pulpit.

I do not know which mainstream church he goes to, but to say that sermons from several mainstream churches incite people against the Government is misleading and untrue.

The main gist of the writer’s argument is that mainline churches should not bring politics to the pulpit. As a Christian myself, I do not agree with such a view.

The writer is flawed in his thinking that the church should not highlight political issues that affect its congregation.

The truth is everything from religion, economics, culture, the right of every citizen to business, commerce, education, policies, and the rule of law is politically intertwined in Malaysia.

The writer has cited some statistics of how Christians are the “second largest and fourth largest faith community in their respective population strata”.

Statistics do not mean a thing to the pressing issues at hand facing the Christian community.

The church would not do so if there is no pressing need for it to address certain national issues.

The church is not infringing on its religious authority when it does so; it is merely playing its universal role in seeking and highlighting issues that affect the Christian community and its welfare.

In fact, one should be proud that the church has now stepped out of its sometime symbolic role to play an important part in nation-building.

It is also very common for Christians to turn to the church for guidance, motivation and enlightenment in difficult times.

The church does not force anyone to obey it. Again, if one does not agree with what is being preached, one can choose to focus only on the religious message and not be bothered with the political content.

Malaysia is seeing the growth of civil society groups that now also include religious bodies, which is an unavoidable phenomenon in a maturing democratic society such as Malaysia.

For 2,000 years, the Catholic Church, for example, has been involved in many aspects of the affairs of the state, from international diplomacy and foreign affairs to peace mediation in international conflicts. Therefore, the church plays an important role in international relations and global economics.

The recent visit of our Prime Minister to the Vatican further strengthens the view of how international relations and a religious authority can co-exist in a healthy plain.

Rather than judge the actions of the church, the writer should try to understand the integral message it’s trying to preach, which is a universal struggle against injustice, the evils of tyranny, the persecution of the innocent (oppression), unfairness, corruption and greed.

Similarly, criticism from the church is not meant to harm anyone or any government, it is meant to improve the elected government of the day in its responsibility to the people.

This is the social role that a religious body like the church is trying to play. As the saying goes, “to receive criticism is good, to not receive criticism at all is dangerous”.


Petaling Jaya.
At this point I wish to say that I should engage A Churchgoer Too at the same medium and maybe I would by submitting this, my post.

But I hope there will be others who have similar observations of "Churches misusing the pulpit" to provide more discourse in support.

To start off, "Peoria bishop compares Obama's actions to Stalin, Hitler",
a pertinent excerpt deliberately highlighted,
The Anti-Defamation League wants an apology from Peoria's bishop following a recent homily comparing President Barack Obama's policies to those of despots Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
and another immediate response, "Bishop's linking Obama to Hitler enrages Notre Dame professors" -
"Jenky, along with other U.S. Catholic bishops and social conservatives, condemned the Obama administration's requirement that church-affiliated institutions provide insurance that covers contraception."
Do all Catholics follow church edicts, not only contraception?

A latin phrase, Cuius regio, eius religio to mull -
Cuius regio, eius religio is a phrase in Latin translated as "Whose realm, his religion", meaning the religion of the ruler dictated the religion of the ruled.
Our Church having a social role is all well and good but it should not result in a political mission and the Vatican says "Priests Do Not Have a Political Mission".

Bishops are also priests.

(to be continued)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nurul Izzah - Warning Explicit Content

Like father like son which the Malay language equivalent is bapa borek, anak rintik.

And that my friends and enemies, aptly describes Anwar Ibrahim and his daughter, PKR vice-president and MP for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah.

Consider this Star report, "Let’s see if video evidence holds water, say PKR leaders", and quote the darling of PKR -
“Let him produce the evidence in court to prove it holds water,” said party vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar, who is also Anwar’s eldest daughter.
Suddenly, now got voice.

I said before Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim has got skin as thick as rhino, Nurul Izzah's skin is thicker.


Nurul, please ask papa Anwar to sue the Datuk T Trio and then we shall see whether the sextape said to feature papa will hold water.


Nurul, the truth is you are a liar just like your papa.

Nurul, you said, “What happened in Egypt and other parts of the Arab world served as reassurance that Islam and democracy can and should co-exist, and this is very important to Malaysia. We must now ensure change takes place in Malaysia.”

Nurul, you are fast becoming a stooge just like your father and we Malaysians do not want the type of change you and your papa are peddling.

We Malaysians have shown, we would rather sink with our (past, present and future) BN Govt rather than swim with foreign funded puppets like you (US92,000 for your education. Kesian, masa tu papa rumah kecik kat Sungai Buloh), your papa and the yellow madam Ambiga.

You see Nurul, we are told to Forget Muslim Arab Terrorists: America’s Enemy Is Being Rebranded. May be you were not informed, which I very much doubt, about this -
The appearance of George Soros non-governmental organization (NGO)-backed “themed revolutions” in Indonesia and Malaysia, two nations that are rich in natural gas and oil resources but which have maintained relatively friendly relations with China, indicates that the U.S. is looking at expanding its list of allies in the Asia-Pacific zone. The nationalist tendencies of Indonesian President Susilo Bambamg Yudhoyono and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak have been a stumbling block for U.S. geo-political designs in the region. The appearance of the “Sandal Revolution” in Indonesia targeting endemic corruption in the courts and political system, coupled with the acquittal on sodomy charges of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim opens the way for a further coalescing of opposition forces in both nations. The opposition Bersih movement in Malaysia, funded with dollars from the “democracy engineers” of the neocon-riddled U.S. National Endowment for Democracy, has chosen yellow for its revolution. In Myanmar, or Burma, the NED and Soros operatives are active for another round of the Saffron Revolution.
When you talk about Egypt when asking idiots to come to Dataran, do tell all them gullible idiots about “NGOs” that spooked Egypt.

But really Nurul, the reason I am getting at you is - in your call to idiots to shit with you at Dataran, you said and I quote,
"I am surprised that anyone is surprised at the manner of Gaddafi’s death. What did we expect the rebels to do? Offer Gaddafi buttered scones and an airline ticket to Geneva while the clock struck four at Grantchester?"
Before I proceed, short of calling you bitch, you and your hypocrite papa claim to champion human rights, and I don't really know what kelulusan you (and your papa) have nor do I care but as far as Gaddafi's death is concerned, you are really ignorant or if not, a bigger hypocrite.

You didn't know that the U.N. rights office urges inquiry into Gaddafi death? Buat tak tahu -
It is a fundamental principle of international law that people accused of serious crimes should be tried if possible, he said. The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants in June for Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and intelligence chief for crimes against humanity.

"Summary executions are strictly illegal under any circumstances. It's different if someone is killed in combat. There was a civil war taking place in Libya. So if the person died as part of combat, that is a different issue and that is normally acceptable under the circumstances," Colville said.

"But if something else has happened, if someone is captured and then deliberately killed, then that is a very serious matter"

You were not aware of a Human Rights Watch call to Investigate Deaths of Gaddafi and Son.? Saja-saja buat tak tahu -
The willful killing of a person in custody is a serious violation of the laws of war and is a war crime that could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch said.
Yes Nurul, you are really showing your true colours.
"I am surprised that anyone is surprised at the manner of Gaddafi’s death. What did we expect the rebels to do? Offer Gaddafi buttered scones and an airline ticket to Geneva while the clock struck four at Grantchester?"- Nurul Izzah

I hope and pray that you and your father will never get a chance to come into power.

If you did, then you won't be surprised that this would happen to your enemies -

No human being, whatever he may have done, do not deserve to suffer and die like Gaddafi.

Only animals like Nurul Izzah Binti Anwar Ibrahim can be so cold hearted as to poke fun at such atrocity, "Gaddafi sodomized: Video shows abuse frame by frame"

Religion and Politics..and Idiots

I feel a great degree comfort and some vindication.

I reiterate, Christian churches including my Catholic church have been heavily infiltrated, indoctrinated and influenced by opposition elements.

I am in full agreement with the writer in a letter to the Star, "Churches misusing the pulpit"
AS a practising Christian, I feel a sense of obligation to remind leaders of some churches not to allow the use of their pulpits for purposes other than for preaching the word of God.

I refer specifically to political sermons. Pastors and bishops are ordained by God to preach the Gospel, not incite people against the Government.

I would not have raised this issue if there had been only isolated cases of such misuse, but unfortunately the practice seems to be rampant, especially in some mainstream churches in Kuala Lumpur and other urban centres.

Some religious leaders are even inviting non-Christian politicians to address their congregations at church-organised seminars and meetings within the church compounds with clear political motives.

Don’t they realise they are being made use of by opportunist politicians who stoke emotions and preach divisive politics?

If church members wish to involve themselves in politics, they should join political parties and participate openly in political activities. And they should be prepared to take the risks too.

If they think that Christians need a greater voice in government, they should use the political process and the political parties to identify Christians and propose them as candidates for the next general election.

But do not use the church as your shield. When you do, you are doing other Christians a grave injustice.

I have heard many Christians say that all they want to do is to attend church service to worship and strengthen themselves spiritually.

But these days their desires are being hijacked, and they are receiving political indoctrination instead, much against their will. They resent this because they are apolitical.

But while they remain neutral they are fully aware of the political and other realities of life in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic society.

They have eyes to see. And they have noted that the exponential growth of Christians and churches in this country since independence is second to none in the world.

The 2000 Population and Housing Census Report indicates that approximately 11.5% of the rural population and 7.6% of the urban population are adherents to Christianity, making Christians the second largest and fourth largest faith community in their respective population strata.

History has proven, time and again, that religion and politics are a volatile mix. The goals are in conflict.

In the final analysis, as somebody once said “politics is about power and Christianity is about sacrifice”.

Church leaders should not indulge in self-righteous pontificating. They are of course entitled to their largely middle-class and upper middle-class Christian worldview, but they should realise that the government of the day has also to consider and accommodate the larger non-Christian lower middle-class worldview.

There is one other thing that I hope church elders will consider before they seek to remove the smote in others’ eyes.

I would ask them to spend some time in introspection. Isn’t there much that needs to be put right within the Church hierarchy and administration?

Deny not, like Peter did, albeit in different circumstances, that there are practices in the church that are not Christ-centred.

Is there politicking in church? Does money influence some decisions? Are there cliques and cronies? Please set these matters right first before casting the first stone.


Kuala Lumpur.
In the Sundaily papers today, regular columnist Oon Yeoh, has this headline for his column, "Let BERSIH Use Dataran".

I may not be a PhD or a Masters degree holder but I do have something called common sense.

The law is the law.

I wonder if this description has lost it's literal meaning - LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.



This Oon Yeoh is a closet DAP supporter who tried to hide his tracks. His views are biased.

If his opposition leaning proclivities are not a cause for his slanted views then he must be an IDIOT.

Blogger Note:

I have to be very blunt, anyone who instigate or break the laws of our land in the name of "civil society" must be thrown in the slammer, and anyone doesn't like the laws of our lands they can...FUCK OFF.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim Shock and Awe

We all remember after that shocking 2008 "tsunami" how Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim came out with the shocking, "Pakatan Rakyat can take over Fed Govt by Sept 16"

Everyone must have been in awe of the Brother then. Well, faithful Anwaristas and gullible Pakatan Rakyat supporters for sure.

Fast forward to 16 September since the awe inspiring proclamation and still Brother "Anwar insists he has enough Barisan MPs to form government"

Trust the Brother to make the same insistent claim at his blog in drama style, Pakatan Rakyat Sedia Mengambil Alih (Pakatan Rakyat Ready To Takeover) -
Jesteru itu kami ingin duduk semeja dengan Perdana Menteri Abdullah Badawi untuk melaksanakan peralihan kuasa secara bertanggungjawab, lancar dan aman. Hasrat ini telah kami sampaikan kepada Perdana Menteri melalui surat yang dikirimkan jam 2.30 petang semalam dan kami menuntut beliau memberi perhatian terhadap beberapa perkara seperti berikut :

1) Agar Barisan Nasional tidak menghalang ahli parlimennya dari bertindak menurut suara hati mereka, hak yang dijamin undang-undang serta keputusan yang mereka buat tanpa paksaan.

2) BN tidak boleh menggunakan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri untuk menahan ahli parlimen yang berhasrat untuk menyertai Pakatan Rakyat atau ahli parlimen Pakatan Rakyat yang berjumlah 82 itu.

3) Kerajaan BN tidak seharusnya menggunakan kuasa darurat, kuasa polis, atau menggantung perlembagaan mahupun membubarkan parlimen di dalam usaha mereka untuk menghalang Pakatan Rakyat dari berkuasa.

4) Dan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional tidak membuat sekatan jalan raya dan menghalang ahli parlimen, dari memasuki parlimen dan juga institusi-institusi kerajaan lainnya.
No fooling around folks, the Brother implied that the Govt of the day would use the ISA, emergency laws, suspend the constituition and the kitchen sink to prevent BN MPs from crossing over to the dark side.

We all know what happened or did not happen.

Although this guy does not even have half an iota of credibility, what he does have is skin as thick as rhino.

Any politician worth his salt, if he were in the Brother's shoes, would have taken down any post related to such a failed putsch - real, imagined or fabricated.

Not only no credibility, no dignity.

Asiaone News was charitable. Their headline "Anwar gets points for Sept 16 gimmick". Quotable quotes -
"KOTA KINABALU, MALAYSIA: Sabah Barisan Nasional leaders can't wait for Sept 16 to pass to see Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's credibility diminish after failing in his bid to take over the government.

This will keep on going until he has no credibility, like the proverbial boy who cried wolf"
I say, since when has Brother Anwar ever been credible?
Bung Mokhtar, the Kinabatangan MP and Kinabatangan Umno chief, said he expected Anwar to come up with all sorts of "fantastic excuses" as to why he failed to meet his Sept 16 deadline.
I say, spot on. However, I don't recall any excuse, fantastic or otherwise.

So, Anwar, can we hear from you on this, please?

A year and a month ago came another shock for Anwaristas and PR supporters when there surfaced a sextape purportedly featuring Brother Anwar in a starring role.

21 March 2011, "Anwar: It wasn’t me" - PETALING JAYA March 21 —
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim denied today that he was the man filmed having sex with a woman in a hotel room on February 21, and called the emergence of the video recording today a "scurrilous attack" against him his family and Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

"Yes I deny sternly this scurrilous attack I categorically deny it" he told reporters this evening when asked point-blank if he was the man in the video recording.

He added that he was at home with his wife Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail their children grandchildren and members of his staff on the night in question.
Be that as it may, it turned out in court proceedings, "Sex video: US experts 99.99% sure man is Anwar, says lawyer" -
Muhammad Shafee told reporters the report was a video forensic analysis conducted by Professor Hany Farid and Professor Lorenzo Torresani of Dartmouth College.
Now it was not the Anwaristas or Pakatan fellows but others who were in awe.

In cyberspace, Anwar Ibrahim was praised as a truly larger than life "Member" of Parliament.

What an awesome moment it must have been for PAS when Brother Anwar openly came out in support of Hudud but it certainly shocked fellow Pakatan Rakyat and DAP stalwart Karpal Singh. If Karpal had succumbed to a heart attack there and then, it would have really been over his dead body.

Damage control was the Pakatan Rakyat order of the day.

Shock waves were felt throughout the country when Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted of Sodomy 2.0 by the high court. No doubt about that.

It was then PAS' Tok Guru Nik Aziz turn to be shocked when same Brother Anwar declared his support for all efforts to protect the security of the State of Israel.

Damage control again, this time in PAS PR style.

Just when Anwar thought it was safe to wade in the water, he must have heard the shocking news that former tennis buddy, now Senator Datuk Nallakarupan, had made a passing shot that the Brother is a Bi and challenged Anwar to sue.

What was more shocking is Anwar Ibrahim actually took up the challenge. Anwar duly sued his ex-tennis buddy.

Cannot blame Anwaristas this time to be in awe of their idol.

Lately, Anwar in a possible tit for tat or a severe case of desperation, dramatically calls on PM Datuk Seri Najib to clarify matters pertaining to a letter purportedly sent by lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah requesting postponement the prominent lawyer's cases allegedly to assist the PM and wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor overseas.

Curiously, The Malaysian Insider report, "Anwar tells Najib to clear confusion over ‘sensitive’ assignment" leads you to the comment section.

A cached link gives the opening para of The Malaysian Insider missing link -
KUALA LUMPUR, April 19 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today demanded the courts, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah publicly clear the mystery over the latter’s alleged government appointment for a “sensitive legal assignment” abroad.
Interestingly, and could it also be, all this has to do with no nonsense Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah? Lawyer in the sextape case and now for Senator Datuk Nallakaruppan in the Bi case.

FMT has this, "Anwar to Najib: What’s your deal with Shafee?" and a salient excerpt -
Anwar was referring to a letter allegedly written by Shafee to senior judges seeking postponement of his cases from April 1 to 25.
Expectedly for many I am sure, Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee says secret mission claim is ‘utter rubbish’ and another salient excerpt -
“It’s utter rubbish what the press says is utter rubbish. If only they know what is the truth. I am not telling them. I want them to make more mistakes ” he told a Malaysiakini reporter when met at the Jalan Duta court complex lobby.
A mistake The Malaysian Insider would not want to make?

If so, now I am in awe.

Today not so shocking but more drama, "BN: It’s just Anwar theatrics" -
State Barisan Nasional leaders have brushed aside claims by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that a major announcement in Sabah will bolster the Opposition’s march to Putrajaya.

“We all know Anwar. Nothing will happen”
Another gimmick.

What is shocking today is the latest development of the Anwar Bi suit which Utusan Malaysia Online reports Datuk Nallakarupan's full press statement, "Nallakaruppan mahu Anwar segerakan kes saman"

In the report Sen Datuk Nalla's press statement ends with the following line,
"Saya ingin menceritakan bagaimana Anwar makan aiskrim dengan Shamsidar."
Now how awesome is that, dear Anwar sharing ice-cream with his party deputy president's wife?

And will there be more Anwar shock and awe for everyone? "Nalla hands over ‘evidence’ in RM100mil defamation suit" -
KUALA LUMPUR: Senator Datuk S. Nalla­karuppan has handed over a video tape as part of his “evidence” in a RM100mil defamation suit filed by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim against him.

The Malaysian United Indian Party (MUIP) chief handed over the tape, sealed inside an envelope, to his lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah in the presence of reporters yesterday at the Jalan Duta court complex lobby here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Read and Heard Last Week

I read in the Catholic weekly newsletter, The Herald, the article by DAP loving so-called "polls analyst" regarding 400,000 "dubious" voters also found on their on-line portal here.

I addressed the issue which I found Hard to Resist.

Like the other rabids, the Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini, The Herald does not do itself justice by providing this report, "Electoral roll accurate with 99.6% match in listed details", along side that stale 400,000 voter thingy.

Thus, I certainly see The Herald as nothing more than another partisan opposition vehicle and supports what I have said all along - the Malaysian Catholic Church is infested with opposition sycophants and extremists.

In the good old days The Herald used to have movie ratings

Yes, you heard me right, movie ratings in The Herald akin to PG and X ratings.

Movies Catholics are advised to see or not to see.

I strongly urge The Herald bring the movie ratings back.

In fact, The Herald should come out with an editorial strongly in support of the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry's "Shows with gay characters banned from state-owned TV, radio" in the inaugural re-appearance of the movie ratings.

This will be in line with Pope Benedict XVI's Catholic Church often condemns countries that recognise gay rights.

Let's see how our concerned Catholics respond. I am sure it will have a solid effect on The Herald's circulation.

Now, I heard that some priests may be joining the BERSIH 3.0 sit in.

Since DBKL has turned down the BERSIH 3.0 request to sit in Dataran Merdeka, which I hasten to add with dumbfounding reasons, the Catholic church could permit St John's Cathedral premises for the BERSIH sit in or rally or whatever. It's for a good cause.

We do not want civil society's foremost responsible and law abiding NGO to run afoul of the law with Bersih: Dataran Merdeka or bust in this day and age of smartphones, laptops, tablets for microblogging and Internet activism so much so "The Bersih 3.0 rally must be held at Dataran Merdeka as there is too little time to change the venue".

Wake me up before you go go (pic from The Malaysian Insider)

As BERSIH is not allowed to occupy Dataran, with the church's blessing BERSIH can have occupy St John's, then it will not end like occupy London at St Paul's.

Riot police remove a demonstrator from a barricade as they evict protesters from St. Paul’s Cathedral Occupy London camp on Feb. 28, 2012.


Members of Occupy London stand by a barricade they constructed of packing crates as they resist eviction outside St Paul's Cathedral on Feb. 28, 2012. After 137 days and the resignation of two senior clerics. Bailiffs, backed by riot police, cleared the encampment and arrested 20 activists.

Shortly after 1 a.m. on Feb. 28, 2012, bailiffs and police removed protesters supporting the Occupy London movement. Set up outside St. Paul’s Cathedral since October, activists recently lost their fight against eviction in the High Court.

A woman prays as riot police remove protesters from the Occupy encampment on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral in London on Feb. 28, 2012.

Coming back to that DAP inspired 400,000 voter thingy, The Herald would be disappointed that another friend of BERSIH 3.0, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, did not dispute the Election Commission's 0.3 even though "0.3pc margin can determine polls outcome, Anwar tells EC chairman"

Reading again and again Brother Anwar's -
"The response by this very irresponsible EC chairman was that this sum is only 0.3 per cent of voters.

But it was this margin that cost Barian Nasional BN the Wangsa Maju seat and cost Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Alor Setar. So don’t just answer like that".
Somehow, I just cannot put a finger on it. But don't you think it is another stupid is as stupid does. No matter how smart the Brother tried to articulate his argument?

Any way, in the context of the Brother's chosen examples, it does not make any sense in Wangsa Maju.

YB Wee won in spite of a 0.3 per cent discrepancy ostensibly favouring BN.

And in P.9-ALOR STAR:


Taking away 58,957 x (.3 / 100) = 176.87, Chor Chee Heung of BN would still have won by 7 votes.

Go figure.

Previously it was a shocking tale this, which there is now various blog site postings of the artist refuting earlier allegations of impropriety with legal action in the offing.

What I heard this time round is similar. Another UMNO Minister + Artist + Gifts, in the form of APs.

Similarly, the source is opposition.

Hopefully, what I heard last week will turn out to be nothing more than tall tales.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - Bizarre, Macabre and Shocking Tales (2)

My previous post was actually unfinished if anyone had noticed.

I covered the macabre and the bizarre and did not put the finishing shocking touch.

Datuk Rocky in his latest Bru posting "Bad Drivers" lists among the bad drivers one who allegedly stole some money from an artist, a pretty sum of money from a pretty artist, and was duly reported to the police.

Parallel, somewhat, is a famous corruption case, involving an infamous and at the time UMNO politician, arising out of a police report made by the politician's assistant involving said politician's driver.

That driver too is mentioned in the Bru's latest posting.

What was supposed to be my shocking revelation was and can now be found at Rocky's Bru - there is UMNO politician from Sabah allegedly implicated as a result of the theft reported by the artist in a counter police report by the driver.

While Rocky's Bru mention had linked to Keadilan Daily, I had been brought to attention of the matter in another blog post, dinturtle - Blogger PARTI MELAYU's "Shafie Apdal-Zahida Rafik-Noor Azman-RM1.4juta ? Apa Pulak Nih .....".

The shock is not so much an alleged romantic involvement but the allegation of large sums of money involved, as gifts to the artist.

These are serious allegations and cannot be ignored as it may have a catastrophic political fallout for the BN.

Can all of this be related, one way or another, to another UMNO politician from the same state?

Blogger Hantulaut has made a couple of postings, "If Pigs Had Wings Sarawak Report Is The Gospel" and a follow up "ICAC And UBS Say No Comment to Sabah Money Laundering Report".

When I first read "Pigs Had Wings", I too found the Sarawak Report hard to believe.

Be that as it may, the follow up "ICAC And UBS Say No Comment", no comment MACC or the AG?

But in asking however, said "Sandakan trader denies arrest claim".

Readers, all these allegations were actually raised back in 2008 and resurrected lately when "PKR vows tell-all after authorities turn deaf ear to Sabah scandal".

When I asked whether any of this may be related to another UMNO politician from the same state, it was from the first Hantulaut posting that led me to another blog posting, "Suluk Filipinos make renewed attempt to seize power in Sabah"

Is the present alleged artist's politician confidant the one the above blogger is referring to?

While the blogger does not specifically name the politician, one is led to assume the identity of the politicain in the comment section.

Relevant excerpts -
"Their “secret weapon” was to recycle an old story on a timberman, one Michael Chia Thien Foh, and allegedly close to Musa, being nabbed with some RM 16 million at one time at Hong Kong Airport. Some media reported RM 17 million.

"The story, as it now transpires, is that Chia was not carrying Malaysian or foreign currency on him, albeit in substantial amounts, at that time apart from his credit cards and some petty cash in his wallet. The Hong Kong authorities had apparently jumped the gun, acting on a public tip-off that was later traced to a telephone call which came from a public telephone booth in Semporna, and was left red-faced in the process."
But more interesting -
"It’s not surprising that PKR has no qualms about walking on the wild side of politics in Sabah. It’s an open secret in the state that Opposition Leader and de facto PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim was among the chief architects responsible for placing illegal immigrants, mainly drawn from Suluk Filipinos, on the electoral rolls. He was then in the BN Government as Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister."
And even more interesting -
"Between the Suluk Filipinos and Anwar/PKR, they are not too happy that Musa has since pledged support for the proposed Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah."


"Mindful that the Dusuns and Muruts through Joseph Pairin Kitingan and the Parti Bersatu Sabah are solidly behind Musa, the Suluk Filipinos recently tried to sponsor KDM Malaysia as an NGO to further split the non-Muslim Natives as a political force to reckon with in the state. Their efforts came to nothing and the NGO is currently on the verge of being deregistered by the Registrar of Societies (ROS)."
The Malaysian Insider, notoriously known to stretching and spinning truth, today reports "Sabah BN push for RCI on illegals before Najib’s weekend visit" and lends some weight to the bloggers article.

Had it not been for The East Malaysian states delivering solidly to the BN in the last GE, all of these alleged issues would be moot.

The opposition it has to be admitted, especially DAP, has made significant inroads albeit the urban seats, in the the last Sarawak state elections.

The BN must not allow them the same in Sabah.

Conspiracy theories and shocking allegations or not, PM Datuk Najib cannot afford to let matters lie.

These issues need urgent attention and clarifications. It will not go away quietly.

The opposition are masters in the art of distorting truths, disinformation and lies and will pounce on every opportunity to discredit the BN.

There is many a slip between cup and lip, BN must not stumble at the last hurdle in the coming general election race to Putrajaya.

For while BN Govt has always been answerable to the rakyat, we the rakyat do want to be answerable for a PR Govt.


Must read. The Master's Voice "Flying pots and pans in Shafie's household"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - Bizarre, Macabre and Shocking Tales

No, these are not tales but true stories.

Bizarre, macabre and shocking.

The first, "Witness: No conspiracy between KLH, police in Baharudin's death" in the Malay Mail.

The macabre part,
"Investigating officer Sgt Major Razali Mahmud, 50, also told the court that he did not agree with the suggestion by counsel Patrick Dass, who is representing Baharudin's family, that he had been instructed to have the deceased's heart switched with that of another deceased while the autopsy was being carried out on the night of the day that Baharudin died."
The Malay Mail has been more responsible in reporting this bizarre question by counsel for the late Baharuddin Ahmad, who passed away in that BERSIH 2.0 rally.

The Star has the other deceased named in their report.

Why bring an innocent and also deceased person and his family into an inquest that has got nothing to do with them?

Should the other deceased family now ask for an exhumation to verify the counsel's charge in the line of question?

No wonder Pakatan Rakyat leaders Hadi and Kit Siang look gloomy (pic from Malaysian Insider)

Now for the Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Bizarre but not shocking.

The Brother laments in "Anwar: Pakatan unhappy with EC, may delay state polls" that "the leaders of PR states are still negotiating on whether to hold simultaneous polls with national elections but added there was fear the alleged voter roll manipulation could greatly affect the pact’s chances if it remains unresolved."

Read on and you see stupid is as stupid does.

What is there to negotiate "whether to hold simultaneous polls with national elections" when "We (Pakatan Rakyat) have compelling evidence and facts to support our argument that the election process is fraudulent."

This is the type of "credible" coalition that says one thing one day and another incredible thing another day and which aspires to sit in Putrajaya?

Just last month, the PKR, party of de facto leader, deputy president Azmin Ali had earlier stated,
"I do not foresee any major objection in simultaneously dissolving the state assemblies, as the full term of office is drawing to a close by the middle of next year."
In fact, the de facto's blue eyed boy, "Azmin said Pakatan might get Penang and Selangor to agree to simultaneous elections."

Flash back in January, daughter and vice-president of PKR, party of de facto leader, Nurul Izzah suggests that the polls would not be delayed because "Pakatan claims polls delay may cost BN votes" -
"It (the general election) has to be held within the timeline of the Budget goodies’ handouts,” PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar told The Malaysian Insider in a SMS response yesterday.
Also concurred by her KR1M shopping buddy, the failed Singapore venture businessman and fellow Pakatan MP, Tony Pua -
“The goodwill arising from the on-going cash handouts to the populace — RM100 to school children RM500 to low-income households etc — will dissipate within a few months,” DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua agreed
Unless my uneducated mind is failing me, what all these statements mean are that should BN delay elections it would cause the ruling coalition to lose valuable votes.

So how come the PKR vice-president's father, Brother Anwar, now wants to postpone elections, albeit Selangor state elections, if the elections held sooner would cause the BN to lose votes which would be beneficial to the opposition pact?

Stupid is as stupid does Pakatan Rakyat supporters will not wonder why it is only the Brother who is making these exclamations, postponing state election, when the other PAS and DAP leaders are being silent.

The possible reason the Brother suddenly came out with his Selangor state election delay proposition could be a diversion after getting caught with his pants down promise to abolish the PTPTN, which Tun Mahathir disclosed "PTPTN was set up when Anwar was DPM." and  "Hansard shows opposition supported PTPTN" as reported by the Mole.

Did I hear him right, he will abolish PTPTN? (pic from the Mole)

See? This is the type of "credible" coalition that says one thing one day and another incredible thing another day and led by the Brother who aspires to sit at the top in Putrajaya.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pity Pity End to PTPTN Protest - Taking a Leaf From BERSIH 3.0

Prologue: "Free education, not a dream"
That was an article in the Star and relevant excerpts are as follows:
“If countries like Sri Lanka and Mauritius can give their students free education, why can’t we?

He added that over 5,000 students and youth will be expected at the rally in Dataran Merdeka.

Also present at the press conference was Mandeep Singh, the first PTPTN loan recipient to sue the agency.
The statement attributed to Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) chairman Muhammad Safwan Anang "that countries like Sri Lanka and Mauritius can give their students free education" must have been taken fro Wikipedia here.

Note the similar statements from wiki -
In Mauritius the government provides free education to its citizens from pre-primary to tertiary levels.

In some developing countries like Sri Lanka, education is free from the primary level to the tertiary level.
Is tertiary education in Mauritius free?

This 2006 study sponsored by UNESCO underlined the need for a loan scheme in Mauritius due to increasing financial constraints of the government for tertiary education.

It must have resulted in a loan scheme, The Tertiary Commission of Mauritius - Human Resource Knowledge and Arts Development Fund (HRKADF) -
Following the 2008/09 budget speech whereby the Minister of Finance, and Economic Empowerment announced that “no one should be turned away from Tertiary Education through lack of Funds”, the HRKADF was established by regulation made under Section 24 of the Finance and Audit Act.

The objects of the Fund relevant to Tertiary Education are the financing of:

a. Physical infrastructure for post-secondary education, such as buildings, equipment and various facilities; and
b. Student loan scheme and scholarships including a full scholarship for students attending or admitted in courses at post-secondary institutions in Mauritius with household income not exceeding Rs 10,000 per month and who face severe hardship following the death or serious incapacity of a wage earner.

In relation to the above, the Finance Division of the TEC undertakes the following activities:

i. Establishment of the Scholarship Scheme;
ii. Establishment of the Government Guaranteed Student Loan Scheme. This involved discussions with stakeholders such as the Mauritius Banker’s Association.
The application form for Scheme for Government Guarantee on Student Loans provided by Commercial Banks

These are fees being charged charged in the Universities in Mauritius.

Surely it shows that that it is not free in Mauritius.

What about Sri Lanka?

While it cannot be disputed that it provides free education, wikipedia Education in Sri Lanka provides this entry -
Undergraduate education in State Universities is also free but extremely limited.
This group of university and ex-university (the one who sued PTPTN) students should make a most forceful case for "5,000 students and youth will be expected at the rally in Dataran Merdeka". Note:The Star article is silent on day and date of rally.

There is no such thing as free tertiary education and free will come to an end sooner or later.

The financial cost governments bear is too great.

Apart from Mauritius, Scotland is another case to point, "Free higher education must end, says Universities Scotland"

Since the Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) chairman chose to pick Sri Lanka and Mauritius as his examples and I have only briefly touched on Sri Lanka, I afford some higher education developments in that country, I digress interestingly.

Is Sri Lanka’s Education System Faced With A Crisis? -
The involvement of the J.V.P and other left oriented organizations in using the university student population to create instability in the university system to achieve political advantage in Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly apparent. These organisations should realize that an armed insurrection would never succeed in gaining political power in this country. Although there is a vehement denial of any such aspirations on their part, the present unrest at many universities based on minor problems faced by the university students indicates that there are attempts made in this direction by misleading the innocent student population. The government must act with absolute restraint and minimise the confrontations between the police and the protesting students. Force must never be used so as to result in death or grievous hurt to protesting students. Their problems must be addressed and solutions found without delay to nip the problem in the bud. The death of a student in any confrontation will undoubtedly anger the parents and draw the general public into the fiasco, which is the ultimate aim of these bankrupt politicians.
Modus operandi that sounds very, very familiar to me.

Of that "5,000 students and youth will be expected at the rally in Dataran Merdeka", "The protestors grew to several hundreds on Saturday night but while most left home later, about 50 pitched tents and vowed to stage a sit-in until April 28 to greet the planned Bersih 3.0 rally" and 50 defiant students remain in protest

Students now sitting-in "until April 28 to greet the planned Bersih 3.0 rally".

The planned BERSIH 3.0 rally against -
"widespread allegations of postal-vote fraud, to the hugely unreliable electoral register, to the scenes of mutiny outside polling stations that were closed before hundreds had been able to vote, this was a disgrace to the democratic process."
Sorry, that piece of "election fraud" is not from Malaysia it was taken from the Daily Mail online "Fiasco that would shame the third world", on the 2010 UK elections.

Surely, that cannot be. UK, rank 18th of only 25 fully democratic countries in the whole wide world. Surely, the UK with an impartial media cannot be so fraudulent.

What it all means is BERSIH is nothing more than an opposition loving and foreign funded lackey making all sorts of demands on unsubstantiated election "fraud".

In the matter of election rolls, "Electoral roll accurate with 99.6% match in listed details" -
PETALING JAYA: Survey findings of a national voter registration audit (VRA) shows that the accuracy of the electoral roll was high with a 99.6% match in the details listed in the identification cards and electoral roll of the voters.

The survey was carried out by the National Institute for Democracy and Electoral Integrity (NIEI), Centre for Independent Journalism and Merdeka Centre in December 2011.
BERSIH and the opposition will never tell you,
Daftar pemilih tambahan disediakan setiap suku tahun dan setiap daftar pemilih tambahan diperakukan apabila selesainya urusan pameran, tuntutan dan bantahan. Selepas tamat sesuatu suku tahun, masa yang diambil untuk memperakukan Daftar Pemilih Tambahan bagi suku tahun berkenaan adalah 6 hingga 8 minggu. Hanya selepas daftar pemilih tersebut diperakukan barulah ia boleh digunakan dalam pilihan raya umum atau pilihan raya kecil. Tempoh urusan pendaftaran dan penyediaan daftar pemilih bagi setiap suku tahun jelas menunjukkan proses ini.
It is here at the Election Commision official site and please get your own translation if you are not BM literate.

BERSIH and the opposition will never tell you that the election rolls is put on public display every three months and only after there is no claims or objections will it be gazetted and officially used in any election.

That is why BERSIH on behalf of the opposition cannot respond, "Panel: Back claims of electoral fraud" -
KUALA LUMPUR: ELECTION Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof has urged Coalition for Free and Fair Election (Bersih) to hand over supposed evidence of discrepancies in the electoral roll if indeed their claims were true.

"They (Bersih) should know that the EC has nothing to hide. If indeed there are such discrepancies, give us the details and we will update them if necessary," he told the New Straits Times yesterday.
In this post I said "For them who have never voted, we who have voted will tell you, don't fall to these two cons."

BERSIH and the opposition supporters who have voted know it is not easy to manipulate the voting system but have no compunction spinning a yarn. I even provided an article by blogger OutSyed The Box to that effect.

If the opposition candidate or their agents dispute the election result, the Borang 14 should not be signed. Once signed, the Borang 14 is an official endorsement affirming the result.

They cannot after affirming, dispute the result later to say the result is fraught with irregularites or fraud.

It is only an BERSIH abetted opposition tactic. An insurance and excuse in the event they loose badly as in the 2004 general elections to hide any real reason for the opposition's failure.

The BERSIH 3.0 will have the same pity pity end as these group of university and ex-university PTPTN protesters.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Because the Stakes are Too High

The reason I was so fed up were because of two instances.

First there was this ballet "ban" thingy.

Then there was this LGBT movie ban.

Not only absurdity but an exercise of futility.

Don't make stupid "test market". We are not guinea pigs.

It may be a case of loose lip sinks ships.

Malaysia has been a model in the world for being a modern, moderate and progressive Muslim country.

Most of all, for having a diverse multi-religious, multi-cultural society living harmoniously in good times and bad times.

We embrace our differences as a source of strength rather than weakness.

The hallmark of Malaysians.

I certainly do not want my country to be like this or this.

We who support the BN Government are trying very hard to bring back the happiness and togetherness, lost for the past eight years or so.

But elements in the Government was seen bent, ignoring many calls especially in the blogosphere, to divide rather than unite.

BN politicians with old bad habits. As they say old habits die hard.

All our many efforts would be gone to waste by actions of idiotic, selfish and greedy few.

When bloggers expose corruption, cronyism and other serious weaknesses, the Government seem to look the other way.

Strange that the Government can bend over for the opposition but do not heed their supporters.

Indelible ink. A third world election practice. What gives?

The MAS/Air Asia shady deal is another glaring example.

But I have been emboldened by those who also care.

Very special thanks to Snuze, Bigcat and Anons. I truly appreciate your words of encouragement.

I am also inspired by this,
He (PM Datuk Seri Najib) took the opportunity to drive home the point that Islam was inherently and fundamentally a moderate religion which rejected extremism and respected other faiths.
Most of all because the stakes are too high.

I cannot imagine a perverted hypocrite like Anwar Ibrahim, a condescending hypocrite like Lim Guan Eng and religious hypocrites like Nik Aziz et al holding the reins of government.

Can you?

These foul creatures get their strength in dividing us, us Malaysians.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ambiga and Anwar Ibrahim be damNED

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections or BERSIH and soon to be aka BULLSHIT 3.0, chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan "admitted to Bersih receiving some money from two US organisations — the National Democratic Institute, NDI and Open Society Institute, OSI — for other projects which she stressed were unrelated to the July 9 march."

Believe what you want but the NDI or National Democratic Institute for interfering in International Affairs had this in their Malaysian Current Political Situation -
"In November 2006, NDI conducted a series of single-party training sessions on strategic communications and messaging. NDI conducted a workshop for the fledgling Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) that focused on improving the action plans of each participating organization or political party in accomplishing their objectives.


NDI's program for Malaysia is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Ah! The NED or National Endowment for Democracy, "In a multitude of ways, NED meddles in the internal affairs of numerous foreign countries by supplying funds, technical know-how, training, educational materials, computers, faxes, copiers, automobiles, and so on, to selected political groups, civic organizations, labor unions, dissident movements, student groups, book publishers, newspapers, other media, etc . NED typically refers to the media it supports as "independent" despite the fact that these media are on the US payroll."

Yes, the same NED with "The Myths of ‘Democracy Assistance’: U.S. Political Intervention in Post-Soviet Eastern Europe" and now in Malaysia as explicated above -
"The methods of manipulating foreign elections have been modified since the heyday of CIA cloak and dagger operations, but the general objectives of imperial rule are unchanged. Today, the U.S. government relies less on the CIA in most cases and more on the relatively transparent initiatives undertaken by such public and private organizations as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Freedom House, George Soros’s Open Society, and a network of other well-financed globetrotting public and private professional political organizations, primarily American, operating in the service of the state’s parallel neoliberal economic and political objectives."

Oh, oh, not only NED but also George Soros' OSI, eh Madam Ambiga.

In the above article, the following excerpt is a glaringly accurate description of Madam Ambiga and her not too strange bedfellow, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim,
Indeed, “democracy assistance” is a growth industry. The election of “free market” politicians and parties is the gateway through which all sorts of international carpetbaggers and con men, including electioneering experts, are certain to follow.
Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim the “free market” politician of the NED says "Defending free markets has at its core a conviction of the necessity to defend freedom." and "Supporting freedom and free markets is not an academic issue, but rather a practical way to enhance human well-being around the world."

The Brother and his dancing partner, Sister Ambiga dances to the tune of the NED, who "By dealing with private groups abroad rather than foreign governments, NED invariably ends up playing favorites, engendering strife within the very democratic movements it seeks to assist." - Loose Cannon: The National Endowment for Democracy.

So, when the Sister "Bersih 3.0 necessary due to ‘haste’ in holding polls, Ambiga tells EC" and the Brother, "Back Bersih rally, Anwar tells voters.", those who have never voted will swallow BULLSHIT 3.0 hook, line and sinker.

For them who have never voted, we who have voted will tell you, don't fall to these two cons.

For some insights into how voting is done, checked and balanced, read OutSyed The Box, "Part 2 : Tak bersih - Lim Chee Wee" - Remember it is not a sin to speak the truth.

While there's NOTHING TO HIDE: Election Commission calls Bersih to tender evidence, "Panel: Back claims of electoral fraud", once in a blue moon from The Malaysian Insider, "Bersih 3.0 is jumping the gun"

Remember it is not a sin to speak the truth

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hard to Resist

When you get a report with dodgy claims.

pic of face that makes me wanna make puke is from the Malaysian Insider.

"Independent political analyst Ong Kian Ming said his Malaysian Electoral Roll Analysis Project MERAP found some 100 000 problematic names and combined with other previously highlighted issues would “easily amount to over 400 000 dubious voters."
How in blue blazes can TMI regard this person as "independent" is beyond me.

In a Loyarburok article "Reflections & Observations From The 2011 Sarawak Elections – Part 1 (Stories from the East)" by the same "independent" DAP supporter who operates in a context where the ‘science’ of politics is not very well understood whether by voters, politicians or even himself.
"I was based in Sibu for two weeks, as part of the Democratic Action Party’s campaign there."
I don't give any credence to anyone who is an interested party that gives a negative view of the Election Commission.

Here is The Star report, "Electoral roll accurate with 99.6% match in listed details"
Survey findings of a national voter registration audit (VRA) shows that the accuracy of the electoral roll was high with a 99.6% match in the details listed in the identification cards and electoral roll of the voters.

The survey was carried out by the National Institute for Democracy and Electoral Integrity (NIEI), Centre for Independent Journalism and Merdeka Centre in December 2011.

The study to assess the accuracy and completeness of the electoral rolls found that from the sample of 2,400 respondents, most details listed in the MyKad were accurately captured in the roll except for a few cases where there were typographical errors and one case where two voters shared the same identification card number.
You believe what you want to believe.