Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post Election Talk - A Tom and Gerry Story

Free Malaysia Today's article, "PR could have won more in Sabah" has the following,
"Jannie Lasimbang, the Jaringan Orang Asli secretariat director, said the 13th general election outcome for the Tawau, Beaufort, Batu Sapi and Kota Marudu parliamentary constituencies would have been different, if the dubious voters were vetted."
Jannie Lasimbang was speaking at a Bar Council’s forum themed “Electoral Offences- Righting The Wrongs”.

We then have the "venerable" Karpal Singh, also at FMT, "Jusuf must apologise to Anwar" reported to have said,
“It can hurt Pakatan Rakyat,”
"rebuked Jusuf Kalla for issuing statements with racial innuendoes by publicly claiming that the 505 rallies only benefited enemies of Islam and Malays"
That just about says it all. Its not about dignity or ethics.

Its about the DAP and who would be the enemies of Islam and Malays.

Other than the Malay/Muslim based PAS and PKR, the subject of which Bapak Jusuf Kalla is critical of their de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in an interview "Wawancara Penuh Jusuf Kalla", the DAP is the only predominanly and chauvinistic Chinese non-Muslim party.

Blogger Hantu Laut nails Karpal on the head for "Rebuking Jusuf Kalla: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together" and also is of askance "BN Will Lose The Next Elections?"

Excerpts from the Bapak Jusuf interview and Hantu Laut from his latter article, which could not have been said better, relevant to my posting -
"Kemudian Anwar bangkitkan pengundi Bangladesh. Saya bilang sama Anwar, tak kan orang Malaysia tidak boleh membezakan percakapan, bahasa, budaya dan gaya orang Bangladesh. Tidak mungkin berpuluh ribu orang Bangladesh boleh dibawa masuk ke Malaysia dan menjadi pengundi. Ini tidak masuk akal" - Jusuf Kalla

"Gerrymandering is not an election offence. The electoral boundaries need to be redrawn every eight years and Malaysia's population in rural areas are sparsely distributed making equitable distribution of voters per constituency the same as urban areas impractical and a logistical nightmare." - Hantu Laut
Coming back to the Bar Council forum speaker Jannie Lasimbang together with Bapak Jusuf's remarks, I will refer this instances as phantoms or Tom.

With regards to Hantu Laut's comments on gerrymandering, I will call it Gerry.

Hence a Tom and Gerry story.

Up next, for Tom -
"The recorded data once again indicate a higher percentage of unidentifiable voters at urban areas and mostly around Kuala Lumpur" - National Voter Registration Audit Malaysia 2011

and Gerry - Gerrymandering in the US and UK.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AirAsia Bhd YE 2012 Bumper Dividend Hype

"Mike, I don't understand. Look, I don't have your brain for...big deals!" - Frankie Pentangeli when confronted by Don Michael Corleone in Godfather II
Not everyone has a brain for big deals and when writing in the matter vis-a-vis Airasia X and its IPO, I just could not believe it when I read this press release by Airasia Bhd.

You could say my jaw dropped.

Walking to the KTM komuter station on my way home yesterday, I was so engrossed just thinking to myself how in the world that could be in view of many skeptical opinions of the budget airline's "success" and by extension Tony Fernandes, an opinion which I also hold.

18 sen dividend, wow!

Perusing Airasia Bhd's 2012 annual report, I was resigned to the fact that it was indeed true.

Paying out Rm500 million in a single dividend is certainly something Airasia Bhd can shout about.

That is until I took a closer look at its income statement and lo and behold there is this little bit of info, see the screenshot below.

Minus Rm 1,160,370,000 from the net profit of Rm 1,831,338,000, and even though it is 20% higher than YE 2011 but taking into account forex gains again, then you get a clearer picture.

Its nothing to shout about but clever.

Clever and Tony Fernandes & Co, by virtue of their indirect holdings, pocket a cool Rm 115,200,00 from a bumped dividend.

Yes, I wish I had the brains for...big deals.

Airasia Berhad annual report 2012 source Bursa Malaysia.

In a related reading, Datuk Rocky wrote "Tony wants Khazanah to sack Malaysia Airports boss" and said, "I thought TMI made a mistake, that it was Tony Fernandez and not Tony Pua who made this call to the Government not to extend Bashir's contract"

Me, I am not surprised,
"I'm a huge admirer of Tony Fernandes" - Tony Pua

Monday, June 17, 2013

Airasia X Berhad IPO 2013 - FAQ

No, this is not the FAQ page for Airasia X Berhad's initial public offering.

Airasia X should have one, for the investing average Joe, to explain the accounting jargon.

I was taken aback by its public price offer of Rm1.54 and as an average Joe I see it as a whopping 1000% over it's par value of 15 sen.

The Airasia X Berhad IPO prospectus can be found here.

In the IPO prospectus and Airasia's website here, there is a recurring source citing of - Independent Market Research Report by Strategic Airport Planning Ltd dated 22 May 2013 (“S-A-P Report”)

If I were investing rather than betting for quick gains, I would not be so confident.

I may be wrong but the report I was searching for could not be found.

What could be found however, at an SAP Group website, where listed in its recent projects was on an assessment done for Airasia Berhad way back in 2004.

As I said I may be wrong but if this was Strategic Airport Planning Ltd that is being cited, would you place confidence in a company that does not update its own website?

The AAX Berhad IPO FAQ could include this "Independent Market Research Report dated 22 May 2013"

Added 1.15pm

What is interesting from the prospectus, in the Consolidated Income Statements P/L which determined the EPS for 2012, its profit was due to foreign exchange gains and was massive in 2010.

In my opinion, forex gains does not give Airasia X Bhd a true picture of profitability or actual EPS.

If we take away the forex gains of Rm43,599,000, because it does not factor as profit derived by company perfomance and is intangible, then the company would have made a loss of Rm9,749,000 instead of profit and its EPS would be a negative 0.0365 sen.

The same would also apply for the year 2010.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ku Li Third Force

Free Malaysia Today article "Ku Li resurfacing to lead ‘third force’?" makes for interesting reading.

Despite the maths in the article, the author forgot the other figures and figure, literally speaking, PKR and its 30 MPs and of course, Anwar Ibrahim the PM dreamer.

"They are mulling the idea of getting Ku Li as Prime Minister for at least two years and see if he could unite the nation, minus Umno, but without succumbing to Anwarism" is indeed an understatement or a contradiction.

Whatever the calculations and scenarios, Anwar Ibrahim will be discarded, the gist of the article being Ku Li as PM.

Malaysiakini Is A Real Turkey

Believe it or not, the regular opposition mouthpiece, Malaysiakini, has been silent and no news reported on the ongoing protests in Anwar Ibrahim beloved Turkey.

Now why is that?

The google app I use also confirms my assertion.

Don't believe me? Just do a google search "Turkey Malaysiakini" for the past year or even past month.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nurul Izzah, Egypt Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood

After Nurul Izzah put her foot in her mouth regarding compulsion in religion, Malaysiakini published in full the Q&A, "Transcript of Nurul Izzah's Q&A at forum".

I append a question that received the foot in mouth reply,
"Number two, I think it is a fallacy to believe that Egypt now is (in) a better condition than it was before. Everybody knows that it is getting worse"

I have a friend in Egypt and she is really not happy about what is going on over there, so I do believe YB is trying to promote the idea of an Islamic state, like you know this which is completely not true.

But mainly my question is, when you speak of freedom of religion, are you actually applying to the Malays as well? Thanks.
and Nurul Izzaha's reply,
The second question with regards (to) what you think I'm trying to promote, I would correct that assumption. Yes, Egypt is undergoing a tumultuous process. It has not been resolved, there are many challenges they face.

I am not saying they have achieved a Utopian ideal view of a state and how it should be governed but I always take the development of the Muslim Brotherhood, in particular, from seen as a rather dogmatic Islamic movement come up with a political entity to meet the needs of the time and their relationship and collaboration with the Christian Coptic is something in particular that we have to observe and appreciate.

So if you say things are bad for Egypt, no. You, and we, must not be so judgmental and that is partly the society or the country that we have inherited that allows us to see things in black and white, whereas sometimes it is not as simple as that.
Like father like daughter, promoting friendly parties or totally incompetent, deliberate or otherwise, I say both on all accounts.

Nurul asserts a relationship between the Muslim Brotherhod and Egyption Coptic Christians is to be appreciated.

LA Times, " Egypt's Coptic Christians live in fear of Islamic extremists", quote,
"Egypt's Christians have long been suspicious of Morsi. The president and the Muslim Brotherhood backed a constitution that Copts say jeopardizes religious and civil freedoms. Copts complain of facing restrictions on church construction and school curriculums often tailored to Islam.

Salafi preachers accuse Copts of kidnapping Christians who want to convert to Islam. Sectarian hatred spills into violence on rare occasions when a Copt and a Muslim start a romance. A video, reportedly recorded in 2009 and uploaded this week to YouTube, shows a mob of Muslim men yelling "God is great" while sexually assaulting two Coptic women.

The marginalization of Christians has been sharpened against the nation's economic and political turmoil. Morsi and the Brotherhood, which controls the government, have shut out opposition voices amid joblessness, inflation, gas shortages, widening public debt and plummeting foreign reserves. Protests and labor strikes erupt daily and Egyptians are balanced between bewilderment and rage."
Father and daughter has been strongly supported by the dirty lady, Ambiga Sreenevasan, of NGO BERSIH infamy.

Nurul Izzah and I must insist, Anwar Ibrahim and the dirty BERSIH lady should plead for these NGOs in Egypt where an Egyptian court convicted 43 Americans, Europeans, Egyptians and other Arabs with five-year sentences, 27 defendants tried in absentia including 15 US citizens. Free Malaysia Today reports, "Egypt convicts 43, including Americans, in NGO case"

Nurul, Anwar and Ambiga do not care who their friends or benefactors are just as long as they achieve their dastardly ends.

Many of us know how the situation in Egypt came to be when the usual suspects are usually involved.

Also in the FMT report,
The court ordered the closure of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in the case, including the U.S.-based International Republican Institute (IRI), National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Freedom House.
When in Egypt, don't even consider tweeting, for whatever reason.

Be warned one way or another.

One is always judged by the company you keeep.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim Turkey Spring

Riots in Anwar Ibrahim's best buddy country.

Clashes rage for second day in Instanbul, read here.

The unrest, which has spread to other cities, marks one of the biggest protests since Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan first came to power in 2002 and has exposed growing discontent with what critics say is his government's increasingly conservative and authoritarian agenda.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Money Laundering and RBA master Lim Guan Eng

When I posted "Money Laundering From Malaysia" I did say "I am sure the government and/or Bank Negara will respond"

And they did, the DAP friendly main stream media The Star reported "M’sian cops aware of Liberty Reserve" and the more opposition supportive Malaysiakini "Ahmad Maslan: Action soon on Liberty Reserve"

But as would be expected, the M'kini report included DAP propaganda from the Rocket Bullshit Assholes master, Lim Guan Eng.

Firstly, this remark,
"DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng called on the government to adopt financial reform, pointing out that Malaysia is fifth in the world in illicit capital outflow, with US$291 billion (RM927 billion) siphoned out between 2000-2009"
This is what the NYT reported,
The people who accepted Liberty Reserve’s currency were “overwhelmingly criminal in nature,” according to the indictment.

“They included, for example: traffickers of stolen credit card data and personal identity information; peddlers of various types of online Ponzi and get-rich-quick schemes; computer hackers for hire; unregulated gambling enterprises; and underground drug-dealing Web sites,” according to the indictment.
Clearly, the NYT report is far distinct from what Lim Guan Eng attempts to imply. Lim Guan Eng is adept at exploiting an unrelated issues arising for political mileage.

I will address the matter of illicit outflows later.

Then we have the usual BN bashing,
"The time has come for the BN federal government to stop being in denial by adopting genuine financial reforms to clean up and stop such criminal activities of illicit outflow of ‘black money’ and money-laundering"
My tit for tat. Which race comes immediately to mind at some (or most) of the criminal activities in Malaysia as stated in the NYT report above?

LGE then proceeds to take on Bank Negara Malaysia,
"Otherwise, there is no point in winning accolades for Bank Negara or for our purported good running of the economy when the real issues of transparency and accountability are not addressed"
Why is Lim Guan Eng attacking Bank Negara? Can Lim Guan Eng provide any evidence that accolades were solicited or sought, for Bank Negara?

As far as transparency and accountability is concerned, just click this BNM link and I call upon LGE to publish the audit findings of his party's fraud reported elections which catapaulted the only Malay into their select CEC.

Now about that oft opposition bandied and repeated, illicit outflows by GFI.

Bank Negara Malaysia also responded here.

An excerpt with relevant passages highlighted,
The report estimated that 80% of the unrecorded financial outflows in Malaysia amounting to USD227.1 billion during the period of 2001-2010 were due to trade mispricing. However, unrecorded financial flows which are derived by comparing import and export data between countries also arise due to data discrepancies and the varying conventions used to compile trade statistics among countries. This includes time lag, variations in valuation and exclusion of certain types of goods. The situation is further complicated by the treatment of goods that are exported via re-export hubs. Exports by Malaysia to a specific trading partner may for example not give rise to a similar number recorded as total imports from Malaysia by that country. This discrepancy arises as the imports are recorded based on country of origin that also includes those exports that are via other countries. After taking into account Malaysia’s trade that is exported via Singapore and Hong Kong (re-export hubs), the estimate of trade mispricing between Malaysia and its top 10 trading partners were reduced significantly by about 70%.Since the estimates in the report of trade mispricing do not take into consideration such discrepancies in trade statistics, the estimates of illicit flows are overstated.
Now this an article from The Peterson Institute for International Economics, "Did China Really Lose $3.75 Trillion in Illicit Financial Flows?" on the same GFI report.

Compare the following with BNM's press statement in the matter also with relevant passages highlighted,
Once reexports from Hong Kong are included in the analysis, the hidden flows from exports decline to close to zero, even becoming negative in some years. The revised estimates are dramatically lower. Between 2002 and 2011, we estimate that the average of annual outflows has been of $78 billion—4 times less than the GFI estimate.

Not only are the flows of illicit capital much lower, but they are also less pernicious than the GFI study makes them out to be. The GFI study fails to distinguish the illicit aspect of flows (where tax and regulator avoidance are the main objectives) from outright capital flight (which emerges when there are expectations of crisis and a need to reduce one’s exposure to the country).

In this context, while it is certainly useful to identify and estimate illicit flows, GFI’s statement that “social, political, and economic order is not sustainable in the long run given such massive illicit outflows” seems like hyperbole. Chinese illicit outflows are much smaller than the GFI report indicates and a considerable percentage end up back in China in the form of foreign direct investment.
No wonder Lim Guan Eng is miffed with Bank Negara Malaysia and the BN government.

BNM had come out with an apt reply in the illicit outflow matter and BNM deserves its accolades for being a responsible, efficient and professional government instituition.

RBA master Lim Guan Eng can only fool the "educated" urbanites.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


In my previous post I wrote about the "educated" urbanites.

Here now is a classic example of a DUMB urbanite in the shape of Bersih steering committee member, Maria Chin Abdullah.

We all know she is not alone among, and I don't mind saying, hundreds of thousands "educated" urbanites who choose not to believe or accept facts.

With the greatest of respect to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman (and members) of the Election commission, as I told my closest cousin just yesterday, are appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in consultation with the Conference of Rulers by virtue of Article 114 of the Federal Constitution and befitting their status should not waste their time accomodating the opposition and all their unsubstantiated allegations of "fraud".

As they have said over and over again there are legal remedies and recourse for any dispute of the election results.

But the opposition and their "educated" urban supporters will never and refuse to accept.

The latest in Free Malaysia Today by deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar "EC: Opposition exploiting urban folks", elicited an immediate response from Maria Chin Abdullah.

Also from FMT, "Wan Ahmad missed the point on indelible ink",
Bersih steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah said that Election Commission (EC) deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar has missed the whole point of using the indelible ink.

“How can the EC assure us that advanced voters did not vote for a second time?” queried Maria

“Of course the names get cancelled, but what about the postal voters? There is no list for the postal voters, we do not know who they are.

“There’s no guarantee that these people did not vote again. So this is not a matter of cancelling the names,” she said.

“Therefore, they have to face the consequences. The whole of EC, if they have the integrity, should resign,” she said.
Maria Chin Abdullah as with those of her ilk, deliberately or otherwise, unashamedly makes false statements to perpetuate the "fraud" lies and the EC of being complicit to the so-called "fraud".

For the DUMB and disgraceful black Maria, from SPR website, "BAGAIMANA UNDI POS DIKELUARKAN,DISERAHKAN,DIKEMBALIKAN, DAN DIKIRA?" and a few excerpts to refute this latest BERSIH rant,
Proses pengeluaran sampul undi pos bermula dengan Kerani Pengundian Pos Pertama meneriakkan nombor siri nombor pengenalan diri, dan nama pengundi pos yang dibacanya dalam senarai undi pos. Tujuannya adalah bagi membantu ejen-ejen calon yang hadir untuk menandakan nama pengundi pos dalam buku daftar pemilih kepunyaan mereka.

Sebelum sampul-sampul undi pos boleh dibuka, Pegawai Pengurus perlu menghantar notis kepada calon atau ejen pilihan raya memaklumkan tarikh, masa dan tempat sampul-sampul itu akan dibuka.

Apabila sampai waktu yang ditetapkan, Pegawai Pengurus akan membuka meterai peti undi dan mengeluarkan semua Sampul Keutamaan B. Seterusnya bilangan sampul akan dikira dan dicatatkan ke dalam Borang 755 (Kira-Kira Kertas Undi Pos Selepas Kertas Undi Pos Dibuka). Peti undi yang kosong akan ditunjukkan kepada ejen-ejen calon dan kemudiannya dimeterai semula.

Sebelum pengiraan undi dimulakan, Pegawai Pengurus akan memastikan bahawa Borang SPR 755 telah disempurnakan dan dimaklumkan kepada ejen calon yang hadir. Peranan Borang SPR 755 adalah sebagaimana peranan Borang 13 dalam proses pengundian biasa.

Selepas kertas undi pos dikira, Pegawai Pengurus akan menyempurnakan Borang SPR 764P iaitu Borang Penyata Awal Pengiraan Undi Pos dan menyerahkan kepada ejen calon yang hadir. Seterusnya Pegawai Pengurus akan menyempurnakan Borang 15, iaitu Borang Keputusan Pengiraan Undi Pos dalam beberapa salinan dan meminta Borang 15 ditandatangani oleh ejen calon. Setelah ditandatangani, salinan borang tersebut akan diserahkan kepada ejen-ejen calon.

Semua sampul-sampul berkaitan akan disempurnakan dan dimasukkan ke dalam peti undi dan seterusnya dimeteraikan. Ejen calon dibenarkan untuk menadatangani perekat keselamatan pada peti undi yang telah dimeteraikan. Akhir sekali, Pegawai Pengurus akan membawa Borang 15 dan peti undi pos ke Pusat Penjumlahan Rasmi Undi untuk dijumlahkan dengan keputusan daripada lain-lain saluran tempat mengundi dalam bahagian pilihan raya tersebut.
Note that I deliberately made highlights for obvious reasons which everyone reading will understand.

That said, I won't accuse Maria Chin Abdullah of being ignorant if she cannot read and understand Bahasa Malaysia just like those, I am quite convinced, hundreds and thousands of opposition supporters who voted for Pakatan Rakyat parties other thnn PAS.

Money Laundering From Malaysia

Here we go again, Malaysia bashing has started and who else but The Malaysian Insider to publish "Malaysia linked to world’s largest money laundering scheme, NYT reports"

The original NYT report is here and the single line Malaysian connection,
The exchangers, the indictment said, “tended to be unlicensed money-transmitting businesses without significant government oversight or regulation, concentrated in Malaysia, Russia, Nigeria and Vietnam.”

First thought that came to mind - Ah Longs.

I am sure the government and/or Bank Negara will respond.

The Malaysian Insider may or may not have but readers please DO read the comments of the NYT report for an alternative view.

Dumb Rural Folks

"Sowat: This is the dumbest explanation I have ever heard, but no doubt it is meant for the ears of the ignorant rural folk"
That is from Malaysiakini, "Zul Noordin's badminton analogy doesn't wash"

Yes, the rural folks who have children, relatives and friends working or domiciled in the urban areas of the country are - the "ignorant" rural folks.

PAS should, no, must seriously consider pulling out of the Pakatan Rakyat as these are the sentiments of the majority of urbanites who are MORE "educated".

PAS core supporters are also these "ignorant" rural, and I must add, Malay folks AND if they can stomach these type of insults, they deserve to be in the situation they are in - unwanted but needed by the Pakatan Rakyat, to make the numbers.

To justify the popular votes, which by the way, is the subject and headline of Malaysiakini's 'Your Say'.

I say, ironic isn't it?

These "educated" urbanites cannot fathom and ignore the fact that minus PAS and their "ignorant" rural folks' votes, Pakatan Rakyat would then be DAP and PKR, and be left with the popular votes of the........Chinese tsunami, period.

In closing, I also consider this sentiment that rural folks are "ignorant and uneducated" an insult and racist stereotyping by the opposition and their "educated" urban and tech savvy supporters to justify their loss in GE 13.

To the Malay opposition supporters, please open your eyes and don't close your ears and sorry to say you tak ada maruah.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Chinese Distort

The Malaysian Insider has a Sin Chew article, "Love Malaysia more"

Which brings me to a must read piece by Nile Bowie, "Is Malaysia Teetering on the Edge of an Islamist Knife?", courtesy of The Mole.

From Bowie's original essay, quote,
"It’s quite commonplace to find ethnic-Chinese Malaysians railing against their self-perceived status as “second-class citizens,” but these frustrations don’t live up to scrutiny, as the conditions Malaysia’s Chinese community are subjected to do not resemble that of a deprived community by any stretch of the imagination"
And the most quotable quote"How many, Malays do you see with Chinese drivers?”

What more do the Chinese want?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adam Adli : Lucky Boy

Free Malaysia Today reported, "Adam charged with sedition, out on bail"

Adam's lawyer, N Surendran, when pleading and objecting to the rm5,000.00 for being excessive,
"The Sedition Act is also going to be repealed. We will file an application to strike out the case at the High Court as soon as possible"
The Malaysian Insider reported what Adam was alleged to have said, both in Bahasa Malaysia and translated to English, which led him to be charged for sedition,
"Ambil butiran saya, buat laporan polis, kerana hari ini, saya nak ajak semua yang ada di sini, kita harus susun dan kita akan turun ke jalan raya untuk rampas kembali kuasa kita! Boleh atau tidak?! Boleh atau tidak?! Boleh atau tidak?! Kita tak banyak masa lagi, semua siap sedia, beli kasut, beli tracksuit, beli seluar jeans, sedia kita akan turun ke jalan raya sebab akhirnya dalam dunia ketiga macam negara Malaysia, pilihan raya takkan tumbangkan kerajaan kita.

"Yang boleh tumbangkan kerajaan hanyalah kuasa rakyat. Sedara, ingat, ini sahaja peluang yang kita ada ..."

[Translation: “Take my details, lodge a police report, because today, I would like to invite all those here today to gather and take to the streets to seize back our power! Can we do that? Can we do that? Can we do that? We do not have much time left, get ready, buy shoes, buy tracksuits, buy jeans, get ready to take to the streets because in a third world country like Malaysia, elections cannot topple a government.

Only the people’s power can topple a government. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, this is the only opportunity we have.”]
I have highlighted in bold what I believe to be most incriminating.

Yes, it is true according to Adam's lawyer the Sedition Act is being in the process of being repealed but...

But Adam Adli must consider himself very lucky that he was NOT charged under a more serious offence.

Under Offences Against the State, 121B of the Penal Code -
Whoever compasses, imagines, invents or intends the deposition or deprivation of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong from the sovereignty of Malaysia or the deprivation or deposition of the Ruler, his heirs or successors, or of the Yang di-Pertua Negeri from the rule of a State, or the overawing by means of criminal force or the show of criminal force the Government of Malaysia or of any State, shall be punished with imprisonment for life and shall also be liable to fine.
Also highlighted in bold is the relevant transgression and the more severe punishment.

Definition of "overawing" - verb (used with object), o·ver·awed, o·ver·aw·ing.
to restrain or subdue by inspiring awe; intimidate : He often uses that imperious scowl to overawe his subordinates.


Legal definitions of "criminal force" and the one I found most appropriate - (h) A incites a dog to spring upon Z, without Z' s consent. Here, if A intends to cause injury, fear or annoyance to Z, he uses criminal force to Z.

I can only advise Adam not to be too exuberant in pursuit of his beliefs to the point of breaking the law.

He is young and as I have said Gen Y are our future, so, he should not get carried away by deceitful rhetoric of the opposition especially the PKR and it's de facto leader.

In the end he may not have a future.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beware The Chinaman

What is so offensive about the phrase - Chinese tsunami? Can anyone deny that the Chinese voted overwhelmingly for the opposition or against the Barisan Nasional?

Remember that chief analyst from Bank Islam who got into hot soup over his election "analysis" prior to GE 13?

This Chinaman is worse.

His name is John Pang.

In a New York Times article, which the Chinaman wrote, selected excerpts and my comments follow.
"In one of the most brazen examples of manufacturing ethnic identity for political gain, Mahathir Mohamad, the prime minister from 1981 to 2003, imported about 700,000 Muslim immigrants from the southern Philippines into the Malaysian state of Sabah."
This is but one of the reasons why the Chinese became a tsunami - believing lies.

For all his credentials, the like of the DAP types such as Tony Pua and Ong Kian Ming, this Chinaman spews a direct lie in the face of facts.

Courtesy of that take to the streets fellow, Haris Ibrahim,
"I can find no evidence that there was a conspiracy between the Government and the Barisan Nasional (BN) at the highest level as suggested by Mr. Maringking. Not an iota of evidence to show the existence of an agreement between the Prime Minister or any other Minister with the Sabah BN regarding the registration of disqualified persons or non-citizens in the electoral roll. The semblance of an agreement in the ‘Operation Gembeling’ or the ‘Mahathir’s Project’ where blue identity cards were sold to these people at RM300 a piece, evidently has no nexus to connect these to the fake identity cards sold. It is a mere gimmick to lend legitimacy to these operations" - High court judge, Muhammad Kamil Awang
The following shows the Chinaman's true colours.
"The Malaysian electoral system is heavily gerrymandered against the urban and Chinese vote."
Why the need to specifically mention the Chinese vote?

When the shoe fits, this is what the DAP fellow, Ong Kian Ming, has among his findings,
"However, several scholars have pointed to its possible occurrence in Malaysia since 1974. Ong’s examination of the 2003 re-delineation in Kedah (a sensitive State in the next general election) uncovers enough cases to point to almost systematic gerrymandering of parliamentary constituencies in Kedah, besides cases in other States. This has made it very difficult for several current PAS MPs to retain their seats in Kedah in the next election."
Before you go, "see I told you so, gerrymandering", the preceeding sentence before the above quote is -
"Establishing gerrymandering, or the manipulation of constituency boundaries for partisan advantage, is inherently difficult."
Without any evidence to back his claim, the Chinaman goes on that oft repeated and tiring lie,
"Over the past week, chartered flights that may have been ordered by Mr. Najib’s office have flown thousands of foreign laborers working in Malaysia’s Sabah and Sarawak provinces on the island of Borneo into key voting areas in mainland Malaysia."
The Chinaman cannot even lie for nuts.

1. BN gives the "thousands of foreign labourers" a Mykad.

2. BN then registers the "thousands of foreign labourers" in key voting areas in mainland Malaysia.

3. The "thousands of foreign labourers" are sent to Sabah and Sarawak to work.

4. The "thousands of foreign labourers" in Sabah and Sarawak are then flown back to mainland Malaysia to vote.

I won't waste my time explaining the election process to slap Borang 14 on the Chinaman's face.

Why did I say this Chinaman is worse than that Bank Islam chief analyst?

You see, John Pang is an adviser to the Minister of Education, Malaysia.

What the f**k!

And Chief Executive Officer of CIMB ASEAN Research Institute (CARI), "which was established in 2011 by CIMB Group as a regional public service in support of ASEAN’s programme of economic integration, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) " to boot.

What the f**k!

Surely everyone knows what the CIMB Group nexus is. Need I say? As the saying goes, although it might not be as appropriate - with these kind of friends, who need enemies?

Never mind, I always say.

The Chinaman ended his resume of lies with,
"If, against all odds, the opposition wins, this may go down as a revolution in which the incumbents were laughed out of power"
Mr John Pang, who has the last laugh now?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go to Church

Church mass last Sunday, a week after the 13 GE polls which I must happily add the ruling BN was returned to govern, was NOT without mention of the previous week momentous event.

But it was a very, very, much watered down call to continue praying. For UBAH, though it was not said directly this time, I dare venture to say.

That contemptible fellow Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, not content with the opposition's best showing at any general election, is taking matters into his own selfish hands putting cart before horse, with his band of unmerry men taking to the streets to usurp a democratically elected government.

Before proceeding please read, "Rallies? Demonstrations? Stop This Madness!" and
"Election petitions: The standard of proof — Art Harun". And for the impressionable younger generation voters, please take some time to visit the Election Commission portal for the 13th GE, especially the "Voters Guide" or "Pendidikan Pengundi".

Coming back to the subject at hand, if I and others like myself had thought the end of GE 13 would also be the end of politics in support of the opposition from the pulpit, out comes that idiot Bishop, Bishop Paul Tan with his histrionics and pseudo justifications.

Free Malaysia Today, "Bishop: Polls anything but free and fair"

As far as I am concerned, he does not deserve the honorific "Reverend", for I do not revere him. And to coin a familiar phrase, neither is he my father.

FMT reported,
"Bishop Paul Tan said this in reference to the report of the Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) and Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS).

“IDEAS and CPPS have done an interim report. In it, there is this conclusion: ‘GE13 was only partially free and not fair’. I find it difficult to believe that the report could conclude this…

“But when it concluded ‘only partially free’ for the three reasons given that are fraught with irregularities as reported in the said report, the people involved are not objective,” he said.

“From the multiple examples of irregularities arrived in the report, permit me to use a stronger phrase than that of IDEAS and CPPS: GE13 is anything but transparently ‘free and fair’,” he added."
However, "Tan, who heads the Malacca and Johor diocese, conceded that he could be wrong but stressed that he was morally obliged to speak out at this time because of the immorality practiced before and during GE13".

Well, that says it all.

When the Bishop concedes that he could be wrong why then is there a need for all the pontification?

Bishop Paul Tan coming out with his contempt for and could have been attributed to the fact that IDEAS and CPPS on the election report, had said,
"the conduct of the electoral process on nominations, campaigning, polling and results declaration were by the book and proper, with no really serious breaches of protocol that could be observed to skew the polls process"
The justification, quote,
"Tan said while he obeyed the Catholic Church’s teaching that clerics must not take sides in partisan politics, he noted that the church also taught that clerics must speak out against immoralities and against all that go against human rights"
All I can say is, Bishop Paul Tan go tell all the "Fathers" that have taken a partisan position in preaching support for the opposition from the pulpit, rather, to thank God there has been no cases in Malaysia of sexual and immoral assault of alter boys which is a worse abuse of human rights.

Of course, I am not saying or implying that Bishop Paul Tan is encouraging Catholics to take to the streets. Did I?

By the way, what Bishop Tan is telling Catholics, like me, who have voted for the BN - we are all immoral and condone human rights abuses.

The first stone has been cast.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

President Barack Obama - No Ubah

US president Barack Obama has telephoned PM Datuk Seri Najib to congratulate our premier,
"President Barack Obama telephoned Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Tuesday to congratulate the prime minister on his success in getting the mandate from the people to continue leading Malaysia.

In the surprise call, Obama expressed his understanding and acceptance of the process and results of the country's recently-concluded GE13.

In a statement issued here Tuesday, the Prime Minister's Office said that during the conversation, the US president was also briefed on the Government's efforts to ensure the clean and fair process of the elections.

It said that on his part, Obama had agreed to participate in the two-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Kuala Lumpur, beginning Oct 11.

"Malaysia and the United States will continue to strengthen bilateral relations through regional and international cooperation," said the statement.
The Star reported.

Let's go back in time a bit for some parallels.

In 2000, when the youngest of first time Malaysian voters were about 9 years old and too young to remember, many Malaysians like yours truly were glued to the TV watching the epic US elections results unfolding and many like me were rooting for the Republican presidential candidate, a certain George W Bush.

Malaysians then, were hoping the Democratic candidate, Al Gore, would get his comeuppance for his kurang ajar "reformasi" outburst at the APEC meeting hosted by Malaysia earlier in 1998.

A Time Magazine report,
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Who's afraid of a little blowback? Not Al Gore. "That is the American message and I am proud to deliver it here and anywhere I go," he told reporters after New Zealand, Singapore and China joined Malaysia in needling the veep for bringing politics to a summit that's supposed to be all business. "APEC is an economic forum," said New Zealand's Prime Minister Jenny Shipley, whose country will host next year's summit. "Clearly there are some pressing bilateral issues that countries want to raise here in Malaysia, but it should not be at the expense of APEC."

TIME Washington correspondent Jef McAllister says Gore's critics shouldn't forget that his salute to "reformasi" Monday was plenty grounded in economic policy. It was Anwar's chumminess with the IMF that got him in trouble, he says, and it's Mahathir's nose-thumbing capital controls, not his long-time thuggery, that have the U.S. so riled. And notice that Mahathir's Asian counterparts were careful to stick up for APEC -- not Mahathir. "He's isolated himself so much from the rest of the region," says McAllister, "that the U.S. really doesn't have much to worry about."
George Bush won the presidency in the Supreme Court and as it turned out Al Gore lost even though he carried the popular vote.

It also turned out George W Bush has been accused of genocide in the US war against Iraq two years later.

Fast track to the present, troublemaker Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts intend to take the law into their own hands to circumvent results of GE 13, making a mockery of the democratic process when recourse exists to challenge an election result in a court of law under Article 38 of the Election Offences Act 1954.

It is clear that the US has recognised and endorsed that the democratic process in Malaysia as legitimate and there is no UBAH or change in the US-Malaysia relations as a result of GE 13.

Contrived protests aside, opposition supporters most especially from the massive fraud laden party polls party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat or ironically Justice Party, are wishing the courts will provide the UBAH they seek.

God forbid, should the election result be redressed by the election court, spare a thought and be careful for what you wish.

Just like in the 2000 US presidential election when the president was decided by the courts, remember what the winner turned out to be - a genocidal maniac. Moot perhaps, a maniac no less.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anarchy In Streets of Malaysia

I wrote about that despicable fellow's Plan B, I have been proven right.

Free Malaysia Today reports, "BN will be toppled this year"
Pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have vowed to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government this year through a massive street rally.

Speakers at a forum held yesterday unanimously agreed that waiting for five years until the next general election was too long, and vowed to overthrow BN this year through “force”.

The street rally is rumoured to be as early as May 17 or 18 to overthrow BN and capture Putrajaya.

We will take to the streets and take over Putrajaya. If we really want to overthrow them, there is no other way. Democracy does not work,” Haris Ibrahim from ABU (Anything But Umno) told the 1,500-strong crowd here.

“The people cannot wait anymore. We don’t want to wait another five years. We will take the streets,” he added.

PKR vice-president and Batu MP Tian Chua mirrored Haris’ cry to overthrow BN through force, and said it was the people’s choice.

“The decision to wait another five years or fight is not the right of Pakatan leaders, the results during the polls were not of Pakatan… but the rakyat’s,” he said.
I told you so.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Election Process : Of Phantoms, Postal Votes and Cheating

All you skeptics please read how the election process proceeds AFTER you have voted.

Yes, Barisan Nasional lost the popular vote.

No thanks to the seeds of doubt effectively ingrained by the opposition and spread by hundreds of thousands of ignorant netizens throughout the various social media, intentionally or otherwise.

Free Malaysia Today reports "No significant cheating in Sungai Siput".
"However in Sungai Siput, we were not able to find conclusive evidence of significant cheating during the polling process" - By Dr Michael D Jeyakumar
I commend YB Jeyakumar.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chinese Tsunami and the Popular Vote

When PM Datuk Seri Najib referred to the "Chinese tsunami", why was it inflammatory when what was said is a matter of fact?

And what of the popular vote of "269,130 votes based on calculations by The Malaysian Insider" that Anwar Ibrahim is trying to spring in Malaysia? There is no respect for the rules of laws of the land from this despicable man.

Yes, Anwar Ibrahim wants it both ways, pun intended. Making a claim for the federal govt on account of the popular vote. But a popular vote of an election which he rails is "fraudulent".

Here are the facts of the Chineses tsunami, read in conjunction with the popular votes, which Anwar Ibrahim as a Malay, is so proud of.

The following are the results of the Chinese chauvinist party, DAP, in constituencies of FT and Penang. The margins of the majority votes they received total 281,000 votes.

Add majorities won in Perak P64 - Ipoh Timor, P65 - Ipoh Barat and P66 - Batu Gajah, that's another 100,000 to give a grand total of the Chinese tsunami votes of 381,000 and with that the "popular" votes for the Pakatan Rakyat.

Fact, only the Chinese chauvinist DAP carried majorities in excess of 30,000 votes in the heavily Chinese majority constituencies. That cannot be said of PKR and PAS in any constituency.

And don't come with that, "How can DAP be a Chinese chauvinist party when they had Malays and Indians contesting on the DAP ticket?"

With the Chinese tsunami, even if a Bangladeshi were to stand on the DAP ticket, the Bangladeshi would win.

By the way, it could be that Anwar Ibrahim is making a big fuss about the popular vote because he himself had his majority in Permatang Pauh reduced from 15,671 in 2008 to 11,721 this time around.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Your Are Our Future

I have started a Facebook page. Please support.

"You, the younger generation, are our nation's future. Share your thoughts with intelligent, healthy, and lively comments. A place to have your say to the government in its transformation. Even those who disagree are welcome. I will appreciate for BN supporters all across Malaysia to provide the contact info of our elected representative in the federal and state legislature as a service to the people who elected them"

Go to Why I Am Happy BN Won

A Question for YB Ong Kian Ming

Yes siree, Bob, the man with many hats, titled positions id est in DAP, Ong Kian Ming is certainly in the limelight.

I beg the question of the newly minted Serdang MP:

Do you agree that Anwar Ibrahim, as your boss Lim Guan Eng insists, is the best choice as Pakatan Rakyat prime minister of Malaysia?


"The rest, as they say, is history as Anwar embarked on an ambitious agenda to increase the degree of Islamisation in Malaysia by establishing Islamic institutions, think tanks, and institutions of higher learning as well as introducing Islamic studies into public universities." - Ong Kian Ming

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim's Plan B

Plan B - Having lost the 13th General Elections and said it was his last if the Pakatan Rakyat lost, the troublemaker who wanted a Malaysian Spring, is now applying the Arab Spring.

Remember those fishy multi-coloured flags. I thought it was cute though.

And those dumb PR supporters still believe this troublemaker.

Well, the opposition Chinese will believe because they believe everything the DAP tells them and DAP IS the real Boss, Tai Kor.

Tai Kor will decide who will be Selangor MB not the troublemaker. The troublemaker is just the puppet of the Tai Kor because Tai Kor promise the troublemaker his wet dream, PM of Malaysia.

That is a promise Tai Kor will keep.

You see, the troublemaker cannot use Plan A - "OPPOSITION WILL BE FORMING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT UNTIL 16 SEPTEMBER", circa 2008.

Even easier now what?

Cannot. It will be over the Tai Kor's Lo Fu's dead body.

I bet you the opposition Chinese supporters will give this Arab Spring thingy at Kelana Jaya a miss.


Stay The Course

Don't fall into the opposition trap.

MCA must stand united. There is no point asking Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek to resign immediately. Datuk Seri Chua has already said he will not defend his president post. Stand united. There must not be factions in the MCA.

Doing so will only play into the hands of the DAP who wants to see a weakened MCA.

The same goes for UMNO.

It's only Datuk Seri Najib's first general election.

In my honest opinion, our PM has done very well for UMNO, no matter what anyone says. Retaking Kedah and more MPs in Parliament is testimony.

And considering no one (has factored in) knew how the 2.3 million new voters would cast their votes.

Have we already forgotten how Datuk Seri Najib has managed and worked so hard for the country, especially the economy, since taking over from Tun Abdullah Badawi?

It is imperative that UMNO and MCA members rally behind their presidents.

Alamak! 60,000 Thousand Dubious Voters In Sabah!

FMT reports, "60,000 dubious voters gave Sabah BN victory".

Planting The Seeds of Doubt

Make that 3,300,000 million!

"3.3 million problematic voters in electoral roll"
"Based on a-decade-old data, Ong said that there are 3.1 million voters who vote in constituencies that do not tally with the address stated on their MyKads."
1. Mr Ong Kian Ming of DAP and newly elected MP should have been the polls director for his own party's shady party polls, reported to the ROS by it's own members.

2. His party cannot even count from 1 to less than 2000 but Ong Kian Ming managed to count from 1 to 3,300,000!

3. With 3,300,000 voters, BN should have won by a landslide!

See the pattern like his party boss Lim Guan Eng who kept quiet about the shady DAP party polls results?
Ong, who is the director of the Malaysia Electoral Roll Analysis Project (Merap), said that he came into possession of the data almost 10 years ago as well.
But this is worse. Ong Kian Ming kept quiet for ten years!

Back to the Future

"Another problem is the existence of 65,455 foreign nationals registered as voters in the electoral roll, said Ong, adding that 90 percent held MyKad indicating they are Malaysia-born.
The data shows many are from Brunei, Cocos, the Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan"
How accurate! But Ong Kian Ming forgot to mention Bangladeshis.

BN must get their act together. BN does not even know how to cheat. Selangor also cannot win.

What lah!

BN, I mean MCA, must learn from the DAP.

Evil Eye Leading the Blind

Fans of Lords of the Rings, here's the evil eye, Parti Keadilan Rakyat, leading the blind. Not to mention dumb.

Why the need to demonstrate? Because that's what they are good for. They were created for creating unnecessary and provocative inconvenience.

From legal firm Skrine,

The results of an election can only be challenged by an election petition which must be submitted within 21 days from the date of the election results being gazetted.

An election petition is heard in a High Court which is convened as an election court. The hearing of the petition is to be completed within 6 months from the date on which the petition is presented. A petitioner who is dissatisfied with the decision of the election court may appeal directly to the Federal Court.

Grounds for an election petition are as follows: bribery, intimidation or other misconduct which may affect the outcome of the election, non-compliance with election laws and regulations, acts of corruption or illegal acts committed by a candidate or his agent or ineligibility of a candidate to participate in the election
Penang has already sworn in their beloved CM, no problems there. Kelantan has already retired their Tok Guru, no problems there as well. Selangor is still in limbo for whatever reason. Maybe PAS does not trust their partners, who cheat in their own party elections id est.

Expect the usual suspects and the colour yellow or green or black.

Barisan Nasional's Popular Vote

Firstly, uber Chinese chauvinist and DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, should write his own views more often and not depend on lackeys - the opposition leaning online news portals. One of the many ways the DAP has psyched the Chinese into hating the Barisan Nasional and the government.

Posted on Lim Kit Siang's website, Malaysia Insider's "Triumphant BN seen losing popular vote"

Before all you mouth frothing opposition supporters go all gaga and cock-a-doodle-doo, some facts on popular votes.

US Presidential Facts
The 2000 election was not the first time a candidate won the popular vote but lost the election. It has happened four times in our nation's history:

In 1824 Andrew Jackson won the popular vote but got less then 50% of the electoral votes. John Quincy Adams became the next president when he was picked by the House of Representatives. In 1876 Samuel Tilden won the popular vote but lost the election when Rutherford B. Hayes got 185 electoral votes to Tilden's 184. In 1888 Grover Cleveland won the popular vote but lost the election when Benjamin Harrison got 233 electoral votes to Cleveland's 168. In 2000 Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the election to George Bush. In the most highly contested election in modern history, the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount of ballots, giving Bush the state's 25 electoral votes for a total of 271 to Gore's 255.
Wikipedia, in the United Kingdom General Elections 1951
This was the second of three elections where a party lost the popular vote but won the most seats, the others being 1929 and February 1974.

Ops "Ini Kalilah" has failed, Ops "Lain Kalilah" has already begun.

Let the demonstrations begin!

Barisan Nasional Will Keep Its Promises to the Chinese

First things first, I am the happiest person, this side of Kepong, Barisan Nasional has been returned to govern the country.

BN will keep its promises to the Chinese community, period.


The psyche has been entrenched, hate the BN, UMNO, MCA - take whatever the government gives and then say "screw you".

The psyche entrenched by the chauvinist Chinese party, the DAP.

Lessons to be learnt from the Sarawak state elections 2011 and the just concluded general elections.

To the MCA, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and all Chinese that voted for BN, the government will never alienate ANY community, so NEVER GIVE UP.

Related reading, Another Brick In The Wall's, "Cinami, Calun and Complacency" and Jebat Must Die's, "What more do the chinese want?"

By the way, lets get rid of the humiliating 3rd world indelible ink, pun intended.

Bending over backwards only gets you screwed in the back in more ways than one.

Monday, May 6, 2013





Sunday, May 5, 2013

Phantom Caught By Rafizi Ramli Voted DAP/PKR

The Sundaily reports "More cases of 'Sabahan' voting in Pandan",
"When asked which party he had voted for, Mazlan had difficulty explaining, until the crowd pointed at the different logos and he claimed to have 'crossed' the PKR and DAP symbols"
So, who are the perpetrators now?

Indelible Ink Farce

Cannot but help commenting in all this nonsense about indelible being delible, washed with soap and what not.

The most ludicrous being erased with grass, look I am not going to waste my time, just google it.

My siblings and their spouses totalling 6, two at different constituencies and the other four at Kepong, one at a different polling station.

Result - none of us could get the ink washed off.

The only conclusion to arrive in all of this are that they are coming from the opposition leaning, no need to say.

Only thing I will say if it is possible, these people who claimed with proof that the ink could be washed away, for the EC to check whether these guys had voted.

In Facebook, these allegations in comments, ALL without exception have not replied to my comment, go try and vote again.

Anyway, this humiliating 3rd world "remedy" to counter "phantoms", also seen to be but a few albeit one here and another there, was forced upon us by that glorified, BERSIH.

By the way one of the most pictured "hantu", "phantom" or whatever, looks like a untidy and confused person, possibly immigrant and a patsy, getting "caught" and released. Needs to be said, my comment in the video version on Facebook of the same person has also gone..unanswered.

All I have to say and propose to BERSIH and their band of idiots, instead of indelible ink, tattoo. The Plan, The Plan.

Or cow branding.

Definitely foolproof.

Read The Sun Daily, "Indelible ink lasts if applied properly, says EC" and "Much ado about indelible ink"

Sunday Morning Blues

Here's something to perk up your election mood, "Choose wisely Malaysia".

For An Early Morning Must Read Before You Vote

From commentor M. Rmd. Kwo K. with a very big thank you and deepest appreciation,

The elections are just around the corner, about 3 days away. Here are many strong reasons why we should not choose Pakatan Rakyat.

1) Pakatan Rakyat is made up of three parties, namely, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Parti Islam SeMalaysia (Pas) and Democratic Action Party (DAP). Democratic Action Party (DAP) is a member of Socialist International, a worldwide organisation of political parties from various countries. Many parties of Socialist International come from communist, atheist and Marxist backgrounds. 'Atheists' refer to people who do not believe in God, and people who believe that God does not exist.

2) DAP's membership in Socialist International may explain the secular direction of the party. Karpal Singh, the DAP chairman, has consistently regarded Malaysia as a secular country. The entire direction of DAP is to ensure that Malaysia is governed in a secular way. 'Secular' means governing the country without reference to religion. DAP is a secular party, without religion and therefore without God.

3) DAP is descended from PAP (the People's Action Party of Singapore). Both the PAP and DAP use the 'Malaysian Malaysia' slogan. The logos of both parties are also almost identical. The PAP has ruled Singapore continuously since before 1965. Having been a member of the Socialist International, the PAP is also secular, as revealed by the Singapore national Declaration on Religious Harmony, which says to recognise Singapore as a secular state.

4) The Singapore/PAP government teaches that Stamford Raffles is the founder of Singapore. Singaporeans are taught by their PAP government that Raffles is a positive figure. 'Raffles' has therefore become a national trademark for Singapore, as such Raffles City (built in Singapore and also in mainland China), Raffles Class (on Singapore Airlines), Raffles Quay, Raffles Place (the city centre), Raffles Hotel and the elite and prestigious secondary school Raffles Institution. However, the truth about Raffles is that he is a racist who practised racial segregation; when Raffles governed Singapore, he split the Malays, Chinese and Indians by housing them in separate areas. He kept the races apart. This is known as the divide-and-conquer technique. Raffles was a white imperialist, a British colonialist, and there is no excuse that can be made for him. Therefore, the fact that the PAP government puts Raffles on a pedestal and bathes him in a favourable light, shows us the beliefs of PAP. The PAP government does not just name things using 'Raffles', it gives prominent place to the Raffles statue, which is by the Singapore River and has been shifted before by the government to give it even more prominence. The PAP government presents the Raffles statue as a national icon, and schoolchildren are given a positive history of Raffles and the British takeover of Singapore.

5) Remember the recent comments made by PAP and PAP-related figures? That NTUC high-ranked figure Amy Chong (or Cheong) who criticised Malay weddings, Malay lifestyle and Malay society, and that senior PAP figure who called Malay a foreign language. These are further indications that a world governed by PAP is a terrible, racist and chauvinistic world. Are we to believe that DAP will behave differently from PAP?

6) According to many indexes, Malaysia, under Barisan Nasional (BN), is ranked higher than PAP-led Singapore in terms of press freedom. Singapore is an oppressed society in terms of freedom of speech and freedom of press and media. By comparison, Malaysia has a much wider variety of press and publications, and gives greater political liberty to opposition parties. This explains why you can observe that Malaysia's opposition parties are very active and vibrant, while in Singapore, the opposition is timid and dares not oppose PAP. This is because the PAP has been very brutal with the opposition, such as suing opposition figures until they become bankrupt. In Malaysia, DAP is also very fond of suing people. Do you believe that DAP will give you political freedom, when it comes to power?

7) The PAP government deals brutally with dissent and alternative opinions. Joshua B Jeyaratnam and Chee Soon Juan are just two of the many victims. The press landscape is bleak. No one dares publish a different view. This explains why you can hardly see any opposition newspapers or newsletters in Singapore. Do you think DAP will behave differently from PAP? Already, DAP is suing people who give alternative viewpoints. DAP also calls for boycotts, telling people to boycott this paper or that paper. Worse, the DAP bars press entities who may report ugly truths about the party, prohibiting the journalists from attending DAP press conferences.

8) What if DAP comes to power? Would it start a crackdown on press it does not like? Judging from PAP behaviour, we cannot say DAP is a good party for our future. DAP could destroy freedom and civic liberties. DAP, PAP and their Socialist International involvement really explain the pattern: Communist parties have always restricted freedom of speech and freedom of press. Every Marxist government behaves in the same way: it squashes dissent, and jails, tortures and kills critics and thinkers.

9) The way PAP treats opponents, and the same way that DAP has begun to behave, reminds us that there will be no opposition under Pakatan Rakyat. If you let Pakatan Rakyat come to power, you destroy democracy in Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat will not allow opposition to exist. BN will be wiped out. Even if BN voices manage to survive, they are suppressed, subdued or muted, under the threat of retribution from DAP.

10) If Pakatan Rakyat comes to power, not only will BN be gagged and suppressed, but all other alternative parties as well. The evidence can be found in Singapore, where the PAP gags SDA (PKMS, the Umno in Singapore, is a member of SDA) and various non-SDA parties with no BN history or relation, such as the Singapore Democratic Party, Workers' Party, National Solidarity Party and others. If Pakatan Rakyat were to rule, it would spell the end of political liberty for the Malaysian people.

11) DAP and PAP claim that Umno is racist, when in actual fact, it is DAP and PAP which are the racists. Umno has been in alliance with the MCA from the very beginning; MCA and Umno refused to contest against each other from the very beginning, and have never contested against each other. Chinese-dominated PAP contested against Umno when Singapore was part of Malaysia. DAP, also racially imbalanced, with almost-total Chinese membership, stood with Pas on some occasions and against on other occasions. Both PAP and DAP are Chinese-majority parties with no stable Malay allies, and appear to have no intention of properly cooperating with Malay parties. So, the racist bigot is not Umno, but DAP

12) If allowed to come to power, DAP will destroy interracial cooperation and demote the Malaysian language. Evidence for this can be found in Singapore, where English and Mandarin, which are non-native languages, are ranked first and second, with Malay coming third and Tamil last. This is the case with signboards, train announcements and official government documents. Voting DAP into power is a risk to the future of indigenous languages. We must protect Malaysia as we know it: under BN, Malay is first, all community languages second, and English last. It is foolish to put English first and forsake our Asian identity; we respect the English language and are willing to learn positive things from the West, but this does not mean we should worship Westerners or bow down to their language. Malaysia is a unique, sovereign country, and has its cultural identity in the form of Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia. If Malay is demoted to second or third class, Malaysia loses its unique place in the world.

13) Pakatan Rakyat is a threat to national identity. DAP parodies a Korean song for the purpose of criticising BN, and not only that, DAP does so in a vulgar and distasteful way. The indecent parody, proudly produced by DAP MPs and used at DAP events, is likely just the tip of a large iceberg against Asian values. The war against Asian culture and national identity has already begun in Singapore, where the PAP builds a casino (Marina Bay Sands) and parades it as a national icon. There is no sovereign country on the face of this earth that presents casinos as national icons or national landmarks! The casinos of Macau are not the face of China, the casinos of Las Vegas are not the face of the United States, the casino at Genting Highlands is not the face of Malaysia. Only in Singapore will we find the casino being grouped into the national identity! This is how the PAP behaves; should we expect the DAP to behave differently? The DAP has shown itself to be anti-Malaysian. DAP, and PAP, have proven themselves to be of no moral and spiritual substance. DAP misappropriates pop culture, portrays Malaysians as laughing stock, and goes against peace and virtue. It is not a suitable party for Malaysia. In fact, it is not a suitable party for Asia. Considering its mockery of shared culture and shared standards, we must say DAP is not a suitable party for the world. DAP should not be allowed to govern!

14) That DAP goes against peace and virtue, is evident in its support for Bersih. DAP expresses grievances through street demonstrations, reducing Malaysia's standing in the world and getting the world to laugh at and misunderstand Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat's support for Bersih is evidence that Pakatan Rakyat hates Malaysia. DAP, Pas and PKR want the world to see Malaysia as a Egypt, Syria or Tunisia. Riots, violence and vandalism are not shared values among true Malaysians. Pakatan Rakyat is happy when Malaysia's streets are litter-strewn, when the people are bluffed into screaming and yelling in the streets, when the city is plunged into a cloud of fury and fanaticism. PKR, Pas and DAP do not love Malaysia. They want to destroy our country.

15) Pakatan Rakyat is a threat to true Islam. Parti Islam SeMalaysia (Pas) deliberately misinterprets Islam, portraying it to be a harsh, uncompassionate religion. This is so that non-Muslims will misunderstand Islam and regard the religion with fear and suspicion. This is why Pas is willing to work with DAP: both parties are against Islam. Pas and DAP play push-and-pull games with each other, to confuse the people of Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat is deceitful, playing such games, and coordinating various topics to bluff, scare and worry the people into voting for Pakatan Rakyat.

16) Pakatan Rakyat is anti-religion, anti-Islam, anti-Malay, anti-interracial and anti-God. It is against every virtue. Pas and DAP pretend to tiptoe around each other, when they are actually working together hand-in-glove. Pas and DAP put on an act: they fight each other so as to create divisions between Muslim and non-Muslim, Malay and non-Malay. The hidden goal is to keep the races separate, exactly as Raffles did, and get foreigners (i.e. white people) to rule over us.

17) Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) is working to hand Malaysia over to foreign control. White people, Jews, the IMF, the World Bank, various white American corporations and Jewish corporations are eager to control Malaysia, and Anwar is working to make that happen. A vote for a Pakatan Rakyat party means a vote towards losing national sovereignty. DAP, Pas and PKR are striving to make the various races uneasy and unfamiliar with one another, and work to keep the races apart, so that Jews, white people, and a small class of elite Chinese can control Malaysia against the will of the Malaysian people. The evidence of this can be seen in Singapore. The evidence is clear and indisputable. Singapore is controlled by white people, Jews, and the small elite class of Chinese PAP leaders. The PAP is the avenue through which Westerners control Singapore. It is likely Pakatan Rakyat will be the avenue through which Westerners control Malaysia.

18) Pakatan Rakyat is rooted in Marxism, through DAP and also through PKR. In 2008, two Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) candidates contested under the PKR ticket, and PSM was bold to declare at the same time that PSM follows the Communist Manifesto, the famous document authored by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Therefore, it is clear that both DAP and PKR are Marxist parties. (DAP's Marxist connection is found in the Socialist International, as earlier explained.) Marxism is an ideology that advocates the abolition of religion and the removal of God; Marxism explains that there is no spiritual aspect in this world, and therefore, Marxists (or Communists, as they are usually known) are atheists, and some Marxists are violent atheists, jailing, torturing and murdering hundreds of thousands of religious believers, scholars and teachers. History provides the facts plain and clear. Also, Marx is a Jew. This brings Pakatan Rakyat into full view: in addition to being pro-Israel and anti-Islam, the parties of Pakatan Rakyat are against virtue, liberty and justice. We must look at all 18 points carefully, before making our selection this Sunday, May 5, 2013.

The facts are clear. The 18 points reveal Pakatan Rakyat for what it really is: a secular, anti-religion coalition of power-hungry leaders with evil intentions. They tell bold lies. They tell the Malaysian people that Malaysia ought to be like Singapore. They put Singapore up high, as a shining example that Malaysians should follow. But the truth about Singapore is very different from Pakatan Rakyat's lies. In addition to proudly and relentlessly advertising the annual December 31st beach party countdown on national TV, and incorporating the casino into national day songs and the Singapore city skyline, the PAP government is expert at gerrymandering. PAP's deceitfulness and immorality is unmatched.

In Malaysia, 2008, BN received less than two-thirds of the total number of valid votes, and less than two-thirds of the total number of Parliamentary seats.

In Singapore, 2011, PAP received less than two-thirds of the total number of valid votes, but was still given more than 80 of the 87 Parliamentary seats.

PAP was still able to retain more than 90% of Parliament, even though it was given only 60% of the total number of valid votes, chiefly because the PAP government practises gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the redrawing of district boundaries so that PAP wins a lot of seats on a few votes.

Elections and democracy are fair in Malaysia, especially when compared with Singapore! Districts are drawn fairly in Malaysia, and the proof can be seen in 2008, when BN was admitted to less than two-thirds of Parliamentary seats, which matches the fact it received less than two-thirds of the valid votes. In Singapore, the PAP received less than two-thirds of the valid votes, and was then admitted to not just more than two-thirds, but more than 90% of the Parliamentary seats!

Therefore, when DAP, Pas and PKR say that Malaysia ought to be like Singapore, I am frightened. Democracy and elections are highly corrupted in Singapore! By comparison, Malaysia is a superb electoral democracy! Pakatan Rakyat should take Bersih to Singapore. The PAP is the party which should be told what fair elections are.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

1 Symbol - Think That BN Will Lose

We go to the polls tomorrow.

Kudos to all BN party workers.

Its a sea of blue colours of Barisan Nasional everywhere. It is a sign of a rejuvenated ruling party.

But all the hard work, bountiful banners and posters do not translate into victory.

Barisan Nasional will win because they have that strong tradition of component parties closing ranks.

Members of the ruling coalition not picked to be candidates must realise the BN's warning to the rakyat is no rhetoric.

A Pakatan Rakyat ruled Malaysia will be the end in all that we cherish.

Support every BN candidate standing in the elections with all your heart.

Of course there are, those unscrupulous politicians not picked, those with a hand in the pie on boths sides, who would do their level best to sabotage their own comrades, on the sly.

Win or lose, these few traitors win.

Barisan Nasional supporters and workers must be wary of these so-called leaders. Reject and expose these saboteurs.

I am sure no Barisan Nasional supporter believe this election is going to be easy.

That would be folly and everyone must come out to vote and not take anything for granted.

The 2008 tsunami happened because there were many many angry BN supporters including yours truly. Many voted the other way and many spoiled their votes, creating a domino effect, taking for granted that Barisan Nasional would win anyway.

We, the BN supporters are also responsible for putting Pakatan Rakyat into orbit, like giant comets orbiting the planet.

2008 was like Haley's Comet passing by this earth.

The comet Pakatan Rakyat is in orbit, orbiting the country.

When comet Pakatan Rakyat lands all Malaysians will be doomed and the country will be destroyed.

BN and its supporters are confident but we cannot afford to be complacent.

The more I read BN will lose the happier I am because that will encourage us to come in the fullest force.

We must think AS IF Barisan Nasional will lose and we WILL win.

I tell you. Speaking to family members, friends and strangers, they have been duped into believing the opposition's deceitful propaganda and lies.

I engage and have discourse with them.

Say what you like, the opposition have been very effective disseminating their deceitful propaganda and lies.

The hardcore and rabid opposition supporters, most of the time, do not like to be engaged. They will never accept your point or any point of view anyway.

So, ask them simple question - why does the Pakatan Rakyat NOT have a common symbol.

With our unwavering support Barisan Nasional will prevail.

Barisan Nasional has stood the many difficult tests of time.

Barisan Nasional supporters are proud Malaysians for all that WE Malaysians cherish - harmony, peace, and prosperity.

Malaysians of ALL races standing under 1 symbol.

Pakatan Rakyat can never say that.

GE 13 : Malaysian Insider Makes Perfect Sense

..for once.

Malaysian Insider reports,

There is already enough protest about bringing religion into politics but what about bringing politics into a house of worship? Can we then say that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander?

The DAP and party  leaders should leave matters in the hands of the voters, not make a religious affair by going to a house of worship.  The country is polarised enough that such a show only drives the wedge further in.

For a political leader like Lim Guan Eng, this would open himself to a charge of opportunism when his spouse does it, even privately and not connected to the party.

At the end of the day, if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and Lim believe they have done a good job in Penang, they should have trust in the voter and not speculate that bookies will have an influence in the results.

Keep the faith, but leave it out of politics. And leave politics out of religion.

GE 13 - Economy Malaysia Second To China

Malaysiakini reports, In a survey conducted in March for a forthcoming US-based Pew Research Center report, 82 percent of Malaysians are satisfied with the way things are going in the country.

The percentage was up from 76 percent in 2007. Some 16 percent said they were dissatisfied.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Worms Crawling Out of the Woodwork

All the DAP drama, a sinister one at that, was a consequence of complaints by its own members questioning the legitimacy of the second "official" result of the DAP national party polls.

Complaint against the second "official" result, amidst suspicions to accomodate a Malay when in the first not a single Malay was voted in, which elevated Zairil Khir Johari as an elected member in the party polls.

I cannot but help thinking, now, about Zaid Ibrahim.

Zaid Ibrahim who quit Parti Keadilan Rakyat in disgust, condemning and publicly accusing the party of manipulation, unfair electoral practices and fraud, also in national party polls.

How come Zaid Ibrahim did not make a complaint to the Registrar of Societies?

The Edge reported, "Zaid Ibrahim withdraws from PKR deputy president contest, quits all part posts"

Its worth noting, that fellow not worth mentioning and fond of suing, did not sue Zaid.

Madam Ambiga should at least have a word with Nurul Izzah even if the BERSIH person is deafeningly silent in this matter of electoral fraud and manipulation practised in the vice-president's party, the PKR.

And I thought that Zaid Ibrahim had quit politics to go into business, in Singapore. Just like the other politically bankrupt and failed businessman, DAP YB Tony Pua.

Well, Zaid Ibrahim will advise PR in battle for Johor, Kit Siang says and who knows, maybe Zaid could get some pointers from the failed businesman, Tony Pua.

Better still, Zaid Ibrahim could personally ask Lim Kit Siang whether its true that the DAP national polls were rigged, to make way for Zairil Khir Johari.

By the way, last I heard, PKR is still part of Pakatan Rakyat. Aren't they?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Malaysian Opposition Politics for Dummies Partie Deux - Ambiga the Woeful Liar and Gems from Lim Kit Siang

In a previous I wrote "Dirty Ambiga does not even know how to lie properly. Ambiga tells, all who care to listen, she is impartial but you do not see her anywhere other than opposition organised events and now with the elections, election rallies".

In all fairness, here's BERSIH's madam "Ambiga: I don’t campaign for Pakatan", April 12, 2013 but do pay attention to the dates.

It is more, as a court judge would say, an afterthought, coming "under fire, with critics again taking a swipe at her for gracing opposition events despite insisting that the polls watchdog is non-partisan" in the same report.

Madam Ambiga defends that overused and expired opposition call for change,
Ambiga also explained that voter education included telling the people not to be afraid of change.

“There are those who frighten the people on the ground, especially the Indian community with talks of riot and whatnot if there is a change in government".
Riots? Indians? Yes, definitely one or two for the dummies.

Madam Ambiga came under fire because "Ambiga wows Seremban crowd", April 10, 2013, with that overused,
“Saudara, saudari,” she said. “Don’t be afraid of change. Nothing wrong with change. There are people who say, ‘Don’t change. If you change, we don’t know what will happen. There will be unrest and this and that.’

“Don’t believe them. Do you believe them?”

“No,” came the thunderous reply."
See, see, see or not. No? Brothers and sisters, if the thunderous reply implies the thousands in attendance do not believe people who say do not change because change will cause this and that, there is no need to tell them not to be afraid.

Well if Ambiga tried to cover her "change" of a story, dummies should recognise with ease,
“Both now have track records. You can compare [and decide] which is good governance, clean, transparent and accountable".
The CAT is out of the bag.

Remember the afterthought and the date? After the afterthought, food for thought the very next day "Bersih's Ambiga appears at Nurul Izzah event", Apr 14, 2013.

Stick around folks for the best entry for dummies.

Debate addict Nurul Izzah's "concerns include a massive increase in the number of voters in Lembah Pantai, from just more than 58,000 voters in 2008 to 71,000 voters in the third quarter of 2012", says that darn opposition leaning online news portal, Malaysiakini.

While Ambiga spares no effort deriding the Election Commission to fight "fraud", she says nothing about the complaints of fraudulent and unfair party elections to the ROS by members of the DAP. Worse, silent on Nurul Izzah's own massive fraudulent national party polls. By the way, do correct me if I am wrong, the complaints against the DAP were lodged by their own members the majority of whom are Indians. There you go Ambiga. Talking about change and Indians.

Here is the best entry for dummies.

It is true that the Lembah Pantai eligible voter numbers has increased, from 56,650 to 72,533 to be exact.

The increase is 28.04%

I also mentioned Lim Kit Siang, vis-a-vis Nurul Izzah in this matter, making no bones about increased and no mention of phantom, voters in Dummies part 1.

Lying Ambiga, should she share Nurul Izzah's shameful sham concerns, must look into Gelang Patah.

You see, the Gelang Patah eligible voter numbers has increased from 78,676 to 106,864. Since the DAP cannot even handle simple arithmetic for less than a couple of thousand in their party elections, one for the dummies as well, I will do the maths.

The increase is a whopping 35.82%

(Source The Star here and its "Make Your Vote count" 32 page nomination supplement, 21 April 2013)

And speaking of Lim Kit Siang, here are his gems for dummies.
"The Kelantan Mentri Besar, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, should reconsider the State Government’s proposal to introduce the ban on public sale and consumption of alcohol affecting non-Muslims, for it will have nation-wide repercussions in arousing non-Muslim alienation against PAS not only in Kelantan but throughout Malaysia. Such an action by the PAS-led Kelantan State Government will only confirm UMNO allegations that PAS policies are completely unsuitable for a multiracial and multi-religious society like Malaysia" - by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, June 20, 1993
Dummies must really enjoy this, "Why as a Chinese I will always vote PAS",
Yes as a Chinese, I will vote in PAS anytime, anywhere in this country, because with the Pakatan Rakyat I can rest assured that the law as spelled out in our constitution will reign supreme, and pretenders like PAS will be stopped right in their tracks by the DAP unlike the shenanigans at the MIC and MCA who have now brought minorities to their knees by deceiving them of their rights by colluding with UMNO.
See, see, see or not. No? You really are dummies.