Friday, January 11, 2013

Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin - Anwar Ibrahim Clone

I commented on Datuk Rocky's latest article, "Bank Islam thinks BN will fall in PRU13?", that I am skeptical of the TMI report about Bank Islam's chief economist, Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin's "calculation" predicting the outcome of the next general election in favour of Pakatan Rakyat.

Correctly, Datuk Rocky pointed out that En AAA had been highly critical of the government on more than one occassion.

In the latest follow up, The Malaysia Insider reports "Bank Islam economist’s polls forecast ruffles feathers"

It is not unlike TMI to change it's tune when you consider it's previous headline "tea leaves", when breaking the story, is now a "forecast".

Thus, I am giving the Bank Islam chief economist the benefit of a doubt only because I am skeptical of the TMI report. I am unable to trace the Singapore Straits Times report as claimed by TMI.

It is right for the Bank Islam management to verify what had been presented by EN AAA as it is a matter of professional ethics but more importantly credibility of the bank. I will leave it at that for the moment.

Anyway, from the Regional Outlook Forum 2013 programme, En AAA had his presentation titled "Malaysia's Economic Outlook". Bland when you consider the other 2 panellists' optimistic "Investment as the Engine of Growth: The Case of Indonesia" and "Asia 2013:Brighter Horizons and Asean 2013:Resilience Tested".

If the TMI reports are verified by the Bank Islam management inquiry it will only confirm ,"like father like son", En AAA as an epitome of his party de facto leader's character - a Malaysian who takes pride condemning Malaysia.

EN AAA will then have to account for his brazen acts as an Anwar Ibrahim clone and must be stopped from becoming another, what Ah Chua would say, Anwar cloney.


A Voice said...

Bank Islam guy join PKR? kah kah kah ...

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Tuan Voice,

He is the PKR member in the Putrajaya Div. That is what irked Datuk Rocky. I am in agreement. Using his position as chief economist as opposition mouth piece and critical of govt policies is totally unethical. Wore so when Bank Islam can be considered a GLC.

Best regards

Freddie Kevin said...

*More so

arizmaya said...

It funny though.. TMI cited The Straits Times of Singapore as their source of the story and yet a search made the news portal's website on AAAT returned only 1 result... dated sometime in Nov. last year and on a completely different topic altogether.

Is TMI spinning.. or outright lying?

rejal said...

TMI which is known to carry stories critical of the government should own up and tell exactly which page and which issue of the Singapaore Straits Times carried the story if it values its credibility. But then again what credibility has it got just like its cohort the likes of Malaysiakini which after so much pressures had to own up that it received foreign fundings including from George Soros and having PKR committee member on its board.

Freddie Kevin said...


You are correct and as I said, I could not trace the article as well. It may have been in the print publication. That is why it is important for Bank Islam to verify these reports.


your observation is spot on. TMI and Mkini are credible only among the opposition die hards.

Thanks to both of you for the comments.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Dr Nik M Zain: Azrul, you are working with Bank Islam and you should comply with the procedures and policy of your employer. If you are interested in politics, then be a politician. I cannot blame your employer for suspending you.

I found this comments from Malaysiakini. spot on! People tend to be emotional when it come to politic.
Respect the Organization' rules and regulations, policies etc. if you are an employee.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 14.47,

I do not think AAA is keen to keep his job. He does not sound remorseful, knowingly flouting company policies ie. It is a suspension as with all or most organisations pending inquiry. In the govt, suspension is with half pay. AAA is getting a full salary suspension. The suspension will not effect his financial commitments. He is being given an opportunity to explain himself by BI. He could have asked everyone not to pursue the matter pending the inquiry.

Thank you and best regards