Saturday, January 12, 2013

Breaking News : Malaysian Government Resigns

Yes it's true.

As at 2.20pm The Malaysian government had resigned to the fact that there are an estimated million 70,000 100,000 protesters gathered in and outside Merdeka Stadium.

Malaysiakini: "70,000 in and outside stadium as rally kicks off"

2.20pm: Stadium Merdeka - An estimated 70,000 are in and outside stadium. The weather is cloudy but the earlier drizzler has stopped. A police helicopter is seen hovering above the city.

70,000 are in and outside stadium or 70,000 period?

That was at 2.20pm now at 3.20pm it's "100,000 at Stadium Merdeka for 'Uprising' rally"

Okay 100,000, I'll give an extra 200,000 for a grand total of 300,000 to make Anwar Ibrahim happy.

I truly symphatise with the desperate man he is, begging to "Keep tweeting and posting all day"

Burger, burger, burger.

It's 3.30 pm, got to go. Thinking of burgers made me hungry.
"The truth is that this is a matter for the man to resolve, without dragging innocent thousands into the stadium to support a cause that is both selfish and cynical in the extreme" - Tunku Abdul Aziz

Update 4.30

Okay back from burger snack and for some main stream media report from The Star "Live coverage: Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat" and I like this pic -

Caught oncamera, a bearded guy robed in white and kopiah tailing a very ahem lady.

But seriously folks, @ 3.25pm: PAS deputy president Mat Sabu addresses crowd, and thanks police, stadium management and DBKL for cooperating with rally organisers. He hopes the crowd will disperse peacefully after the rally -

Who is going to pay for damages caused in and outside Merdeka Stadium?

The snatch thieves are having a field day and not mentioning the more hardcore crimes committed today.

More importantly time and resources wasted by PDRM to prevent and solve all these crimes these opposition idiots are screaming on the rise.

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