Monday, January 7, 2013

DAP CEC Elections : Phantom Votes

Famous opposition allegations - phantom voters.

How about phantom votes for phantom candidates?!

Further to my previous post, here is something that is very interesting.

According to Free Malaysia Today, "66 to fight for 20 DAP CEC positions",
"Party organising secretary Teresa Kok today said that at the close of nomination for the CEC positions, the party had received 103 nomination papers.

However, 37 candidates have pulled out from the contest and the remainder 66 candidates would fight it out for the 20 available CEC slots."
The official DAP Rocket "List of CEC candidates" dated the very day of the DAP congress, 15 December 2012,
A total of 66 qualified candidates will be contesting for 20-CEC posts in the DAP 16th National Congress to be held in Penang on 15-16 December 2012.
The "Administrative tabulation error in DAP National Congress CEC election results"
As a result of an error in the Excel spreadsheet, the votes for Candidates number 31 to 38 were exactly the same as those of Candidates number 61 to 68.
66 or 68?

I am absolutely certain it's definitely not 67 or 69.


Anonymous said...

phantom candidates or phantom voters?? hahaha..

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 17.04,

Sorry for the late response. Was checking the DAP electoral roll ROFLMAO

Thank you and best regards