Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dictator Lim Guan Eng Insists "Penang" Char Koay Teow Not Allowed

When anyone tries to defend the indefensible, you get more non-sensical justifications for actions deemed illogical.

The Sun Daily reports, Consent not needed for everyday use of ‘Penang’: CM,
"However, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said consent was required if the name of the state was used for events as it gave the the impression that the authorities had sanctioned them"
Come on Lim Guan Eng, who are you trying to fool?

Firstly, we all know state sponsored and supported events by and in the Pakatan Rakyat rule state governments, will be endorsed by carrying the official state government crest. This has an effect to tell their supporters, the event is organised by or for the PR state government, and not by and for the enemy.

Lim Guan Eng and his state government does want their supporters attending or seeing to be supporting events ostensibly organised by the enemy, Barisan Nasional.

This is what dictator Lim means when he says giving an "impression that the authorities had sanctioned them".

Also, the CAT chief-minister is fond of taking credit for everything good in Penang, even if the credit rightfully belonged to the BN, therefore all events must be "sanctioned" for dear leader Lim to claim credit for the event.

Secondly, what does it matter who or what organises an event if it brings benefit to or raises the profile of the state positively? Nobody in his right mind would organise and name an event using the word "Penang", for or in an offensive manner.

Politically, if all this is too difficult to understand, never mind.

Practically, assuming an international event is organised and for example named, "The Great Penang Char Koay Teow Cookout", this will not be allowed because 1. it is an event and 2. it carries the word "Penang". Then you must get consent of the Penang chief minister. That is what he has said.

The Penang chief-minister is suffering from a brain malady with all his dictatorial maneuvers, and if he carries on he will no doubt be, Lim Ill Soon.


Anonymous said...

We Penangites are tired of his constant harping on trivial issues such as usage of the word "Penang"and etc.Dap took over Penang with the slogan "Jom Ubah"but things only got worse since then.As far as I can see there is rampant destruction of the environment and deterioration of public amenities due to their bad governing.When Tanjung bungah residents were complaining about the massive destruction of environment on their once pristine area and hillside,our incompetent and devious chief minister chose to go to Western hill and shot to the world that "Penang Hills Are Still Alive"(To hoodwink Penangites).When Tanjung Buah Pala residents were facing eviction,he didn't bother to help save the village by claiming his hands are tied.The road are full of potholes and shoddy resurfacing work done,majestic trees are hacked,chopped,pruned to death or relocated.Shady trees are chopped down and replaced with ugly,quick dying ornamental trees such as pinang trees.Take a look at Jalan Rozhan in front of Tesco Alma and one might think we are in the middle east because of the bare look.There are also a lack of shady trees in new housing areas and green grass replaced by cement or designer concrete bricks.Pavements are wantonly being constructed in places where there is no need and not a soul is walking.Kerbs are broken everywhere and the local councils seems not bothered.The state government is doing nothing to curb the spiraling price of houses and had even implemented measures that aggravate the situation further.There are many middle income families who wants to buy affordable houses but Lim Guan Eng is aligning himself with the rich developers who are interested only in multimillion dollar projects and high end houses.Thus Penangites are deprived of a proper and affordable house to live.The "Pakatan Rakyat and Dap" seems contented that Penangites favour their style of governance but it is an illusion of their own making.In the next election we Penangites must show our frustration with the present state government by booting them out and vote for political parties which do really care for the prosperity and quality of life for the people of Penang.

Freddie Kevin said...

Anon 19.53,

As an old timer, many years ago when I visited Penang I found it tranquil and in a word - green. I recently made it to Penang a few months back and it is as you described. The traffic is the first thing that hits you. You have given such a bad report card that I really wonder whether other Penangites share your sentiments and the question arises what Penangites see in LGE and the DAP led govt. I think the bisggest sin would be the LGE and developers matter. This was what had spoilt KL of much of it's aesthetic beauty. Many beautiful old buldings were sacrificed. There was no balance. In defence, it was the federal capital at the time and we were experiencing rapid development. The difference is Penang is a tourist destination and has lost and is losing more of it's natural beauty that made it the pearl of the orient. You have posted a very comprehensive comment and I earnestly hope by God's grace should BN retake Penang, they will take cognizance of all or most of the grievances you describe and rectify matters as much as possible to everyone's satisfaction and expectation. Thank you very much.

Best regards