Monday, January 21, 2013

Dictator Lim Guan Eng : No More Penang Char Kuay Teow

Maybe blows to the head, by reigniting the "allah" issue, have caused the Penang chief minister to have serious brain damage.

I seriously think not. It is the lust of power that has gone into his head.

He is behaving more and more like the dictator we all said he is or have become.

The latest Mugabe directive for the Penang chief minister, the Malaysia Insider reports, Event organisers must get state approval to use ‘Penang’.

The next thing you know all UMNO, MIC, MCA and Gerakan must get his permission to utter the word, Penang.

The Pakatan Rakyat must come out in support of the Penang chief minister. In fact they can even take it up another level.

They can declare that only in Penang can char kuay teow be called, Penang Char Kay Teow.



Oops I forgot. The Penang state govenment under dear leader, Lim Guan Eng, can get the word "Penang" copy-righted, Penang©, additional income for permitted use of and to sue for unauthorised use not only in Penang, everywhere.


Anonymous said...

No sweat, let's use Pulau Pinang

Anonymous said...

I think the handsome CM has gone cookoo. What's next I wonder..

Penang people still love him meh?

Oh.. How about if use Pulau Pinang? Can or also needs approval?

Anonymous said...

Is this true?

So freaking arrogant and dictator like.

Tony Yew said...

Evidence of what too much 'Brylcream' can do to your head....

See Rainbows and then speak funny!

Freddie Kevin said...

First of all sorry for a late response to everyone.

Anon 18.26,

Pulau Penang char koay teow dooesn't sound so nice :(
non 18.32,

Dear leader handsome? Surely you jest. Cuckoo? Yup, power gone to his head. Penang people will still love him? Depend on which Penang people, the DAP types will still love "cuckoo" chai.

Anon 00.10

Not freaking, a freak. Not dictator like, real dictator.

Thank you all.

Best regards

Freddie Kevin said...

Bro Tony,

Brylcreem gel to be precise. To get somewhere over the Rainbow.

Best wishes

Jessyca said...

Are you a BN supporter?