Friday, January 18, 2013

Malaysia the Moderate

It is true we Malaysians are prone to forget.

The opposition and their NGO accomplices are always bellowing western style human and democratic rights.

Generation Y, plum targets of the opposition and thier ilk, are now more exposed to a very fast paced modern world. Superfast gadgets for superfast social networking and communication.

Issues easily become viral. The little become famous.

Yes, Malaysians cepat lupa.

"The Innocence of Muslims" also went viral. A US ambassador is killed.

It was the greatest insult to the religion of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.
ALL Malaysians, except the closet racist and religious bigots, understood the feelings of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters had been greatly hurt.

The western style human and democratic rights can do nothing. It is, after all, freedom of expression and a right to express that freedom.

When "The Innocence of Muslims" went viral, these same opposition and their civil society advocates said close to nothing.

Despite global violent reaction, Malaysia reacted peacefully without incident.

It is the testament and credit of the country most precious resource.

Not fossil oil, palm oil, timber, tin or rubber. It's the multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-racial people living side by side together, peacefully and harmoniously, as one.

For the opposition Pakatan Rakyat, everything the BN does, is wrong.

The Pakatan Rakyat is never wrong. They, of course, will and never have admitted when they are wrong because of a very convenient "consensus". The stranger thing is, we are expected to believe PR and their "consensus" because, as they say and we are often told, they frequently admonish each other.

Strangest of all, individually, the Pakatan Rakyat parties are never wrong. Has anyone ever heard the leaders of DAP, PKR or PAS, ever admitting their own party being wrong? Ask Lim Guan Eng about the latest DAP national party elections. Ask Nik Aziz or Abdul Hadi about their latest "Allah" flip-flop.

Asking Anwar Ibrahim of anything is optional.

The Sun's headline today reads "Hostage Crisis" with a sub-headline, Belts of explosives attached to hostages in booby-trapped building, two oil workers killed in attack.

More importantly Malaysian lives are at stake,
"Two Malaysians working in Algeria are among 41 people who were taken hostage by an Islamist group on Wednesday"
Terrorists can also be locally bred.

Almost 1 month to the day, we had a "Malaysian terror suspect killed in Davao"
Bukit Aman special task force (operations and counter terrorism) director Datuk Mohamad Fuzi Harun said Mohd Noor Fikrie had left Malaysia for the Philippines in late April.

He said he had gone there "for jihadist reasons", and that a DNA test would be done to confirm the suspect's identity.
Only very recently we have witnessed PAS extreme application of their laws like a by-law prohibiting stylists in hair salons from attending to customers of the opposite gender and even action taken against non-Muslims for alleged indecent behaviour in Kelantan.

Even more recently last week, we had "DAP leaders must quit for being unable to stop PAS extremism in Kedah CNY activities"

These sort of narrow interpretations of morality and laws enacted have actually being implemented by PAS. And it rubs off on most of it's faithful members.

PAS encourages extremism.

We only look at the social and political ramificatons of the Islamist Party religious policies.

As long as it is does not infringe rights, is not imposed on us, the non-Muslims, everything is hunky dory.

In the Al Maunah incident only three were killed. The grief is only among three families.

Do we wait until an incident, like the Bali Bombing, when hundreds of our own family members are killed and on our own shores, before we realise that we have to put a stop to any form of extremism?

Generation Y who were then 10, 11 or 12 years old will possibly not know that PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz's son, Nik Adli, was arrested under the ISA as part of a so-called "Mujahideen Group" who received military training in Afghanistan.

The PAS spiritual leader's son was held in detention under the ISA for 5 years before being released, declining comment when asked if he regretted his actions of allegedly being involved in an organisation linked to terrorism.

At the height of "The Innocence of Muslims" maelstrom, PM Datuk Seri Najib wrote and came for praise, duly reported by WSJ with a headline "Malaysia's Moderation",
"Now, more than ever, each of us has a responsibility to work together for greater respect, tolerance and understanding so we may live in harmony."
The nature of the country, citizens living in peace and harmony for a prosperous nation, is the result of 56 years of uninterupted Perikatan and Barisan Nasional governments.

It cannot be attributed to any opposition party or coalition, past and present.

Be honest and answer honestly, can it? Be attributed to the opposition?

In every sense, the religious extreme PAS is dangerous for the country. By collaborating with PAS, the DAP and PKR for political profit, are equally guilty of encouraging extremism.

We must preserve the peace and prosperity of the country.

Under Barisan Nasional Malaysia has and always will be, Malaysia the Moderate.

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