Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pope appoints American as first Nuncio to Malaysia

The Vatican Insider reports, "Pope appoints American as first Nuncio to Malaysia"

The Catholic Church, with 929,000 members, enjoys religious freedom in Malaysia, and is deeply involved in educational work and health services.

And there is control over publications, and copies of the bible have been seized when published in the Malay and Iban language, because of the prohibition on the use of certain religious words and language by non-Muslims, such as “Allah”.

The Holy See hopes that with full diplomatic relations and a resident nuncio it can enter into a constructive dialogue with the Malaysian authorities on all these matters.
This is the true Catholic way.

Official Vatican announcement.

Background Archbishop Joseph S. Marino.


Tony Yew said...

I hope that the his excellency can help smooth matters over.
IMHO, there are too many priests out there spreading many different messages that are helping at all.

I wonder too if his excellency considers this 'persecution' of our lord?

Freddie Kevin said...

Yo Tony,

Only last week, for intentions, "we pray for"ubah"!!!!?
Those were the exact words. I really felt "persecuted".

Best regards