Saturday, January 19, 2013

Provocative Ibrahim Ali

Free Malaysia Today reports, "Burn ‘Allah’ Bibles, Perkasa chief to Muslims"

The only benefit of doubt is, that it is as reported, the exact words uttered by Ibrahim Ali need to be verified.

If and when the contents are ascertained to the extent that it is as reported then I cannot by good conscience remain silent and will be failing in a duty as a loyal citizen who loves my country, as much as I hold all things precious in my life, if I did not record my disgust and disapproval to this kind of religious provocation.

This is NOT about of the general elections. Far from it. This is about a person who would have gone beyond the lines of decency. This is about stamping out any form of extremism at the bud.

This is about preserving peace, prosperity and pride of the country as a progressive and moderate nation.

Ibrahim Ali must be reined in and account for any inflammatory remarks attributed to the politician.

I am absolutely certain all right thinking Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, share my concerns and sentiments.


Anura said...

What is your suggestion? Swallow all the provocations dished out to the Malays?

tebing tinggi said...

Peace is all what we want but when the other keep on provoking on sensitive issue is the other party right's to provoke back.

Freddie Kevin said...


My suggestion - expose all provocateurs that threaten peace and create disharmony without exception. When any of these provocateurs are exposed, as deliberate agitators for whatever reason or agenda, there are relevant laws to bring them to book. Also, when we expose them for troublemakers they are, public opinion and will be on the side of good, and these misfits of society will have no support.

Tebing Tinggi,

Yes, peace is all we want and to preserve. That is why retaliation by unacceptable means is never a solution.

To both commenters I thank you for the comments and you are always welcome to express your views. I need to say two wrongs is never right.

Please read my post, Malaysia the Moderate and thank you again.

Best regards

BIGCAT said...

Ibrahim Ali is an opportunist who tries to be popular by riding on the wave of Malay sentiments over the kalimah "Allah" issue. He is as bad as Lim Guan Eng who started the whole mess by reigniting the issue with his Christmas Day message in the hope of winning the support of especially Christians in Sabah and Sarawak by projecting an image of Christianity being suppressed in this country. An extreme reaction by clowns such as Ibrahim Ali is exactly what Guan Eng is hoping for.

tebing tinggi said...

Freddie Sir,

I cant help agreeing with you that retaliation is never a good solution but sometimes it's cant be help when you are squeeze to the corner ,where the side keeps on provoking without concern .
In this case who the real provocateurs are ?.

Freddie Kevin said...

Tebing Tinggi,

Retaliation makes one no better than the person responsible for the initial act of provocation. Muslims, especially in Malaysia, are very patient and tolerant. I am, of course, relating to Malays who are the predominant Muslims. This is a great gift from God for this country and I say this with sincerity. This has led the country to be without problems and religious strife that exists in other parts of the world. We are acknowledged and blessed to be the most peaceful and moderate Muslim country on the whole planet.

Thank you and best regards

Freddie Kevin said...


In the past, I generally accepted Ibrahim Ali's views as his rights to air them. But when this, as you say and I agree, oppotunist incite people to take matters into their own hands, it goes beyond religion or politics. More so when these sort of calls could lead to dire consequences.

Appreciate very much you dropping by. Wishing you all the best.

Warm regards