Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This is Malaysia, This is Not Falklands

Last I checked it was Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider and Free Malaysia Today.

It was not Falklandkini, The Falkland Insider or Free Falkland Today.

I chanced upon this report from Free Malaysia Today with a head spinning headline, "Britain ‘pressing’ for poll reforms in M’sia" with a sub-headline, "The All Party Parliamentary Group on Malaysia headed by British MP Tom Greaterex has repeatedly raised free and fair elections with premiers Najib Tun Razak and David Cameron"

And how did this sub-headline come about? In Selena Tay style unnamed "one of a number of officials who were at the briefing".

Quote, “In all our briefings right up to the highest level we keep pressing home about free and fair elections and election observers,” confirmed one of a number of officials who were at the briefing. When asked what “the highest level” meant, one of the officials who declined to be named said: “With Prime Ministers Najib and Cameron"

My advise to FMT, don't spin a spin too much.

As expected and no surprises are the presence of the usual suspects "Bersih leader S Ambiga gave a Skype address, which was then picked up by Suaram’s Cynthia Gabriel, who gave an overview of the main human rights issues in Malaysia"

Yes, indeed, the discredited nosey SUARAM mouth piece and the other the leader of opposition, read Anwar Ibrahim, hijacked rallies.

These two share the same shameful idiotic idiosyncracy of the desperado desperate to be prime minister, by hook or by crook, Anwar Ibrahim.

Disgraceful people who, for their own selfish ends, have no compunction to bring shame and denigrate our country all over the world to anybody they "think" cares to listen.

That said, you wonder why these usual suspects are not plying and peddling their trade in the US.

I'll give a few words of reason - NED, NDI, and Open Foundations et al. As for Anwar Ibrahim, he openly supports Hudud and discriminates homosexuals. Bye, bye neocons and Republicans bye, bye liberals and Democrats.

I leave Ambiga aside as she now have little Ambigas.

But who the fuck is Cynthia Gabriel and SUARAM to dictate how the British or Malaysian government carry out the business of governments, pun intended and unintended.

I dare say the majority of Malaysians, educated and uneducated, do not take kindly into foreigners especially gwai los interfering in our affairs.

That is why we have independence and Merdeka. Independent from colonial masters.

These same despicable people, Cynthia Gabriel and Ambiga Sreenevasan are either of Indian or Ceylonese origin, are now going to the same colonial masters, which this country and countries of their origin, endeavoured so hard to be freed and removed the shackles of colonist rule.

Even worse a Malay, Anwar ibrahim, waltzing his matilda.

Recall Anwar Ibrahim being rebuffed and embarrassed by the Australian government? The desperado Anwar Ibrahim had written a letter to the Australian government for help in for getting free and fair elections.

Here is a transcript of an interview with Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr on the matter

These are the salient and relevant parts of the interview I want to share and needs to be told with particular emphasis -
SABRA LANE: Malaysia's opposition leader has written to you appealing for Australia's help in getting free and fair elections in Malaysia. Will Australia help?

BOB CARR: Well the Malaysian elections are a matter for the Malaysian people. It's very hard for Australia to do anything about how they're run, as hard as it would be for Malaysia or another government to have a say in how Australian elections are run. We're not the election authority for Malaysia.

SABRA LANE: How would you characterise the letter that you got?

BOB CARR: Well it's a letter from an opposition figure expressing concern about the elections in his country. But that is the point. It is his country, not our country. And while we can express concern about the freedom and fairness of elections anywhere, we don't run elections in other jurisdictions.

SABRA LANE: That's fine, but he's obviously asked for your help and you're saying we can't do anything.

BOB CARR: What help are you proposing we provide?

SABRA LANE: Well, I'm simply asking.

BOB CARR: Do you want an amphibious landing on the east coast of Malaysia?
Also in the FMT report and quote another unnamed, "Another member of the Foreign Office team, who was introduced as their Human Rights Representative also intervened to say that the UK Government’s policy was to take every opportunity to encourage other" countries to support human rights"

So you see, Cynthia and Ambiga, the British can only encourage even though and because it's not their bloody business.

They are not going to send British special forces and elite units to Malaysia, just for you or anybody else, because this is not the Falkland Islands.

Definitely not for Anwar Ibrahim.

Cynthia and Ambiga, it is also shameful and disgraceful that your "cause" should be taken up and reported by memsahib supreme, Clare Rewcastle Brown. Yes Mum.

And don't forget to courtsey.

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