Monday, February 18, 2013

Nick Xenophon's Grandstanding Does Australia No Good

Relevant excerpts from an article titled "Nick Xenophon's grandstanding does us no good" by Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor in The Australian,
"Xenophon wants the Australian government to send electoral monitors to the forthcoming Malaysian election. This idea is stupid and impractical."

"Why isn't he in Vietnam, leading protests outside the jails where Buddhists and Catholics are incarcerated?"

"Malaysia on any measure is one of the most democratic and freewheeling nations in Southeast Asia"

"Indeed, its very openness allows people such as Xenophon to grandstand there."
My daughter, who is in the fifth form, asked me yesterday who is Nick Xenophon. She had just come back from Cathechism class and I asked her whether he was discussed in her class. She replied said no but said the name was being talked about among her friends.

I told her that he was an Australian politician who had been deported and that our government had every right, as a sovereign nation, to lawfully decide who can or cannot be allowed into the country.

That said, my personal view and I told her, the government should have allowed the Aussie into the country, even though like most Malaysians except opposition supporters and their leaders who don't mind as long as it serves their agenda, we do not take kindly to foreigners interfering in our domestic affairs.

That way, the mischief, these unwanted visitors would be up to, will be there for all to see. Or, keep your enemies closer.

They way I see it, Xenophon's visit would most likely be given coverage and publicised only in the pro-opposition on-line portals. We can more than manage and engage these on-line portals.

For example, as a Catholic and for the benefit of Rev father Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing and other Catholics, we can expose Xenophon's dishonorable and cowardly act to disclose in parliament, names of persons involved in an allegation that a Catholic priest had committed rape. The priest was subsequently cleared of the decades old allegation by an internal inquiry of the Catholic church.

Or how Xenophon is an anti-palm oil lobbyist and just like Anwar failing in his attempt to get the government of Australia to intercede in our elections, Xenophon will also fail.

Yes, we do not need foreigners, especially suspicious foreign politicians, to tell us how to run the country when they run our country down and why give the Aussie senator political capital and raise his profile he does not deserve?

Deporting the Xenophon only provided the opportunist to nick "martyr" status in the media.

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