Friday, February 8, 2013

Not Another Malay

In the initial results of the DAP national CEC elections no Malay was elected. This led many to chide the party as confirmation of being a Chinese chauvinistic party.

It would come to pass that the election results were found to be inaccurate due to "technical" reasons. After internal auditing, so the party says, Zairil Khir Johari, was found to have made it as the 20th and last elected CEC member.

It is worth mentioning that the DAP, when caught in ideological differences and dilemma with PAS or even the PKR, would claim the matter being settled in the oft repeated and tiring "agree to disagree".

It is merely a charade to keep the opposition pact intact and to project an illusory image of practising freedom to express and respect of individual views, as in the case of Anwar Ibrahim when he publicly declared his support for Hudud.

But the DAP is hypocritical. When former DAP senator Tunku Abdul Aziz expressed his views on BERSIH which ran counter to the party's stand, he was promptly criticised by the party and his senatorship was not renewed.

"Freedom of expression", "respect for individual views" and "agree to disagree" with their PR partners and leaders but no such benefit is given to a senior member of it's own party who just happened to be a Malay.

Tunku Abdul Aziz subsequently resigned from the party.

The Sundaily now reports, "Ronnie Liu's aide resigns, citing dissatisfaction",
Throughout the press conference, Jafrei who was appointed by Liu in 2008, said his resignation was due to loss of confidence towards Liu and that he has a deep disappointment after Liu had failed to explain the various allegations of graft and misuse of power against him.
But graft and misuse of power is not the the subject but will soon be. It is to be expected.

The subject matter is, the person resigning from the DAP is Jafrei Nordin, who just happens to be...another Malay.


Tony Yew said...

No sooner than Jefrei had announced having had enough with Ronnie and DAP, it seems he (Jefrei) had 'disappeared' from Ronnie's office as a volunteer.

And the old story of 'political' foes and their old game of sabotage is played yet again by Ronnie ad DAP. can fool us sme time, but not all the time.

Truth is, ROnnie's underhand tactics employed before ain't working as well as he wants it to this time around, and with DAPSY firmly behind the 'god of Subang' and her flock, Ronnie looks to be heading to the bushes yet again.

Freddie Kevin said...

Tony Bro,

Let's not forget Tee Boon Hock.

Best Regards


Gong Xi Fa Cai